Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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29. Well, Speak of The Devil


Vanessa was asleep, her naked body draped over mine as I did nothing but stared at the ceiling.

I couldn’t sleep, especially after the information Vanessa told me. It’s been plaguing my mind, festering until I had no choice but to pay attention to it. If Knox believes that the Davies death was an accident, was the same for my father Mateo?

There were too many connections to simply conclude it all to a coincidence. If Knox is able to find out who has the cabin, that person may be connected to Mateo.

To the both of them.

I was too lost in my thoughts to hear a knock on the door. Vanessa stilled, her breathing hitched and her tits pressed deeper into my chest. Her pointed nipples made me very aware of the rest of her body, and her moans brought my attention to her lips. Unable to resist, I pressed my lips against hers to calm her frustrations.

“Sorry, I’ll be back soon,”

When I didn’t get a response, I rolled out of bed and grabbed my discarded pants. I was zipping them p when another knock came through.

“Hold out,” I said out loud, soft enough so I would wake Vanessa.

I opened the door to find Goliath standing on the opposite side. He motioned for me to step out which I did, taking one last glance at Vanessa. I closed the door quietly.

“Hey man, what’s up?”

“Someone’s here to see you,”


“See for yourself,” he responded.

Curious, I followed him through the clubhouse and out to the compound. At first, it took quite a while to find exactly who was here to see me, mostly because he didn’t arrive with his police cruiser. Standing in front of the driver’s side of an old pick-up truck was Knox with a file in his hands. I frowned.

Well, speak of the devil…

“Coming to tell me you talked to my girl behind my back?” I asked. Sensing Goliath’s presence, I nodded and he headed into the clubhouse.

“Behind your back? Don, she’s a grown woman. I’m sure she can make her own decisions.”

“Not when it comes to you. I don’t like you,” I said, pointing a finger at him. Knox laughed

“That’s not what I came for. She told you everything right?” He asked. At my nod, he continued. “Well, I found out who owns the cabin, and you’re not gonna like it.”

Now my interest is peaked. Reaching into my back pocket, I pulled out a cigarette, placing it between my lips while reaching for my pack of matches. “Who is it?”

Knox walked forward, waving the file in his hands. “I mean, it makes sense, kinda, if the cabin wouldn’t go to your mother as it should within a marriage, the next relative would make sense.”

Pressing the lit match to my cigarette, I blew out a puff of smoke and took the file. I opened it and scanned it until I came across his name. I stiffened.

Diego Reyes.

What the fuck?

Head still tilted to the file, I shifted my narrowed eyes to Knox. “Is this right?”

“It’s what we found. Trust me, I didn’t want to believe it either. I even triple checked the info but that’s what we got.”

I inhaled my cigarette, allowing the smoke to burn my lungs before releasing it into the air. Why does Muerte own Mateo’s cabin? The Davies cabin? Why does he have it and not my mother?

Suddenly, the cigarette between my lips tasted foul. I tossed it to the floor and lowered the files in my hands to the side.

“So, what does this mean, huh?” I asked, my voice higher than intended. “You don’t think my uncle would kill his own brother. His twin brother?”

“Considering the clubs history, I’m not surprised. Muerte is in love with your mother, right?” Knox asked, taking a step closer and extending a hand towards the file. “That’s a motive to kill.”

“That’s not enough,” I hissed, tearing the file from his reach. “Yeah, Mateo and Muerte had their differences but they wouldn’t kill each other over a girl.”

Knox sighed, his eyes darting the area before returning to me. “Did Mateo do anything to piss people off?”

“He wanted to club to go clean,” I said, and his eyes widened. “Yeah, I know.”

“But someone killed your father,” seeing my surprise at his statement, he finished with. “Allegedly. If anything, it could be members of the club. Old timers.”

I took in a deep breath. Every part of me wanted to go against it but if I wanted answers, I got to be open minded about this. Someone murdered Vanessa’s parents, my dad, and I couldn’t let this shit slide, especially if this was foul play.

“Okay, do whatever you cops do. And for the love of god, try to be subtle.”

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