Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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33. Fall for His Lies


Muerte was nowhere to be found.

We’ve searched all of Miami. At least, the places we’d assume he’d be. Still he was no-where to be found.

Lighting the end of my cigarette, I breathed deeply. Instantly, my nerves were at ease but my patience was not. If Goliath was right with the conclusion we came to then then Muerte was the mole. From the corner of my eyes, I could see one of the guys approaching me. It wasn’t until he was close enough that I realised he was Tennessee. I turned to catch the questioning look on his face.

“Don, what’s going on?” Tennessee whispered. “All day you’ve been off. We’re here searching for Muerte and you wouldn’t even give us a reason why?”

I blew out a breath along with the smoke obscuring my vision. I straightened my posture, climbing off my bike to get closer to Tennessee.

“You once believed I was the mole,” I said. My nonchalance clashed with his shock at my knowledge. I buried my anger at the betrayal and continued saying. “I’m not the mole but I have every reason to believe it’s Muerte.”

Tennessee blinked a few times and didn’t bother to hide his shock. He glanced around but nobody was watching. The others talked amongst themselves and didn’t notice the sudden shift in Tennessee’s demeanour.

“Why do you think it was him?”

I told him about Mateo, about Vanessa’s parents and how their deaths were tied to a cabin in Muerte’s, Diego’s, name. And then his sudden appearance at the hospital after hours of no contact. Of how Crey recognised a male voice, one that he was insistent on sounding familiar. His eyes widened and I could tell that my suspicions were slowly becoming his.

“It makes sense,” he murmured with a small nod. “I don’t know why I never considered it before, and now his sudden disappearance—”

“Either he’s planning something or ran knowing that we… that I know,” I said, bringing the cigarette to my lips.

“We have to tell the others,” Tennessee said. “Muerte is not only a member of the club but he’s the president. What if we can’t find him tonight? What if tomorrow the guys see him, unknowing, and fall for his lies?”

Watching Tennessee for a second, I nodded. The others might as well know now; I couldn’t keep things a secret any longer. Besides, Tennessee was right. It was better to know who was the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


“She’s gone,”

“What do you mean she’s gone?” I asked. The deadly tone in my voice commanded the silence of others. I felt eyes on me but I didn’t pay them any mind. “Goliath, what do you mean she’s gone?”

For the longest time he was silent, so silent that I checked the screen to make sure he’s there. His delayed response only angered even more. “FUCK! GOLIATH!”

“Muerte, he was here. He took her.”

Those words I never wanted to hear. It was in that moment that I wished I could reverse time, to do things differently to avoid this outcome.

He took her.

Her took her.

He took her.

I blew out a long and stuttered breath, my hand shaking as I gripped the phone tighter. I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t. My mind wouldn’t let me. I robbed my jaw, recognising the smell of my earlier cigarette triggering my need for another.


“Muerte took her,”

The next thing I knew, my phone was on the ground, lying a few feet away from me completely smashed. I heard curses from behind and soon felt a swarm of my guys rushing around me. Tennessee went straight for my phone. From the solemn look on his face, yeah, it was definitely broken.

“Don, what happened?” Buddy asked, his eyes darting to my broken phone before returning to me.

“He took her,”

“Who took her?”

I didn’t get a chance to respond. As if on que, Buddy’s phone rang and he was quick to answer.

“Goliath?” he spoke, letting everyone know who was on the other end of the line. “What?”

I didn’t want to hear his end of the conversation. Walking a few steps away, I dragged both hands through my hair, feeling the need to rip them from my scalp. I felt my body vibrate as my heart skyrocketed in fear. Fear of what would happen to her. Would he kill her the same way he killed our parents?

If he wanted to get at me, why didn’t he just take me instead?

All were questions I didn’t have answers for, and they were eating me alive.

“Okay, we’ll be there,” Buddy said. I turned around just in time to see Buddy end the call.

“We need to go to Red Devils. Goliath might have something,”



Goliath replayed the clip. I watched Vanessa’s abduction for the billionth time. I watched Muerte grab her like she was nothing, block her nose with chloroform before dragging her unconscious body to an unknown vehicle.


“Don,” Goliath whispered. “Look, we—”

“Again,” I snapped. A second ticked by before he replayed the clip one last time. There was nothing identifiable. Nothing. He was smart blocking the licence plate. The car was an Audi but design wouldn’t get us far.

“Come on, Don, watching the clip won’t change anything. We need to find our answers somewhere else,” Lion’s voice spoke from behind. His hand landed on my shoulder and with a slight tug, he pulled me back. Reluctantly, I backed away from the screen.

“Do we have anything else?”

“No,” Goliath spoke. I turned just in time to see him shake his head. “I found her phone right outside the building. I tried to track Muerte but I don’t think he’s been using his bike. It’s out of Miami but he has been here the whole time.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose. “What else do we have?”

“Perhaps we’d need to go to Knox for this,” Tennessee interjected. Everyone turned to him, not impressed. Before they could protest, he held up a hand and continued. “Clearly, he has more resources than we do. Unless one of us suddenly knows how to hack into the cities security feeds?”

“He’s got a point,” Buddy responded. “Plus, he’s just as invested as we are. We may not be able to track Muerte’s licence plate number but we can track the car with each street it turns into.”

“Fair enough,” I muttered, my eyes darting to the screen one last time. The clip frozen when Muerte placed the cloth over Vanessa’s nose. The fear in her eyes was startling, like a wild lamb realising they’ve been captured by the predator. That image would be buried deep in my thoughts, appearing not only to fuel my resolve to find Vanessa but to taunt me with the what ifs. What if they—no I wouldn’t allow it.

They’d be wishing for the devil himself after I was done with them.

With Muerte.

“Call Knox,”

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