Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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35. A Clear Motive to Kill


“Is this the same car?”

Tommy, one the surveillance guys, Tommy, asked, rolling his chair far from the screen. Knox leaned forward, scanning the feed showing the streets of Miami, of the sleek black care, and nodded. “It looks like the one that was outside Red Devils. Don?”

I followed his actions and glanced at the screen. It was the same Audi. I nodded in confirmation. “That’s the car.”

Tennessee and Goliath were with me at the station while the others were at the clubhouse. Those who had old ladies, or children, checked if they were okay. Lion went to the hospital to check on Crey and let him know of the situation. Crey called in shock but after the revelation, he was certain that the voice he recognised was Muerte.

“It’s like the lights have been switched on,” he said in relief. “It’s been nagging me, like a familiar shadow I couldn’t make out.”

I had no doubt Muerte took Vanessa because he knew that I knew. He killed Mateo and quite possibly killed Vanessa’s parents. He was using her in the hopes that I wouldn’t retaliate. I wouldn’t for now. Not until I could guarantee Vanessa’s safety.

“Okay, now were gonna track it camera by camera, depending on which street it turns in,” Tommy said, and his fingers flew across the keyboard. “But from what I could see, I think its heading out of Miami.”

“Keep tracking. If you have to, we’ll contact other police departments in neighbouring cities to help with the investigation,” Knox ordered with his arms folded. I wasn’t surprised that he was willing to help me with this; he has probably been wanting to pin us with a charge, to show the world that in fact The Angel’s Demons hadn’t turned a new leaf. I would think he’d go about it alone, trying to leave me in the dark—‘trying’ is the key word because I wouldn’t let it happen—but I was there, beside him, trying to find Vanessa.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked before I could stop myself and folded my arms. “I thought you’d go about it with your team and leave me out of it?”

“Not only is Vanessa a citizen, she’s innocent. She got caught up with a bad crowd. That bad crowd’s behaviour has put her life in danger,” he said but he didn’t turn to look at me. I thought that was his answer but turns out he had more to say. “Plus, if I didn’t include you, you’d probably cause more trouble for us.”

My annoyance surged out of nowhere. Clenching my fists, I spat. “We ain’t a bad crowd. We’ve gone clean, we’ve—”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case,” he said, cutting me off. His face turned my way. His eyes were harder, colder and accusatory. “Turns there’s more to Muerte than him just working with the Serpents.”

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

He pulled a manilla folder tucked between his arm and body. Huh, so was concerning Muerte. “I decided to do a run on all your business to check the legitimacy.”

“It’s legit,” I bit back, snatching the folder from his grasp. Flicking through the papers, I scanned each page.

“On the surface, yeah, but the strip club,” he said, pointing to place on the file. “Was where the drugs were. An opportunity to sell to the strippers and to some less favourable guests.”

“What the fuck?” I growled, shoving the piles into Knox’s chest and pushed him in the process. He steadied his balance, glared and held the papers tightly so they wouldn’t scatter to the ground. “You’ve been watching us?”

“Just keeping tabs,” he said, and the bastard shrugged. “Mostly on Muerte though.”

I frowned. “You were suspicious of him whole time?”

Knox nodded. “Why do you think I left?”

His question hung in the air. I didn’t know what to say.

Dropping my eyes to the pages, I said. “I didn’t know, we didn’t know. We were all for going clean. I wouldn’t join the club unless it went clean. That’s when Muerte decided to change things. My dad…Mateo,” I said and swallowed. “He’s been wanting to go clean way before I was even born. At least that’s what ma told me. Muerte was reluctant at the time.”

Strangely, it was my way of keeping Mateo’s memory alive; to honour his wishes even in death. I never understood why Muerte was persistent to have me join. Was it because I was his biological son? Was it a way to find common ground between us? Before then, I wasn’t interested in the life, partly influenced by ma’s paranoia with the way Mateo died.

“A disagreement is a clear motive to kill,” Knox said, drawing my attention to him. Before I could respond, Tommy cut in.

“Guys, I think we’ve found something,” he said. I turned Tommy’s way and peered at the security feed.

“They’ve left Miami,” I murmured, straightening my posture and folded my arms.

“And they’ve gone to Orlando,” Knox added. “Is there any more you can find?”

“We’re gonna need to consult with the police department in Orlando if we want to continue tracking the car,” Tommy said.

Shifting from foot to foot, frustrated, I said. “I’m riding to Orlando,”

Knox looked at me as if I’d lost my mind.

“Hold on now,” he said, holding up his hands. “We don’t know what’s waiting for you out there. You can’t go to Orlando without a plan.”

“I’m not going there to fight ’em off myself. I’ll be waiting for your call. When you have something, I’ll be ready to get her.”

“You don’t believe Muerte is alone do you?”

“Of course not,” I scoffed. “But I ain’t going alone.”

“Tennessee and Goliath aren’t gonna cut it. Muerte could have an entire army at his back waiting to strike.”

Dragging a hand down my face, I blew out a long breath. “I can’t just do nothing.”

“Don’t worry, Don, we’ll find her. We won’t stop until we do,” he said.

With a reluctant nod, I took a couple steps back. I watched as Knox and Tommy communicated, and my phone rang in my pocket. I pulled it out, checked the caller ID and stiffened.

Noticing my reaction, Knox asked. “Who is it?”

I looked up, the phone still ringing in my hand and responded. “It’s Muerte.”

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