Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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9. This Was Some Hamlet Sorta Shit


Things got awkward after a while.

Not long after we’d return to my place, Melanie came back home from the salon, surprised to find all three of us in the living room. She recognised Don, greeted him before taking note of Alex. I’d told her about Alex over the phone while in college and she was ecstatic to see him. I just prayed to god, or whoever was in the universe, that she would not only embarrass me in front of Alex but to Don as well.

I sat between Alex and Don, on the sofa, watching the TV and pretending like there was nothing remotely awkward with having the two of them in the same room. Yes, Alex and I weren’t together, relationship wise, but that didn’t mean we hadn’t done some things. Don and I, well, we’ve done everything. I remembered how he acted at the beach, the way tension rolled off his clothes and the tightening of his jaw. He wasn’t happy that I was around another guy, let alone a guy who had declared I was his.

For a minute, I was lost in my thoughts, not paying too much attention to whatever was on TV, when Don’s hand landed on my knee. I didn’t move; I didn’t even blink. My heart rate spike to what felt like a million miles per hours – I was surprised that I wasn’t dead from a heart attack.

I watched him from the corner of my eyes. He acted unbothered, like what he was doing was as natural as breathing air. His attention was on his phone, checking some messages I couldn’t see from my position. Trying to be as discreet as possible, I glanced at Alex but it seemed like he didn’t notice. Was a tripping? Maybe it was nothing. Or I thought it was until his fingers crept up my thigh.

As if my limbs had a mind of its own, I crossed one leg over the other, causing his hand to slip and land on the couch. Sighing, I glanced at the clock to see it was approaching six in the evening.

“Spaghetti is ready!” Melanie chirped, skipping into the living room while clapping. “Come on, right this way.”

In unison, we stood from the couch. Since I was at the middle, I glanced at both men and Don stepped to the side, allowing me to go in front of him. Another round of awkward silence followed us to the dining room. Even Melanie felt the tension in the air. Nevertheless, she let the mood break her smile as she set our meals in front of us.

We all took our seats and it wasn’t long before conversation started.

“So, Alex, Vanessa, how did you two meet?” Melanie asked.
“At a party,” I said, cutting in before Alex could say anything. “A dorm party. I didn’t want to be there, Alex wanted me gone because I was raining their parade, we fought and somehow found things in common.” I replied with a sense of finality, hoping that Melanie wouldn’t ask any more questions. God, the universe or even the devil himself must have ignored me because she asked. “So… are you two dating?”

“No!” I yelled out of impulse and the whole table fell quiet. Suddenly, I was very interested with my spaghetti all while feeling Don’s gaze on my profile.

“Now that the situation is cleared, can I speak?” He asked, and I looked up to see his brow quirked questioningly. I glared, ignored him and I took another fork-full of my meal. “No, not anymore.” He continued.

I swear if I could kill him telepathically, I would have. But I was no Matilda. Don shifted next to me and again, his hand landed on my thigh and gave it a light squeeze. Pretending that I couldn’t feel anything, and like Alex hadn’t so overtly screwed me over, I continued eating my meal.

“Oh no, what happened?”

“Felt like we would be better as friends,”

“Damn,” Melanie sighed and pursed her lips. “And for a second I thought Vanessa was bringing home a boyfriend.”

“I wasn’t, auntie, can we please not talk about this?”

“Alright, alright,” Melanie said, holding up her hands in mock surrender.

Diverting our attention away from Alex and me, we talked about Melanie’s day. She tried asking Don questions of what was happening the club but he gave nothing away. Alex watched between us, fascinated I guess from the drama going on with a ‘biker gang’ as he liked to call it.

Hours later, I was ready for bed. Melanie went to her room minutes before I did. Alex took the only guest room while Don took the couch. I was the last to leave the living room after being tasked to clear the place. His eyes were on me; I looked over my shoulder. We stared at each other. Without saying a word, I turned away and continued up the steps to my bedroom...

I was in between sleep and consciousness when my bedroom door creaked opened. At first, I thought I was dreaming, probably a pending nightmare, but then fingers curled around my ankle. I shot upward, ready to scream but then a hand covered my mouth. When I recognised his dark eyes, my body relaxed.

Don put a finger to his lips and I nodded. When he let go, I punched his shoulder

“What are you doing here?” I whisper-yelled, placing a hand on my chest. He sat on the edge of my bed but not before letting my legs drape over his lap.

“I couldn’t sleep,” he said and again, his damn thumb was stroking my skin. “You?”

I laughed humourlessly. “I was getting there.”

I could see his silhouette amongst the shadows. He touched my face, rubbing his thumb along my bottom lip before sliding down to wrap his hand around my neck. His eyes appeared darker in the night, not like the hazel hues that gleamed in the sunlight. With care, he pulled me towards him until his lips were inches from mine.

“So, you were never going to tell me about your college boyfriend?”

With both hands, I gripped his wrists tightly. “It was nothing serious.”

Understanding what I meant, his nostrils flared and his eyes hardened. “Hmm…”

He leaned close and his lips grazed the curve of my neck. Gasping, I anticipated his next move. His hold tightened a fraction. Strangely enough, I enjoyed this. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to get choked but the threat was enough my pussy clench with need.

“Don,” I whispered, letting my eyes roll to the back of my head. His tongue skated across my collar bone and I shivered as the cool air kissed my skin. “Don, I don’t want to do it here.”

“I wasn’t going to do anything anyway. Just wanted to taste you. I still do,” he said, his soft lips ticking my skin and with amusement in his tone. His lips brushed my collar bone again. Then, he sucked the swell of my breast.

He was driving me insane. First the living room, then the kitchen and now this? It took everything in me not to maul him to death with kisses and fuck him into oblivion. I wanted to but I had to remember that my aunt and Alex were in the building. Plus, I was never quiet when it came to him.

“Kiss me,” Don demanded in his voice husky. Without any hesitation, I leaned forward and kissed him. But of course, he took control.

My fingers tightened around the duvet as something ignited inside me. I couldn’t explain what it was—it wasn’t lust because that feeling was in my pussy—but it was something else that just made me want him more.

We broke away and I smiled like a lunatic. Don returned the smile—his not as psychotic as mine—but it was still contagious none the less. Resting my forehead against his shoulder, I sighed.

“What are you doing to me?” I asked, not expecting a concrete answer in particular but he responded.

“I don’t understand,”

“I’m supposed to hate you, be mad at you,” I said, lifting my head to meet his gaze. “We shouldn’t be here kissing like we have some sort of forbidden love.”

He cocked a brow, his smile stretching into a grin. “Forbidden love, huh?”

“You know what I mean,”

He kissed my shoulder. “What were you doing that Tennessee had to take over?”

“I had to look over some things in the shop. Why? Did you miss me?”

My mind went to what Tennessee said earlier. Banishing those thoughts, I shook my head. “Nothing important.”

“I would’ve been here earlier but Muerte called,” he said with a dramatic change in his tone.

“You don’t like him,” I said, more as a statement rather than a question. My words must have shocked him because he looked at me with wide eyes. I was surprised that, for once, I caught him off-guard. “What happened?”

“I found a letter… I don’t know. It’s just that what I thought I knew I didn’t at all.”

Tilting my head to the side, I frowned. “What aren’t you saying Don? And don’t say club business.”

His response was delayed but he watched me, contemplating whether or not he should tell me. He made his decision and responded.

“After Marcus died, ma couldn’t clear up his room so she asked me to do it. Well, when I went through his things, I found a letter from Muerte addressed to ma,” he said, squeezing my fingers lightly. The muscles in his jaw flexed continuously, drawing my eyes. It was clear something was bothering him. But what? “It was a love letter. Well, it appeared more obsessive than in love.”

My jaw slackened. I had no words. Suddenly, my thoughts travelled back to near a year ago, at the barbeque, and I remembered Muerte’s behaviour around Crystal. At first, I thought he was just protective as most of the men from the MC are from what I’d observed. But to be in love with Crystal, his brother’s wife, his nephew’s mother…

This was some Hamlet sorta shit.

“And you’re mad about it?” I asked, not completely understanding his mood.

“No, there’s more,”

“What is it?”

Don stared at me and from the look in his eyes, he was thinking about something. He was about to tell me what it was but then his phone rang. Don leaned back and looked at his phone. With an apologetic look, he stood from my bed.

“I’ve gotta go,” he said, ending the call without answering. “You know how to use a gun?”


Reaching around his back, Don pulled out a gun and placed it between us. “This ain’t nothing to play around with—”

“I know,”

He watched me a few seconds longer, kissed my forehead and pulled away. “Alright, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

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