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Hello there I am a depressed personality with an eating disorder and a OCD and I am willing to work all the time to improve myself and my qualities. This is a country called England when one is driven mad at school when they tell you to do basket weaving because the teacher is away getting pregnant and the only alternative is to be in the library when you cannot read and there has to be discipline and the maintenance of the school reputation and what else is there but to think positively all the time? Basket weaving is the only thing which will make you braver than anyone else and as I did baskets I thought what a good idea to be mad and then when I became mad then people started to give me money what else can I say? When there is nothing in this world but money and madness equals pay and a situation developed very sinister and what is what and where does a person fit in when the madness is over and the adult begs the question. Where does a woman fit in who has nothing called wealth?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

My tap has been running dripping now emptying the reservoirs and making me angry. From a drip because of pressure it has become a broken tap and is making more drips and the more we screw it tight the more dripping it does. I am watching to see what can be done about the whole tap situation. The husband said he could never call the plumber as the plumbers are not cheap. No nothing doing he is not the husband but for conventional sense he is. Partly he does not want to be known as that as he has a wife already. Somewhere- And so we have to wilt and suffocate in order to pay for the water bills. I am trying to explain to him that not to repair the tap would cost more and he says he will deal with it he will deal with it.

I glower but he does not want to know I try not to break the tap further and the stress is making me ill with the whole thing. I am helpless at this I am hopeless I feel a breakdown coming on because I cannot do a thing about it.

What does he not understand?

He will say nothing more he said it over and over it is his job and he will deal with it.

But it is costing us more?

When a man is being beastly what do women do? A insensitive man is such a jerk does it pay to have something like that said about the beastliness of male misconduct? I think it does because it is the only way forward for change and making the best things happen for the next generation.

“You are a difficult woman to live with.” He said that under his breath but he has been heavy breathing on some blonde in the computer and he has been watching the same episodes with that woman all the time. He said he enjoys having to watch the same beastly show forever. I am trying not to hurt him. In fact it is something I dislike more than anything to hurt him.

“Impossible you are a impossible man to be with.”

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