Love & Loss

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Book 2 to "Vampire's Pet" I thought that my life had ended the day I got puchased by a blood thirsty monster. I thought that the rest of my life was going to be nothing but constant fear and suffering. But I couldn't have been more wrong. What I found was something much different. Something that I didn't even know I was looking for let alone wanted. What I found was a new beginning. A new beginning with the one I cared most for.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

A/N: Before you read, please make sure that you know that this is the 2nd book in my Vampire’s Pet series and that you should read that before you read this.

Nico’s POV:

I quietly walked through the floor underneath Lord Bronwyn’s.

The floor that I knew he held all of his things.

At least I hoped that he still kept it all here.

I didn’t want to have to go to plan B if the slave I was looking for wasn’t where I hoped he was

My grip tightened on the plastic bag in my hand, taking in a deep breath through my mouth.

I had to inhale from my mouth to spare the stinging sensation I would get if I were to catch a whiff of the item in this bag.

I had to make sure I had something that would throw off any vampires sense of smell if they were to try to track down the boy I was trying to grab.

So I took one of my towels and soaked it in a special mix of products and chemicals that I knew would do just that.

I paused before turning into a hallway, peaking back to make sure nobody was around.

It was early enough that Bronwyn’s shitty guards weren’t out and doing their job yet.

So I continued down into the hall.

This was usually where Bronwyn kept everything when it came down to his personal slaves.

Including the ones that were being punished.

Except those got their own room.

A room that Bronwyn designed himself with all of his sadistic ideas.

I spotted the room in question, Its chrome door standing out against the others.

The door wasn’t the only thing that made that room different from the others

I paused as I approached it, hoping now more than ever that the boy I wanted was inside.

I placed my hand on the handle, testing it.

It was locked.

But that was just to make sure that whatever human was in there couldn’t get out.

So, I turned it harder until the lock broke, letting the door turn open into the pitch black room.

I froze in shock as I saw the figure inside, several different smells stinging my senses in the split second that I allowed myself to smell.

Blood, salt water, and chemicals.

The boys blue eyes snapped to look at where I was, squinting from the sudden light but looking fearful nonetheless.

His wrists were bound together by iron cuffs, heald above his head by the chain that was attached to the stone ceiling.

His breaths were ragged and labored, trembling as much as his body was.

It was obvious that even standing was difficult for him, but the binds on his wrists restricted him from doing anything else.

He had bruises covering every part of his body that I could see, which was a lot given the fact that he was only wearing a shredded, bloodstained pair of shorts.

I could see the drips of the dried mix of saltwater and blood running down his cut up back all the way down to his calves, creating a mostly dried pool of mixed liquids at the boy’s feet.

The salt water was supposed to help clean and close the wounds inflicted but also doubled as a punishment in of itself because if the intense stinging it caused on an open wound.

Bronwyn usually didn’t use salt water. He preferred letting nature take its course with most of the slaves he kept in this room, whether that lead to infection or not.

I guess that just proved how much he wanted to keep this slave around.

Too bad this was the exact slave I was looking for.

The boy flinched as I took a step into the room.

“P-Please,” He begged, his voice giving away just how terrified he was, “Please I cant... I can’t handle anymore!”

He trembled even more as I continued to silently approach him.

I paused about three feet in front of him, trying to further analyze the condition he was in.

I quickly noticed the multiple bloodied fang marks covering his neck and chest, those themselves leaving dried trails of blood down his torso.

From what I could see externally, and judging by the fast yet rhythmic beating of his heart, he didn’t have any internal injuries. And his face managed to get away unscathed.

All of which were surprising judging by what the Lord has done to his misbehaving slaves in the past.

Although I could tell it had been a couple days since he’d eaten.

His eyes must have adjusted to the new light in the room as I continued to look him over, given the look of recognition that began to mix with his fear.

“S-Sir Nicolas!” He said with as much surprise as he could muster.

He didn’t know how to react to me being here.

I noted his acknowledgment, looking up to the cuffs that were way too tight on his wrists.

“It’s Marcus right?” I asked, finally meeting his eye.

His gaze flickered from mine to the side, probably unsure if he was supposed to look directly at me.

“U-uhh, yes sir.“He responded cautiously.

I didn’t say anything, just kept analyzing the chains that he hung from.

I couldn’t exactly tell what they were made of, but it couldn’t have been anything I couldn’t handle.

I dropped the bag onto the floor.

“I-If you don’t mind me asking, sir,” Marcus spoke up, “What are you doing he-”

He cut himself off as I twisted the chain until it snapped, sending the boy crumbling down onto his hands and knees with a hiss of pain.

I watched as he let out a long, shaky breath.

I couldn’t exactly tell if it was from relief or not since he still seemed wary.

He turned his head up to face me as I squatted down to his level.

I could see the tiniest glint of hope in his eyes.

“Can you drive,” I asked, lifting one of his arms so his wrist was in front of me.

“I uh-”

He didn’t say anything as I looked over the cuff, trying to decide the best way to get this off.

It was on too tight for me to rip it off how I wanted to.

I looked away from the cuff, seeing how he was also staring at it.

I cleared my throat, raising my brows to tell him to keep talking.

This was kind of the question that I needed answered the most.

He did so, now in a panic.

“Y-Yes I can! I was just about to get my license approved by the Lord but...” His sentence died off.

Which was fine, I had heard what I needed to hear.

“Good,” I replied, snapping the small link that held the cuff together, causing the cuff to fall to the floor. Marcus just watched in ongoing confusion as I did the same with the other one before I finished my thought, “Then you’re coming with me and I’m getting you out of here.”

“What!?” he burst out.

I slapped my hand over his mouth, shushing him and effectively spiking his panic.

Bronwyn’s guards were not the smartest but they certainly weren’t deaf.

I just hoped none of them had shown up yet to hear that.

“Listen, “I spoke lowly with a slight growl, telling him to listen carefully, “I’m not going to force you to go through with this if you don’t want to. I’m more than happy to force these cuffs back on and string you back up to the ceiling if that’s what you want. If you want to live out the rest of however long your life is going to be exactly how the past few days for you have been that’s fine. I can get another slave to take us where we need to go. But if you don’t want any of that and want a shot at a second chance at a different castle and the guarantee of my protection, I suggest you do as I say.”

I waited a moment while he thought this over, drawing my hand away from his mouth while he slowly nodded.

“I-I want that, I really do but what about my records?” He asked, as he gently rubbed the red skin on his wrists, “If you don’t have those than the Lord can easily retrieve me from wherever I am and-”

“Your records got trashed the moment you pissed off the Lord,” I assured him, “He expected you to either start from scratch once he was done treating you like this or planned on just keeping you here like this for as long as possible.”

He swallowed hard, eyes turning towards the stone floor.


“I can get you new records and boost your status soon as we get to my castle.”

He heedfully looked at me.

"Your castle?” He questioned.

Did I say ‘my’?

I guess I did.

I mean technically I was the heir, so I guess it was mine...

Kind of.

“Yes. Mine. Drive us there and not only will you have the protection of the castle’s prince, but I can easily give you the highest status a slave can be given there. Making your life a lot better than it has been.”

His wide eyes stayed locked on me as he mouthed the word ‘Prince’.

I could tell he liked my offer and that he wanted to take it, but he was still hesitant.

“I’ll go with you. I’ll do whatever you need me to do but,” He delayed before continuing, “Why me?”

With his acceptance, I began removing the towel from the bag and unraveling it.

“Because you took care of Khloe when I couldn’t and I don’t like the fact that you’re suffering because of it,” I set the towel over his shoulders so it was covering most of his back and hung over his chest.

He shifted a bit uncomfortably, some of the chemicals reacting to the injuries on his skin. He looked confused over what it was for, but the look on his face told me that he figured it out.

“You’re a good person and Khloe seems to like you. You’re one off the only humans here that she’s become friends with and I don’t want to take that kind of connection away from her by moving away.”

I could tell that he wasn’t expecting that kind of answer but silently appreciated it.

“Can you stand?” I asked, standing up myself as I crumble the plastic bag and toss it to the corner of the room.

“Um...” he muttered, apparently unsure of the answer.

I watched patiently as he began to find out the answer for himself, tuning in my ears to see if anyone had shown up that was going to be an issue.

I didn’t hear anything yet.

Eventually, Marcus got himself up onto his feet.

His legs trembled but he made up for that by widening his stance so he wouldn’t stumble.

I guess he could stand but that would only get us so far.

“Can you walk?”

I’ll have to tend to his injuries at some point before we leave. Or at least give him some pain meds.

He gripped the ends of the towel that hung over his chest tight.

“I-I think so.”

He took a single shaky step as I turned to walk towards the door, peaking out and sniffing the air while Marcus was far enough behind me.

I don’t think that anybody was here yet.

But even so, that didn’t mean we could take our time.

I turned to face the boy, seeing how slowly he was approaching.

It was obvious he was still in pain, not to mention completely exhausted.

Each step took a lot out of him, that much was clear, yet he was still pushing through it.

His intentions on getting out of here were higher on his priority list than the pain all over his body.

But still, we didn’t have time to kill.

“Would it hurt your pride too much if I carry you back?” I asked plainly as he finally reached my side.

We could be back in my room in a matter of seconds.

He could go take a shower and whatever and I could get back in bed with Khloe.

His mouth formed a thin line at my offer, obviously seeing the benefit, but not wanting to accept it.

Eventually, he let out a sigh, his shoulders slumping in acceptance.

“No,” He began, not sounding too dedicated to his answer, “Go for it sir Nicolas.”

I couldn’t help but grin a bit at his reluctance.

“Call me Nico.”

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