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Raquel Ziya Wright and her best friend Jasiyah Brewster had grown up in two different worlds and still found their way to each other. Now all grown up and having more responsibilities, more problems Raquel carried her three year old little brother who was shaking because of lack of food, in her arms as they made their way to school. "We're almost there Zion. You want something to eat?" She only had five dollars that she had found laying around the place that they stayed in. It was enough for some chocolate or crackers... if she begged the cashier. “Yes, please." His lips trembled as his light weight body curled into her arms. "What about me, Raquel? I wanna go on your back." Her little sister, Zaena groaned. They had been walking for so long, she felt like her legs were about to fall off. Jump on my back." Carefully, she crouched down and felt a weight on her back. And that's how they made it to school. Zaena on her back and Zion carried in the front. Her back was probably messed up from then but as long as her siblings were okay, then she was going to be okay. Raquel Ziya Wright her siblIngs; Zion & Zaena, and her best friend Jasiyah Brewster -- along wIth her brother, Malik had grown up in two different worlds and still found their way to each other. ALL RAQUELS LIFE SHE HAD TO STRUGGLE AND PROVIDE FOR HER SIBLINGS AS IF THEY WERE HERS WHILE HER MOTHER WAS OUT DOING ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT. Despite her not wanting any help, Jasiyahs family stepped up to the plate. Now all grown up and having more responsibilities, more problems arise? EACH CHARACTER NOT ONLY GOES THROUGH THEIR OWN TROUBLES, BUT THEY ALSO HAVE DIFFERENT WAYS TO SOLVE THEIR STICKY SITUATIONS. SOME WAYS THAT MAKE AN IMPACT ON THEIR LIFE, THEIR LOVED ONES AND THEIR OWN SANITY. Will they be able to handle the traps and troubles that come their way?

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