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Savage Little Nerd

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Chapter 2: Damien the brute

Class was boring like always, well it’s not like I could expect much; it’s school after all. I only enjoy a few classes, and that is: math, biology and veterinary science; I always learn something new, even though I can’t understand shit in my math class sometimes, but I believe that’s what makes it exciting. I like biology because I find nature itself fascinating and beautiful; and last but not least veterinary science, I just love it basically because I love animals and I want to become a vet when I grow up.

Anyway right now I got to walk towards my history class, and God how I hate history. I just don’t understand why we need to know historical contents that happened in the past. To me it’s just a waste of time; even though I practically know everything about history and other classes I still think it’s boring. But that’s just my opinion.

I was ripped out of my thoughts by a brute force pushing my back towards the lockers, and grabbing my collar. When I focused my eye sight towards the person that caused me to come back to reality, I noticed it was the so called “Damien” that was in class a period ago.

“Listen here nerd! Don’t think because you are new here, you will get special treatment. Here we don’t give out mercy, nor do we care about your group.” Said the brute clutching my collar even tighter. He’s ruining my white t-shirt.

“Didn’t your mom tell you that it’s rude ruining peoples shirts.” I told him releasing myself from his grasp and straightening my shirt, he’s lucky that there weren’t any wrinkles. “Now if you excuse me I got to go to class”, I said taking my leave.

So annoying’.

“Hey! I wasn’t done talking to you nerd”, he yelled while throwing a punch. I quickly dodged it making him fall face forward towards the cold floor.

“Wow you really are clumsy” I said looking down at him, I looked closely and noticed that he had a nosebleed. “You should go to the nurse and check that out”, I said taking my leave.

“The bastard really made me late”. I thought as I walked to class, I passed a few lockers and classrooms until I found mine.

I entered the classroom and took the empty seat in the back that was next to the window. Exactly like the other it had no one near so I walked towards the seat and sat down. The window was open causing small portions of wind to hit my body lightly, following a soothing rhythm that made me fall to sleep.


I woke up by the sound of the lunch bell. I made my way towards the large and now crowded cafeteria to take my lunch; after the line I walked towards the schools so called garden and sat on the bench. I ate my sandwich and took my headphones and iPhone 6 from my pocket and started to play ”that’s what I like by Bruno mars” , and then started reading a new book that I just bought as I ate my lunch. I have become really attached to this song since it was released. I don’t usually listen to songs like these, I usually listen to sad songs; not because I’m sad, it’s because I just like them for some reason, and sometimes I can relate to the lyrics.

I relaxed while listening to the song on the bench and reading the now interesting book, until I was rudely interrupted by Damien the brute slapping the book from my hands. I detached the left headphone from my ear and looked towards Damien’s direction; his nose is a little swollen from before. He seemed angry; his eyes glared down at me, and I gladly returned it.

I took the book from the flier and checked if there were any scratches on it, because if there were, this boy was going to pay.

“That was rude, and I recently bought this book too.” I said packing the book inside my book bag. “You’re lucky it’s not ripped”, I said, now looking at him.

“Oh, and what were you going to do about it, you nerd.” He said with confidence in his voice; I noticed some boys behind him and there was a tall guy in the back that caught my attention. I’m pretty sure he’s their leader, because he’s taller and more muscular than the other boys, but who am I to judge?

He had messy dirty blond hair, dark green emerald eyes, lightly tanned skin, and a jawline. He was quite handsome. He seemed like he didn’t want to be there with Damien; like he was dragged here. Maybe he was.

“I can’t say, maybe one day you will find out. Now if you excuse me, it’s almost time to go to my next period. Oh, and take care of your nose” I said taking my book bag and leave. I could see him fuming in anger, and then his scrunched lips were replaced with a smirk.

“Hey! who said you can leave you faggot!” He yelled from the top of his lungs; I swear when he said that some people walked out of nowhere and walked towards us and started to whisper. I stopped in my tracks flinching by that word I so hated, and he seemed to smirk as I glanced at him. I also noticed that the guy with the emerald green eyes also flinched slightly, at the sound of that word; but quickly regain his composure, like nothing happened. He glared at Damien, but Damien didn’t see anything because all his attention was at me.

“Oh, the big bad boy knows other words” I said while I was still walking towards my class.

“You mo-”

" Hey what’s going on here?!” Yelled a teacher speed walking towards us.

“Damien’s picking a fight with the new kid” Somebody yelled, I just kept on walking like it wasn’t with me.

“Damien, to the principal’s office”. The teacher yelled taking Damien and his little minions with him.

“Finally I could go to class in peace; I’m not going to hear from him for awhile”. I thought while walking to my next class.

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