Xavier's Confession

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14. What else would you want?

Coming to a stop just at her driveway, I called her.

“Alex, I’m here.”

“Okay. I’ll be down in a minute.”

I let down the window pane and fell back on my seat, savoring the cool breeze. Staring ahead at the shadowed road, I hummed along Pearl-Jam’s Black playing in the stereo as I waited for her.

Just few second later, I saw my blue-haired bro striding down the walkway in her usual quick pace as if something was chasing her; a laptop on her side and headphones around her neck.

She’d gotten so used to chasing time she always seemed so busy every freaking second. She worked, worked, worked and worked. Since her parents weren’t in the state to look after her, she’d taken upon herself to be her own parent. Her aunt and the husband weren’t really the most caring guardians either.

Alex was the strongest person I’d ever known. She was a fighter. That was why me and the guys had so much respect for her. People usually would judge and misunderstand her. It’s a good thing she doesn’t really give two shits but . . . She did have a heart that felt.

Get on her bad side, you’re dead. Get on her good side, you have a friend for a lifetime who will always stand beside you and for you.

I leaned over and pushed open the door for her.

“Hey,” she greeted as she got in, throwing her laptop towards the backseat.

“Hey,” I answered, giving her a quick hug. “Your aunt’s home?”

“Yeah.” She answered, helping herself to a pack of Orbit she’d brought along with her.

“Why isn’t she shouting from the door today?”

“A change of bowels, probably,” she mumbled.

I nodded with a laugh. “Probably. That’s great.”

“Yeah.” She replied, smiling widely. “She’s actually started to support our thing after we won the Regional Finals.”

“For real,” I shook my head, starting the engine.

It was really surprising her aunt didn’t say anything today. It was like an absolute rule for her to object on Alex going out with us for gigs. Every single time we had a gig, she’d have to shout from the door some bullshits like how we were into a kind of crap that was never going to get us a life . . . And not to return home too late.

To be honest, we were just enjoying what we do. We didn’t really care about the other stuffs. If we get more, it’s great. If we don’t, we just keep playing about everything we need to let out. And we’d never gotten enough of it.

After tossing some gums in her mouth, she handed me the pack. I helped myself to some and then, we drove down to Brother Bear for the gig.

Ten songs of our own and five covers later, we were left the stage and the screaming crowd.

Somebody handed me a water bottle the moment I stepped down backstage. I took it and chugged it down at once.

“I saw someone in the crowd,” Scott slapped my back with a huge grin as we headed to our dressing rooms.


“You didn’t see her?” He looked at me surprised.

“Who?” I asked again, running a hand through my hair. I remember Mongrel at once but I wanted to make sure I was right.

“Your Mongrel, dude. She was with Kendra and Brittany around the front.”

I gave him a disbelieving look.

“I’m serious. She was there. Ask Matt if you don’t believe me.”

I looked back at Matt who was talking to Tyler behind us. I just wanted to make sure she was there. I mean, who knew she would be interested in something like this and I felt kinda bad that I had not told her about this gig myself. I should’ve. Whether she was interested was her choice but I should’ve. But then again, she didn’t seem like she wanted to do anything with me. So . . .

“Matt!” I called.

He turned to me.

“Was my Mongrel in the crowd?”

He shrugged in response.

“I swear, she was there.” Scott said.

“Yeah, whatever.” I said and walked ahead.

After the gig, we had a party at Hunt’s place. We drove up together and went about our own way to go find our own fun. I wasn’t really looking for fun anymore. I just wanted to sit somewhere and relax. So at one corner, I found the couches and sat down there. A few other guys I knew joined me. We talked crap for a while, laughed for a while and when they decided to come together for a game, I bowed out and leaned back on the couch.

Then came ‘Megan the leech’, strapped in a red mini dress that exposed enough skin to make a man imagine less. I pulled out my phone and busied myself with it. Any attention I give her, she’d try to make millions out of it.

“Arquette,” she sat down right next to me, giving me the look of evil seduction.

Get away from me. I’m a virgin.

“Megan,” I replied without looking at her.

“It’s been long. Why don’t ever call me? You know I’m always waiting to hear from you,” she said, batting her well-painted eyelids and running her arms around my waist.

“You know I’m not interested in you, Megan.”

I was done being nice to her. When I first found out she liked me, I thought maybe I should just talk nice since she was a human being and probably have emotions too but, I just came to find out she’s actually a leech.

She put up a leg around me and easily rolled up on my lap. “I can be a really nice girlfriend, Xavier. I can make you really happy too, you know,” she said in a low voice as she ran her arms around my neck in a tempting way.

She moved in closer to me and her boobs came right under my eyes. I leaned back and met her eyes.

“You know, I don’t like you even one bit, Megan,” I said.

“C’mon, Xavier.” She moved in even closer to me. “What else would you want?”

That’s actually a nice questions.

“Mongrel.” I smirked at her.

“What?” She frowned at me as if I’d lost my mind. “You want a dog?!”

“Forget it, Megan. You’ll never be the girl for me.” I said and rolled her off my lap.

I stood up from the couch, drank once from my beer and went towards the kitchen. By the door, I met Chase. As we were talking about the music we’d been working on, a certain someone passed me by; coming out from the kitchen. I couldn’t see the face as it was hidden behind her hair. I looked back and saw her get lost in the midst of the crowd but I was convinced I saw her. I’d just know her anywhere.

“I’ll talk to you later, Chase.” I said, peering through the crowd.

“Sure. See you around, bro,” he slapped my arm. “Matt!” He called out.

With what Scott said whom he saw earlier, I was sure my Mongrel was around somewhere here. I took another swig from the coke in my hand again and moved into the crowd, looking out for her. Few seconds later, I made out the brunette head heading towards the door for the next room where most people were dancing.

She was wearing a dress.

“Alana,” I called.

She stopped walking at once. For a moment I thought she would look back but the next second, she started to stride away from me, quickening her pace.

What the fuck? Is she running away from me?

“Alana.” I called again, following her.

She didn’t even look back.

What’s her problem?

“Mongrel?” I was starting to worry if maybe someone had messed up with her to the point she wouldn’t want to face anyone.

You never know what can happen in a party, especially the parties we throw.

She grabbed a mask from the nearby table and with that over her face, she strode ahead.

“We’re not playing hide and seek. I know it’s you,” i said, widening my footsteps and getting closer to her.

With a defeated sigh, her shoulders dropped and she finally turned to face me; the mask still on her face.

I scoffed and had just begun to say that there was no point in her running away from me and then everything went South when she pulled down the mask.

I stopped short and stared at her.


She looked amazing. Beautiful.

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