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The texting started for real around ten minutes after Ash left the coffee shop. Obviously it was justified, as they'd just discussed being dog people (while Em was, obviously, a cat person) and Charlie saw a dog on her way home. This was huge news, and had to be shared immediately.

I mean, yeah, Ash was still with Em, and Em was laughing at how 'cute' they were, with more than a little pride at how well her matchmaking was going (which, hello, it wasn't like they were in love, they were just discussing dogs, Em, this is important), but it was fine, just a few texts. And they were funny, so Ash grinned at them, but that means nothing, okay?

Ash managed to convince herself of that for a few hours. Then it was 3am and she was yawning but still texting Charlie instead of sleeping.

She's not going to admit this to Em, and she's certainly never going to admit that this is more than your everyday, casual friendship. Nope. Nuh-uh. No way.

okay, if u had to choose - go on a lifelong quest to slay a dragon, or stay in bed for the literal rest of your life? - a

wtf that's just an unfair question both of those are awesome - C

i know. that's why i'm asking. wouldn't be fun if it was an easy choice duh - a

Stay in bed. I couldn't kill a dragon. Befriend all the dragons. - C


Yaaaaay! what do I win? - C

the satisfaction of knowing u were right this one time? - a

Not enough. I have high standards, and that doesn't come close to reaching them. - C

really? i thought it'd suit u fine. you must get answers wrong pretty infrequently?? - a

Fuck off. - C

u love itttttt - a

It's not flirting.


if I say 'I love you' in response would that be hella cute and win me more points or just creepy and too soon? - C

i'd accept it. it'd boost ur reward from 'satisfaction' to 'a satisfactory hug'. - a

hmm. are you a good hugger? - C

so good. santa said i was one of the best. - a

wow that is a high commendation - C

I know, right? i put it on my cv. - a

well in that case... - C

gonna have to go with it. - C

I love you. ;) - C

Okay. Maybe it's flirting.

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