Alpha's Little Raven

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Because she is dark and impressive at the same time. Lost in time, a mysterious girl appeared in the land of the alpha king. Peculiar That's what they say as her appearance is a bit different. Innocence The aura radiating her. Darkness The eyes that holds unspeakable past. Rose The addicting smell that can kill you. What would the alpha king do if he knows the truth. Hunt her? Fuck her? Kill her? To gain the magnificent power.

Romance / Fantasy
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"Nooooo pleaseeee i beg you not meeee I will give you everything i have soooo pleaseee not meee!!!"
I scream so hard as I pull myself away from the man who hold me so tight that it draw blood on my skin.

"Shut up bitch!" A hard slap echoed in a silent night. My left cheek feel the burn as a tear fell in my eyes at last.

"If i were you I will feel proud of myself, chosen one HAHAHAHA!" His maniac laugh rings in my ear. I couldn't understand, why me. There are so many wolves in this pack, WHY ME!

I stayed silent as my brain couldn't function well as to what will happened to me.

I'm only seventeen turning eighteen next month. I have dream of a brightful future as I finish my studies and.... hopefully find my mate.
I didn't even met my wolf.
I didn't even shift yet.
I was so excited for next month for I will meet her, my wolf . I guess fate hate me so much as I will be part of the ground just like the past girls before me. Stolen from their dreams, their hopes, their happiness.

I smile inwardly as I thought about it. I have to accept that it's my fate but.... I couldn't I can't.... I don't know why but something tells me it's not my time.

I look towards the burning flame infront of me. Slow drums beating the night. A man in dark robes stands in the middle as the man who carried me throw me into the ground. I could feel my broken limbs crushed ones more.

"Little girl, don't be afraid. It is an honour to be one of the chosen.'' He smiled at me as if it's the best gift i ever have.

"Bullshit, do you think i want it? You destroy my hopes and dreams you sicko" I spat on the ground as the man behind me pulled my hair up as i winch in pain.

"Poor angel, It's not our fault you were born with that mark on the back of your neck. It's been so long since that mark appear. A thousand years perhaps? " His sickening voice echoed in my ear. I know what he meant but I couldn't accept it being one of the Chosen is too much for me to handle.

"Perpare the Chosen for sacrifice. Her death will bring glory to our race." He cheered. I struggled as they push me towards the large burning flame.

"NOOO STOP, STOP TOUCHING ME! YOU CAN'T DO THIS. I AM YOUR ALPHA'S DAUGHTER!!! " I scream to all my pack members as they look at me with sympathy? I don't know.

"Little girl, if your parents object this act why are they not here?" He questioned. I was strucked.

"Your parents know too well to follow the ancient rules, little girl" He smiled. His sharp teeth blinding my eyes.

I didn't shed a tear. I feel numb. They abandoned me. All the look in their eyes says that I deserved this. No! I DONT!.

With one last look at all of them.

"I shall return" I said as I jump into the flames.


Hey lovely readers hope you'll like this story.



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