Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 10 - A Tumble Under the Tree

It has been years since I had my last horse ride with Trinitus so it was no wonder why I am partly having a difficult time now.

Grabbing the horn of the saddle, I poised in an awkward position. My left foot was neatly placed in the stirrup, ready, but for some reason, I can’t freaking lift myself up to get to the seat. I remember being able to effortlessly flung myself into the horse but I was younger then, right now, I seriously have gained a bit of weight - and curves - to be unable to get this simple action right.

Enrique, posing as a gentleman of course, helped me up by putting both of his hands on my waist and lifted me to the seat. I immediately shot a glare towards Eriol’s way who stood in front of the two horses holding the reins. My glare meant, don’t do anything stupid, and by stupid meant, don’t hurt the man with your supernatural abilities! He only responded with a cold grin on me with his lip-piercing winking at the same time. This definitely worried me more. What is this lapdog scheming now?!

But so far so good. Enrique didn’t suddenly feel anything unusual.

I thanked him for helping me and then settled comfortably on Trinitus, smoothing its face with my palm. I saw Enrique help himself up with the mustang and I kinda admire how easily he did so. Maybe he had his own share of horse training too. For a rich man like him, it was no wonder.

“Have an enjoyable ride, Milady Andrea, Mr. DaisVita.” As a typical well-wisher, Eriol said after releasing the reins. He glanced on my way and I swear I could see a spark of something naughty in his eyes.

“First one who gets to the top of the highest pine tree wins?” Enrique suddenly suggested. I tore my glare away from Eriol and gave Enrique a winsome smile.

“Sure. You’re on!” I declared.

And with a light tap on my feet, Trinitus immediately moved, galloping at first and then gradually running out of the courtyard and into the open field of the ranch in high speed.

I love this feeling: the cold breeze hitting my face, the sunlight caressing my hair, and the united movement with my horse. I feel free. Free of any worries behind me. But this gnawing feeling I have in my gut wouldn’t disappear. It wasn’t worry for Enrique's safety this time, but for mine.

After covering a kilometer of land, I couldn’t see Enrique or his horse anymore.

The only highest pine tree I could find was a few kilometers away from the ranch. It was waving ‘hi’ at me on top of a hill. The other trees around it were oak, Hackberry, and few other species I couldn’t recognize.

With a winning grin on my face, I immediately set my eyes on the prize and guided my steed to that destination. However, Trinitus could really be stubborn sometimes. Instead of me controlling it, it had a mind of its own on where to go. I was doing my best to pull my reins up, trying to guide the horse back on the right track, but for some reason, it was more stubborn than ever before. It actually wanted to wander out of the clearing and into a river hidden by the thick sea of trees.

Thirsty already? That was my thought when I realized where the horse led me.

The place was beautiful. Different kinds of colorful trees welcomed me as Trinitus jogged along the grass clearing. I could hear birds chirping happily and I could distinguish the faint sound of the running water too.

This part of the forest, the sunlight didn’t reach that much. The trees had thick leaves making an elegant colorful roof above my head. A smile broke out from my lips. It seems that my stallion really knows what it was doing. It actually read my mind that I do not want to mingle with Enrique anymore. That I wanted to have a peaceful time for myself.

I breathed in deeply, inviting more fresh air into my lungs.

“It seems you have outdone yourself this time Trinitus,” I said as I carefully dismounted the animal when it stopped near a willow tree. “This place is beautiful! Thank you for leading me here!”

I turned to gaze at the awesome sight and my heart immediately warmed up. What a breathtaking beauty: the slow waves of the river, the crystal clear water, the fishes swimming, and the sun rays making a lovely reflection. Everything! Everything was just perfect!

I could actually relax here!

After securing the reins of my horse, I squatted on an even grassy ground under the willow tree. I chose this place because the hanging leaves caught my eyes. It was a mystical sight. Just looking at how it flowed low on the ground and coupled by its sweet eucalyptus-like aroma invigorated my senses. I truly feel I am in touch with nature now.

However, my relaxation was immediately disturbed when I suddenly heard the leaves rustle. Right then and there my eyes widened when a man stepped inside my hidden haven.

What luck. Great! Just great!

Standing in my front was Eriol, staring at me with delight in his eyes.

I had soon realized that this was his plan all along. He even used a horse to bring me to this place. Now that I think about it, this place actually looks more like a love den than a relaxation area with the romantic elements clearly visible.

Huh! Bastard. What an able tactician he is.

“Why are you here?” I asked, glaring at him again.

“You did say that I should stay away from that man, Andrea,” he stated matter-of-a-factly. “So here I am now, trying my best.”

“I did say that but that doesn’t mean you would leech yourself to me,” I answered, irritated by his unexpected presence. I do value what little relaxation I have in this fast-paced world.

“I prefer to guard my possessions, especially one that matters most to me which is you.”

He stepped closer and I began to feel the panic in my lungs.

“I am not your possession!” I spat out, irritated this time not with his presence but with his absurd claim on me. I stood up quickly, not bothering to pat my butt with any sticking grass. I tried to leave, yes, but he held me by the arm and ordered pointblank, “Stay.”

I clenched my teeth and frowned. “No, I won’t.” I knew he was trying to make me feel sleepy again and push his demands, but no, I will not yield this time. “You think that you can affect me with your...charms?” I said acidly, casting him a sharp look. “I don’t, so go to Hell.”

He scoffed lightly, which surprised me. He actually found my words fascinating?

“I have been to Hell before An..dre..ahhh and it wasn’t fascinating,” he answered sternly, holding me still in the arm with eyes glowing a faint red. “You are not affected with my...charms huh?” he added and then went to lean in and whisper in my ear, “Hmmm, I don’t seem to sense it in you earlier in the stable. If I recall correctly, you wanted to touch me then.”

He knew he had hit the jackpot because I furiously blushed in response. The memory of him topless immediately flooded back in my head, complete with the sprinkler hose and the flogger. YES! The freaking cat o’nine tails flogger!

In order to lessen the heat, I quickly diverted my attention and intentionally changed the topic.

“Why are you here anyway?” I asked, avoiding eye contact with him. “You are supposed to be with my Auntie.”

I heard him chuckle like he found my question entertaining so I adjusted myself and chanced a look at him. I saw a brief curve in the edge of his lips then.

“I am quick Andrea. I am sure you know that already. And I do things differently. I can always leave my doppelgänger with your Aunt while I am with you.”

Doppelgänger? The foreign word immediately escaped my mind. Can vampires actually have that?

“Please, let me go Eriol. I bet Enrique is waiting for me in the pine tree,” I requested, straining to make it sound sincere.

He hissed with the mere mention of another man’s name. “Like hell I would let you go to that buffoon. I could sense his desire on you Andrea. Very potent. Undeniably strong. He wants a piece of you in his bed as quickly as possible. Do you like that?”

No, I don’t like that of course! I don’t want to be someone’s fuck toy. I don’t want to be a casual fling!

I would have wanted to answer that, but him acting gallant now made me think of something too. “And I reckon you have better pure thoughts towards me? Seriously Eriol, you don’t need to act like a saint. I am pretty sure you have the same idea as him,” I criticized acidly, balling up my fists at the same time.

His hand quickly glided in my waist and pulled me closer to him. It was so close my breasts actually pressed against his chest! I caught my breath when he suddenly grazed his lips on my flushed cheek, the metal piercing sharing its glory too. Gods. Even this simple gesture made my hormones jump!

“You sound so sure of yourself and I would have seconded that, Andrea, because it is true,” he stated tenderly. My heart immediately went tachycardic. “I desire you, just like last night. I have impure thoughts of you. I want to defile you. I want to fuck you and take away your most prized virginity.” I gulped. What a clear-cut confession. “However, this feeling of desire is but a mere fraction of what I truly feel for you. You know what that is?”

HECK NO! Why ask me?!

“I don’t know...” I answered, trying to control the quivering of my lips.

Great. Even my lips yearned to be tested!

“Kiss me and you will know,” he answered sluggishly, cupping my face and lifting it up.

“NO,” I said, but then again, I could actually take advantage of the situation right? “Not...not until you tell me who you are.” Wallah! I have done it! Sometimes, you need just a little courage in order to know the truth.

“Hmmm, such an enticing proposition. You really are a temptress yourself.” He grinned, pleased with me and here I am, finding it freaking rewarding.

“I just want to know Eriol, your true self. It is making me crazy thinking about it.” Yeah... crazy thinking about my blood being sucked dry. “I had no more options left.”

His eyes glowed bright red in its preternatural way again and this made me lean backward a bit, frightened by the show. “Don’t worry. I am not a vampire,” he answered after devilishly grinning. “I won’t suck you dry after I fuck you.” He snickered lightly.

“Then what the hell are you?” I intended to clarify it quickly. Better now than any other day right?

“Hmmm, you said so yourself. I came from Hell An..dre..ahh.” He released his right hand on my waist and then stroked its thumb on my parted lips. He licked his own to wet it, no doubt desperate and eager to claim my mouth. And I happen to like seeing it.

“I am a demon," he said sternly and my world immediately shrunk.

What the HELL!?

No scratch that.

What the PICKLES!?

In haste, I shoved myself free from his hold, but he was too strong - obviously - to jail me in his embrace.

“I am the Prince of one of the seven deadly sins, An..dre..ahh,” he added and my curiosity peaked. Seven deadly sins?

I actually thought about Greed, but out of whim, I asked, “And what pray tell is it?”

“LUST,” he answered with a soft gravely voice and with that, he devoured my mouth.

His lips. His oh-so-fucking-wet lips adorned with a piercing molded with mine perfectly. It was hot. Really hot. And I say I have never ever been kissed like this before. Not with my only ex-boyfriend that is.

Despite myself, I reciprocated him. Well, who wouldn’t be if he was this skillful, right?

We kissed in complete abandon for long lethargic minutes that I had to tilt my head in order to clear my breathing. I knew I would be breathless after this but I never knew I would be gasping at the same time when he suddenly crawled his hand under my sweater, unclasped the brassiere, and titillated my breasts.

“No...” I mumbled.

He disregarded my weak protest and proceeded to guide me to lie in the grassy ground. I actually let him. Being intoxicated like this with his kisses means that I am not in my own self again. Was it because of his power? He did say that he is the Prince of Lust. Probably that explains why I am so willing and wanting right now.

So wanting that I didn’t care anymore if he takes my virginity away from me.

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