Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 12 - Bound To Him


Enrique called out again and judging from his voice, I am sure he was just near the willow tree. I could also make out two horses whinnying; no doubt he had the reins of his mustang tied near my Trinitus.

I panicked and my mind immediately reacted by processing a boat-load of questions. What if he would see me and Eriol doing this...this lewd thing?! How would he react? What would he say? More importantly, what would he say to my Auntie?

I immediately stopped our kiss and pushed Eriol up, but he was quick to deflect my attempt. He covered my mouth with his free hand and went to lick my already sweating neck.

Does he really have to do that? I know it was unhygienic and the sweat would taste unpleasant too; definitely not what I want him to sample from me, but he kept on going and going like he wasn’t bothered by it. I then felt him slide his fingers harder on my wet walls and I instantly moaned loudly because of that.

Through my half-lidded eyes, I saw him grin in satisfaction.

“Andrea!” I heard Enrique shout a lot louder this time.

I stiffened, sure as hell he heard my unladylike moan. I hoped that he didn’t have bat-like hearing enough to zero in on my location, but I guess I was wrong because I then heard the sound of twigs breaking nearby meaning he was dangerously close.

“Shhhh...” Next to my ear, I heard Eriol say. “Lower your moans Milady or that pathetic man will hear you.”

You damn pervert! Rip that vibrator out of my erotic area and take off your fingers and I WILL be quiet!

I shot him a nice worry-mixed glare. I knew he could read my mind so my thoughts dared him to do that. He responded me with a disappointed growl; a surefire answer that means he will not give in. However, I feel a bit relieved when he released his hand on my mouth.

“Eriol, please... stop this now!” I requested, painstakingly trying to keep my voice low.

“I don’t think that you mean that Andrea. You are still quivering with pleasure, I can feel it,” he stated. I had the instant notion that I am not the only one who was having fun here but also him. Yeah... I could feel his erection quivering too!

I quickly shook my head and bit my bottom lip. “But Enrique! He will- ahhhh!“?

Gods-dangit! He surely hit a GREAT spot right there!

This time, he hungrily captured my mouth and bit my bottom lip, no doubt envious of my action earlier. It was a sensual move, like he was treating my lips like a honeyed peach. Add a slow, engaging suction near the end and wallahh! It was definitely erotic in its raw form. It made my brain cry out that I want the same attention in my nipples!

He slowly withdrew and I heard him chuckle happily before he positioned his face in my chest. Huh! No surprise in that. He was able to read my naughty thought right then and there.

“Don’t say another man’s name Andrea. I am a jealous lover,” he said and then raised my sweater up, exposing my breasts.

“You’re not my lover,” I grounded but he neglected my answer by focusing on my two tensed globes.

I heard Eriol hum again as if he enjoyed my protest. “Not yet, but soon you will be. You are mine since the beginning. I will make you remember that,” he reasoned before dipping the tip of his tongue in one of my already erect nub. The sensation of it immediately brought me spiraling in the sky or well, in the grassy ground.

“Ahhhhh!” I let out another gasp as my stimulus electrodes exploded. Good Lord! My mind immediately realized. I freaking let out another loud gasp!

“Shhhhh... qu..i...e...t do...wn,” Eriol sternly commanded before ravaging my nipple.

“Andrea!!!” Enrique immediately yelled. “Where are you?!” I am quite certain he was in the verge of impatience.

“Eriol... please stop... mhmmm...” I tightly sealed my lips in order not to be vocal.

“Shhhhh...” he voiced again, still enjoying the feast in front of him. His tongue shot delicious tingles in my nipples and I could really say that damn... he was one maestro.

I knew I couldn’t escape anymore so I just basked myself with the sensations he was giving me amidst having another man call out my name. I know it was twisted, but the excitement of being caught like this made me feel aroused even more. I could feel my orgasm almost at its nearest point. I could almost touch it. So close. So close!

I held on to his shirt and moved my hips in order to match his rhythmic finger penetrations in my slick passage. Even in my half state of disarray, I saw him grin in reaction.

I knew he sensed my imminent orgasm and being thoughtful of it, he drove down his fingers one last time and there... there... there!!! I came... came as my vaginal walls spasmed against his fingers. I would have held on to this moment longer. I would have sunbathed in its goodness more, but no, this day had other plans for me.

My orgasm became short-lived when I turned stiff as a rock. My mouth fell open when I saw the waterfall of leaves part slightly. I saw Enrique’s hand first and then his nose, followed by his whole confused face peeking at the inside of the willow tree.

Shit! My mind stressed out. Shit! Shit! Shit! Busted. We are definitely busted and this is all thanks to my uncontrolled moans!

I gasped when Enrique’s eyes rested on me, but it was weird because he actually didn’t say any word. No reaction whatsoever. I don’t know if he was just stunned speechless, but he seemed not to care of the obscene show right in front of him. I would have quickly apologized to him, probably shoving Eriol away in the process, but what happened next was beyond my comprehension.

Enrique, whose face still showed bafflement, spun around and left the willow tree without a word. Then, some distance away I heard him let out a disappointed groan and commented, “Tsk. Where is that woman?!”

I was dumbfounded. What the?! What just happened?!

“Relax Andrea, he can’t see us,” Eriol commented calmly, his face still showing gratification of what had occurred in less than seconds ago. “I am using my demon power to make us invisible. But he can still hear you, so you shouldn’t make any noise.”

And you tell that to me now!? What a complete waste of my orgasm!!!

He slightly rubbed my still sensitive clit and in reaction, I closed my eyes momentarily. Gods. I could get well-accustomed to this! He took out the vibrator easily and lifted it up midair. Half of it was slick with my juice, half of it was dry. It was a clear-cut evidence of how he had blessed me.

“So, tell me... isn’t this toy your favorite now?” he asked, placing it near his mouth and licked the part where it was drenched.

My mind immediately screamed lollipop! A freaking cream-cheese coated lollipop!

“Eriol... Why are you tormenting me?” I asked, disregarding his erotic question. My cheeks felt hot. I wanted to cry but I willed myself not to cry. I am pretty much sure that he was just toying with me and my feelings.

“I am not,” he answered whilst softening his face. I could see a hint of turmoil in his eyes, but he quickly hid it, returning back to a cold, hard stare.

“You are!” I snapped. I fixed myself quickly and went to stand up.

He tsk’d. “I don’t think you know the definition between torment and pleasure, Andrea.”

I hissed, instantly pissed by his comment. Well, so sorry if I am a virgin!!! Obviously, I don’t know anything about it, but I am sure as hell that you are playing with me!

“You are right, I don’t, and I don’t plan on knowing the definition,” I sternly answered, crossing my arms in my chest. “I want none of those two. This is supposed to be my peaceful vacation. Why do you have to suddenly insert yourself in my life and make a mess out of it! Stop using your power on me!”

I could sense his growing anger just by looking at the way he clenched his jaw. Why? Did my words hit the spot? I believe that my words were too caustic, but I think that it suits well for a demon like him.

“Andrea!” Enrique yelled again just a few meters away from us. Seriously. He was beginning to annoy me.

Eriol’s face snapped to the voice’s direction and his eyes suddenly glowed red. Oh no.. This is not good! I felt immediately worried for Enrique’s safety.

“Now...” Eriol started, returning his attention on me. He hooked an arm around my waist swiftly that I wasn’t able to protest. Our faces squared at each other. His expression was one of dominance; mine a mixture of surprise and irritation. “Let me make things clear, Andrea. I am not inserting myself into your life because I am already in your life. You are bound to me since the beginning. You are mine alone and you will learn that truth whether it is the hard or easy way. Pleasure is what I do best, so you will have to suck it up. It is easier, I assure you. You will want it, love it, and crave for it.”

I glared at him once again. “I am not your fuck toy,” I pointed out firmly, but my lips actually trembled. I don’t know why but his words drove me to realize he was partly - no - entirely correct. At least only the last sentence however.

I am no wanton woman. I am no prostitute. I am no nymphomaniac, but I am beginning to crave his touch. I know this was all shades of wrong. He might be using his powers again for all I know, but I feel complete, utterly complete when he was with me.

Maybe I am infatuated with him. Maybe I am just too relationship-deprived over the past eight years that I am jumping immediately on the first available opportunity. But-but there was something... something in my heart that screamed for him. Something I couldn’t deny. I don’t know what it was. I can’t explain what it was. I am just hoping in the back of my head that it wasn’t love because seriously, no one can love a demon right? No one, right?

“No, Andrea. You have never been my fuck toy. You are my everything,” he whispered so softly in my ear I feel I was bungee-jumping from the sensation of it. “You are precious to me, put that in your pretty head.”

He simply grazed his lips on my cheeks. I had to close my eyes to calm myself.

“You talk as if we have met before in the past,” I announced. I know it was an absurd idea, but anything can happen when it was him right? He was a demon in the first place and demons live thousands of years. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but it might be a possibility.

“Hmmm... we did,” was the only thing that he said. No more, no less. I actually craved to hear more so I shifted my face up to give him a questioning look, but I found him already staring at me with sincere, loving eyes. Huh. That was not expected. Totally not expected. I cleared my throat. This man standing in front of me ain’t the usual perverted man I know.

“Can I request something to you, Milady?” he said as he abruptly pulled himself away. I had to blink twice to recollect myself. What is this feeling I am suddenly having?! What tension is this?!

“What?” I snapped, successfully hiding the anxiety in my voice.

He sent me a pleased smirk then.

“Since that man is bugging on my nerves, I am beginning to feel impatient. I want you to tell your Aunt that you rejected him. Tell her you do not approve on the dinner date. If you do that, then I might as well consider sparing his life.”

Oh... What a smooth way of changing the topic. I honestly felt disappointed with it.

“You will not kill him!” I immediately shouted, forgetting that Enrique was still nearby. Controlling my emotions was worthless when I know that someone was going to get killed. I don’t want anyone harmed because of me.

Eriol looked as if he wasn’t affected by my words, but he did turn his head to the side, looking as if he was waiting for something to happen.

And then it hit me, seconds later Enrique parted the wall of leaves again and emerged right in front of us.

He is not able to see us right? I asked that in my thoughts whilst staring at Eriol. He responded with a slight shake of his head and that crashed all of my confidence.

“Andrea?” Enrique said, looking directly at me. I am sure he can see me now. “You were here all this time?”

The look on Enrique's face was priceless. I bet he was treating himself as a blind dumb fool not to notice us inside the willow tree the whole time. But it’s not his fault really. It was Eriol’s and his so-called a-ma-zing demon powers.

“Yes. Why?” I choked an answer, the innocent me was the one who answered.

“Oh... really? But I swear I didn’t see you here earlier,” he said, raising his brows, clearly in disbelief. He stared at me and then moved his attention on Eriol.

“Maybe you were distracted by the thick leaves, Milord Enrique,” Eriol calmly answered in my behalf.

I would have been relieved with it. I would have been able to expound his suggestion more but then I was stunned to see the next events unfold. Enrique didn’t reply anymore. He just stood in our front like a mannequin. He then slowly closed his eyes and suddenly fell on the ground, head first. I yelped in horror.

“Eriol! What did you do?!” I shouted and ran to Enrique's aid, touching him in the head where I could see a small cut wound leaking with blood.

“Don’t worry, he is fine,” I heard Eriol say as he joined me. He lifted the poor man in one arm and dragged him out of the tree’s shade.

“Where are you taking him?!” Asking that question was a must especially when this perverted butler threatened to kill a Casanova.

Eriol glanced at me and instead of darting a cold glare, his face softened again and smiled a serene smile. What the heck! What is this man up to now?!

“Why are you giving me the poker face?” Crossing my arms, I stiffly stood in his front, blocking his way towards the mustang.

“Relax Andrea. I am just going to bring him to the hospital. You can return back to the house and wait for me there. If your Auntie asks when she returns, tell her this man hit his head in a branch while horse riding.”

Yeah, right. That would explain the wound in his forehead without any questions. But still...

“Promise me you won’t kill him,” I said, staring at him with intensity.

“I will if you stop worrying about him. It makes me jealous,” he answered nonchalantly. He continued his way towards the mustang, swung the unconscious Enrique in the horse’s back like he was just a sack of potatoes and stood in front of the horse after untying the reins.

“Damn you Eriol.” I gritted my teeth. I couldn’t argue with him about that. I have to stop worrying for the poor man if I want him to live.

“See you later then?” he said, turning his face towards me with a ready wide grin.

“Not if I can help it.” I scowled.

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