Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 13 - A Taste of the Past Oh Venerated One!

Media, Ancient Northwestern Iran

House of Raguel


I noted Sarah’s reaction when she saw my black wings. I bet she wondered why I had this shade when in fact Guardian Angels do have white wings.

Well, I used to have one. My wings were beautifully glorious. They had a radiant whiteness unlike any other. Even Raphael and Michael used to tease me a lot about it. They said that I am a favorite of our Boss; that He gave me a special treatment with regards to my angel wings.

So why do I have these black appendages now? I know you had wondered too.

It all started when I took the life of Sarah’s first husband, when I happily dismembered the old schizophrenic fool with my own bare hands. I had to. Sarah was very afraid of him. She was cowering at the edge of the bed in the night of their marriage consummation with clear-cut fear in her eyes.

I thought that it was best for her to be wedded, but after seeing her like that, seeing the old man’s dirty hands creeping on her beautiful porcelain skin, it boiled my blood in anger. He doesn’t deserve her at all. He was better off a corpse.

The Heavenly Realm says that when an angel breaks the divine rules, he/she becomes a Fallen Angel. These rules were simple actually. Stay invisible to humans, refrain from touching them, guide them, report to our immediate assigned Saint, always be on guard against evil, fight against demons if it was a must, and the list goes on... There were two things however that was the most important of all these rules and that was to never get attached to humans and never use the divine powers to hurt them.

Yes. You are right. I had indeed broken almost all of these rules, especially the top two of it. It was so easy for me to get attached to Sarah, my assigned human, and this beating muscle inside my chest became the exact reason why.

Angels weren’t supposed to have a heart, but I actually have one. One that was just as sensitive as a human’s. Maybe God really did give me a special treatment when he created me. I don’t know why however. I am even baffled as to the reason.

One thing was for sure though; I do not appreciate what He did to me. I loathe the fact that I own a beating heart, because now... now, it was tying me down with this new feeling inside me.

Was this what the human’s called love?

It feels warm and light, but at the same time burdensome and suffocating. Well, at least that’s what I felt first when I tried my best to restrain the emotion, when I tried my best to fight it just so that I will not break any divine rules.

But the emotion was so potent, so strong that the moment I really did give in, I felt instantly free, free to do anything I want with Sarah. I can touch her without qualm. I can embrace her, ravish her lips and feel her warm body next to mine when she sleeps. I am also able to protect her, shield her from every prying eyes and from these men’s polluted intentions, preserve her chastity and her purity, hence the first murder that I committed as a Guardian Angel.

When the man’s blood splattered in my white wings, it became tainted and immediately turned midnight black. I realized then that I am officially a Fallen Angel. After my hideous crime, I felt no remorse. I actually felt happy. And that was the beginning of my many dark conquests - the killing of six more.

All men are unworthy for my Dear Heart. She is mine and I alone is worthy to touch her.

Call it possessive and obsessive, but I am giving all I am for her. She became the reason for my everything. I even gave up my angelic status just for her. I don’t care that I turned into a Fallen Angel. As long as she stayed always with me, as long as I can touch her, as long as I can give her the loving that she needs, I don’t care if my soul goes to Hell.

“You seem in deep thought Aeshma.” Her voice, her lovely voice, woke me from my musings. I was standing stiffly in the small porch of her bedroom, watching the beautiful early moon. I turned my head quickly and saw her coming in from the main door, just fresh from an evening bath in a river near their house.

She looks better now; a lot better after revealing myself to her seven days ago. Her depressive aura had lifted,; her sadness, a thing of the past. She smiles more often now, showing her white teeth to her family, friends and me.

When I said that she looked fresh, you can really imagine how fresh she looked like. Like damp-dress-sticking-in-her-curves kind of fresh. My loins instantly betrayed me for I felt it burn like Hell itself.

It’s ironic really because I haven’t been in Hell myself even though I am a Fallen Angel.

Watching her like this, I realized right then and there that I am actually aching for this woman, not by heart but damn physically. I want to taste her flesh. I want to hear her moan for me. I want to insert my already rigid cock inside her female sex.

Oh Venus Star, I really do want her.

She patted her wet auburn silky strands with a dry cloth that she pulled from a wooden cabinet and then gave me a questioning look.

I released a long sigh then. I had been controlling my urges successfully since she laid eyes on my supernatural appearance but damn, today may just be not the same.

I fully turned around to face her; my wings all tucked in and gave her a forced smile. Doing this was actually so much better than licking the corner of my lips when I happen to behold her pinkish nipple presenting itself under the wet yellow dress. Yeah, for a supernatural like me, it was so easy to see this minute thing.

“Nothing Dear Heart, I am just admiring the moon,” I said, after which I heard her chuckle lightly.

Oh Venus Star, what a lovely sound!

“You do realize you look far better than the moon right? The moon is just a stone. It is cold, empty, without any life. It only glows only at night, but you, even though you have black wings, you still look magnificent. You are an angel. You are warm and full of life. So you stop showing that sad face and give me a real smile, Aeshma.”

I was taken aback by her kind words. Truly, she doesn’t even know what she was saying. But I can’t deny that she did hit one mark and that was my sad face. I can’t help it. She still thinks of me as an angel. She still thinks of me as a divine being full of righteousness and honor. She doesn’t even know the whole truth that I am the main reason for her recent misfortunes.

“I know, but I am too humble to accept that,” I said smugly, looking at her pulling a nightdress from her cabinet again. She simply giggled in response to my remark.

“You sure are Aeshma,” she said and then winked at me before she entered the changing area.

It was just a small division using a foldable panel screen made of papyrus. Very simple, very functional. I am relieved that she has this private area for changing. With this, at least she was safe from my ogling eyes, but sooner when the lamp was lit from the inside, my distress became all too evident.

Her shadow immediately rewarded me with an enticing view of her curves. I was speechless watching her strip herself with the damp dress. Even with this, she moved with grace. When she turned to the side, my loins immediately reacted. Her hardened pink nipples were an attractive shadow display. I had to clear my throat in order to calm myself. Truly, my mouth wanted to suckle on those beautiful peaks.

I clenched my fists tightly as my eyes glowed bright red.

I want her. I truly want her. Now... Now! My mind ultimately screamed.

She wore the nightdress and fixed her hair before exiting the changing area. I swear I am ready to pounce on her the moment she approached the bed, but I don’t want to end it quickly. I wanted to be consumed by my lust, by her lust, by our lust, but I also wanted to make this precious moment last long. I don’t want to simply penetrate my angelic genitalia inside her. I wanted to venerate every inch of her body. I wanted to praise her with lovely words. I wanted to make her feel ultimately like a Goddess of which she truly was.

While staring at her, I intentionally dematerialized my own wings, letting it dissolve together with the air hoping that she would notice how different I had turned myself into. Different as in - almost like a human being.

“Sarah,” I called her attention when I noticed she was busily brushing her hair.

She paused and looked at me. Instantly, I saw her eyes widen with surprise.

“Aeshma! What happened to your wings?!” she exclaimed.

I neared to where she stood with painstaking slow strides. When I stopped a few feet away, I saw her cheeks flush a beautiful pink.

“I just temporarily willed it to disappear. It...it would be bothersome,” I said simply, stopping with that vague word.

“Bothersome? In what sense?” Her brows rose, obliviously confused. “I didn’t expect angels would be bothered with their wings.”

She really looked funny, so cute, so naive, so worked up with just this simple thing. I had to release a long sigh again in order to calm the beating of this excited muscle. I can actually feel it leaping against my chest in happiness.

“I can always will it to reappear if you want me to Sarah, but right now, I want you to look at me like this. Like I am just a-”

“Human,” she finished in a soft hush. Her face softened and she appraised me from head to toe. Then, I saw her cheeks blush even further in deep reds and bit her bottom lip.

I wonder what she is thinking right now. I would greatly love to know.

In this kind of situation, having the power to read minds would be useful. Demons have that. I always envy that gift since I became a Fallen Angel. I wonder... when can I have that kind of power too?

I gave her a smile, just enough to show my appreciation for her observation. “Yes. Exactly like a man, Dear Heart.”

“Why? Why would you want to look like one?” she asked again, but this time she averted looking at my eyes. I could feel a different emotion inside her now. It was something akin to excitement. I had to pull her close, embrace her and cup her chin in order to guide her face back to me and meet her eye-to-eye. I noticed her lips quivered then.

“Because I want to when I make love to you,” I said, softly, surely whilst hoping that she would get the gist.

She didn’t reply. She just stood, if I am not mistaken, ready... ready and wanting for what lies ahead.

Could it be that she has been feeling the tension too? Could it be that she sees me as something other than an angel? Her Guardian Angel?

My face inched closer to her wanting to taste the suppleness of her lips, but I paused millimeters away and hovered on that spot for a full painful minute. Our lips were parted and our warm breaths mixed.

“Let me kiss you Sarah. Let me taste you,” I whispered softly, asking for her permission.

I know my words sound kinda absurd. In truth, I had been tasting her ever since I gave in to this emotion. But she was unconscious then, sleeping soundly in bed.

“Are angels allowed to do this?” she asked me, likely having second thoughts, but I could feel her hands tightly clasping my leather armor as if she doesn’t want to let me go.

“No, but I am sacrificing it all for you, Dear Heart. I want you. I can sense that you want me too.”

I didn’t wait for her to reply. I collided my lips into her shy red ones and molded it well with ease. When she responded with a few movements of her own, I immediately celebrated with a few flicks of my tongue inside her mouth.

Oh Cosmos! This must be the reason why angels and humans were prohibited to mingle with each other. It makes angels weak and vulnerable with even this simple gesture alone.

“Aeshma...” She hummed my name like it was the Tree of Life. I knew without a doubt then that she already ached for me.

When had this begun? When had she felt something for me too? I do not know the answer, but I am contented now that we both share the same emotions.

My hands found their way inside her cotton nightdress and settled promptly in her aroused nipples. Upon contact, she released a melodious moan and this turned my fire on.


I caressed her neck, tongued her pulsating jugular vein, and nibbled on her earlobe all the while guiding her down the ready mattress. The lamp’s fire flickered wildly rejoicing with me as I covered her mouth again. “My love. Will you yield yourself to me?” I asked when I stopped our kiss temporarily.

“Yes, my angel,” she said with half-lidded eyes, looking at me. “I want you to take me. Bring me in heaven’s gate.”

What lovely words. There was no hesitation, no sadness in it. My heart immediately cried out in joy. My erection too saluted its firm head understanding what she meant by heaven’s gate.

Soon... soon... my impatient member... you will be inside her soon. I announced in my head.

She was so beautiful lying underneath me. Her hair was a complete perfect mess. Her face, a splendid shade of red. Her breasts glistened from the lamp’s soft light when I finally tore off her nightdress.

“I will make it so that you will never forget what heaven feels like, Sarah,” I promised before I dove in and suckled on her anticipating breasts. This made her arch her back in reaction.

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