Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 14 - A Fallen Angel's Uniqueness


I don’t know if angels and humans can procreate but right now, the only thing in my mind was to shower Sarah with infinite passion.

I continued to feast on her two quaking breasts like I am a hungry sex-deprived man. I can definitely compare myself to the men I had killed in the past. I understand their neurotic desire now for her, for I do believe I am the same. I had joined her in bed many times, just contended with embracing her until I fall asleep, but this would be the first time I am joining her in this blessed area for love-making purposes.

I am really surprised how she was so accepting of me; like she had been waiting for this to happen since my revelation. She was so compliant with my touch, so sensitive with my kisses, so open and wanting to everything I am doing. Probably because I am a supernatural being that was why she acted like this... or probably, she also desires this moment like me too. But whatever the reason, I am already set in making her feel sated in the end.

Just like my wings, I willed my leather armor and pants to disappear. When I was free of the restraining materials, I quickly pressed my lustrous body on her.

Ahhhh... What a splendid feeling. Our bodies in one, skin to skin, without any restrictions.

I moved to kiss her lips again and she most willingly accepted me. I felt her fingers stroke my short black hair which I have intentionally shortened to make me look more of a man. It felt good.

Her hands also managed to wander into my chest and I am quite sure she could feel the loud beating of my heart through it.

“Dear Heart, if you would allow me entry, I would take you to heaven’s gate now,” I asked thoughtfully; my muscle-packed c0ck already swollen for her. I am afraid that if I continue on like this without me inside her, I might embarrass myself with my premature ejaculation.

“Enter...please... Enter Aeshma!” she said it most erotically. I never thought she had this side of her.

My mind rejoiced. Yes. This was exactly what I want to hear from her lovely mouth, my angel name.

She granted me access by spreading her legs and without further ado, I focused on stimulating her down there.

I know she already aches for me; I can feel her blood pooling in her sex, but I still want to ready her in what lies ahead. My anticipating member was already at its best erection; so full, so big, so lengthy; that I needed to prepare her for my entrance.

My left hand stayed to administer arousing strokes in the rest of her body, while my other one bussied with titillating her pinkish core.

Her virginity is mine for the taking. That’s the thought that crossed my mind when I stared at her womanhood. My mouth immediately salivated. I want to ravish this one too with my tongue.

And so she gasped and loudly cried my name when I did swoop down and captured her slick crevice.

“Aeshma! No... not like that! It’s embarrass...mhhhmm...” she whimpered in the end. I had to grin in satisfaction with this.

I continued licking. Pole to pole. Wet wall to wet wall. She bucked and lifted her hips in response.

I withdrew for a moment to give her a breather, but only because I readied my two fingers near her entrance.

“I did say I want to taste you Sarah,” I stated, ”This,” and then entered my two fingers inside, “included.”

“Ahhhh!” she shouted and arched her back.

A little bit of foreplay in here and she will finally be ready.

Together with my finger thrusts, I nibbled on her clitoris and tongued her more and she moaned loudly again.

I love seeing her like this. I feel that I am the most blessed of all Fallen Angels to be able to feel this much passion.

“I will enter you now, Sarah,” I said when I positioned myself and my c0ck close to her slick one.

“Yes! Oh yes, please Aeshma,” she affirmed to which I am gratified again. I saw her face darken with lust just like mine and I know that this was it. There was no turning back. Screw the consequence thereafter, I just want us to be one.

I slowly guided myself inside her; the contact of my head in her opening left me breathless. I groaned an erotic sound. She, in the other hand, moaned a lovely impatient tune.

“Push it inside...” she softly coaxed to which I dutifully did. “Ahhhhh!”

Oh Cosmos! Just by looking at her like this I feel that I am already in heaven again. As a side note, it has been awhile since I stepped in that realm actually. I never left Sarah’s side ever since she was assigned to me.

My erection finally found its way inside, to the hilt, to the root, every inch of it not wasted. I was amazed that she could actually fit all of it in.

When I started moving, unsheathing it slowly halfway, I and she made a new erotic sound. It was a perfect duet. When I inserted myself again, it became clear that we had a whole orchestra to conduct.

“Do you feel it, Sarah?” I said as I decided a missionary position. My face met hers and I clearly saw how flushed she was.

“Yes...” she drawled, “a most splendid sensation.” She cupped my face and guided me for a lingering kiss. “Aeshma, more... I am erupting inside,” she demanded without hesitation and with that I savagely crushed my lips on hers as I started to rock up and down, thrusting myself in and out inside her. She moaned again but it was muffled with my kisses.

This would be the best minutes of my divine life. The sensation of being inside her felt so good, so tangible, so exotic for an entity like me who hasn’t even tasted it.

“Ahhhh!!!” She freed her lips from mine and made herself vocal. “Aeshma!!! Aeshma!!! Ahhhh! Yes! Yes!”

“I know Love, I know. You like it like this!” I pushed my engorged muscle harder this time, forgetting that she was a virgin. But she didn’t protest with it, instead she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. I immediately could feel her passage clamping down on my sheath.

“Argh! Sarah!” I grunted. “You feel so good. So delicious! For all the goodness in this world, you make me forget myself!”

“Aeshma, now! Release it now! Fill my womb!” she cried and it took me all the control not to break her pelvis from my continuous rocking and pumping.

We both shouted one syllable when we ascended into a greater height. I bet this was what humans call orgasm. It was a superb feeling actually and I am lucky I could lengthen this sensation in both mine and hers using my divine power.

When I said we ascended in a greater height, I am talking literally too. We floated... yes we did; high above the mattress without using my wings. I just used my power to cut the gravity that nailed us and easily, up we go. Her hair looked beautiful like this; strands after strands floating, covering our clashing faces.

She embraced me tightly as we kissed ourselves back down the mattress and back from our unspeakable orgasm.

Heaven’s gate? I think we both have just been there.

Naked over naked body we lay sated, calming our breathing and our erratic heartbeats. I kissed her forehead when she snuggled in my chest. I had to smile with this lovely gesture then. She trusts me... She lets herself be vulnerable with me.

“Sleep Dear Heart, I will be right here,” I said stroking her hair at the same time.

“Hmm... I know you will be,” she replied softly after a short giggle and then closed her eyes.


Winner Family Mansion


Lunch was served with only me eating alone in the dinning room. This was a good thing actually. Finally peace and quiet. No Eriol to bug me. No Auntie Marcella to dodge her questionings with.

My mind however refused to take a rest. It kept on thinking about Enrique; if he was safely in the hospital now. Eriol did promise that he would spare his life and I hope he really does keep his word. But he was still a demon in the first place, he could always change his mind if he wanted to.

Being this alone, I am able to evaluate myself and what has happened these past few days between me and Eriol.

I understand my attraction to him. I also understand his specialized attention to me, but this made me wonder why? I am no princess. Heck, I am just an ordinary woman - not to mention human. Nothing was interesting about me, but why was it that he acts like I am the most special woman in this world? He says he’s been waiting for me for centuries. He says I am already bound to him. He says that his life was weaved with mine. Huh? Seriously. What’s up with that?

Another thing to take note of was that Eriol was one persuasive man, errr demon. I have an inkling that sooner or later the inevitable will happen if I let myself get carried away again. If I let his temptation cloud my mind. I have to toughen myself up. I have to stand my ground if I want my chastity untouched. But who am I kidding? My recent trysts with him were already enough evidence of my sexual tension burning out of control. I am pretty sure this was not because of Eriol’s demonic power. I feel that it was something more.

Oh... speaking of demonic power. This was also one thing that caught me off guard. For some twisted reason, demons are actually real! They actually exist! Huh! What a surprise! It was just unfortunate now that I have a demon prince lollygagging with me.

After my peaceful lunch, I headed to my room planning to take a quick nap, but my Iphone rang when I was halfway from opening my bedroom door. I smiled when I saw Aunt Marcella’s name in the screen.

“Yes Auntie?” I said, leaning on the door frame.

“Andrea, how’s your day with Enrique there? Are you both having lunch now?”

Wow. She really is quick on fishing out any juicy information from me.

Before answering her, I stretched one leg across the opposite frame acting like I am not under intense interrogation. “Uhmm, actually I am alone here. Enrique is in the hospital as we speak.” Well, hopefully - that’s what my mind immediately commented.

“What?!” Her loud, surprised voice immediately followed. “Why so?”

“Well uhmm... he hit his head in a branch while we were horse riding,” I replied, conscientiously remembering Eriol’s instructions.

I heard her release a long sigh at the other line. “Oh, that really happened huh? Now that’s a shame. I thought you both are having a good time now.” Her voice sounded a wee bit disappointed.

Huh! I bet what she meant by good time included kissing and hugging.

I cleared my throat. “Yeah, it is an emergency because he lost consciousness. Erio --- errr--- uhmm, one of your ranch staff took him to the hospital immediately.” I almost forgot that my Auntie still believes that Eriol was with her. Good thing I am able to wittily save myself from a possible grave mistake.

“I hope he will be fine. His accident isn’t serious right?” Aunt Marcella said, sounding sad and worried which by the way was natural for her. She has an overcaring side actually, just like my mother.

“Yes, it isn’t serious. It is just a minor accident. He will be fine Auntie, I can assure you,” I quickly said, hoping she would buy it. After a few moments’ pause, I heard her release a long sigh.

“Good. I guess you’ll just have to spend your time alone in there.”

“Not a problem Auntie. I’m actually heading for a nap now,” I said as I stepped inside my room and closed the door.

“I see. Oh! By the way, my friend right here is inviting you to volunteer for a feeding program. It will be for tomorrow. I happen to share with my friends that you love joining activities like this.”

“Really Auntie?” My eyes immediately lit up. Great! Just what I really need! Thank the Gods!

I heard my Auntie giggle then.“Yes. So what do you think? Are you joining?”

“You know I will!” I immediately exclaimed, unable to hide my excitement. She let out another giggle.

“Oh, Andi dear. It is so you. I haven’t even told you the location of the feeding program yet you are already listing yourself to join and so enthusiastic at that!”

I can’t help but smirk at her remark. Yes. This would be me. Like what I said to Eriol two days ago, I don’t really mind where these outreach programs were held. Just so I can extend a helping hand, that was enough for me.

“Why? Will it be in the Amazon?” I asked, growing curious now.

Did I tell you that I don’t like going to the Amazon? Particularly the Amazon River. I’m scared of piranhas, poisonous frogs aaannndd, your right, mosquito bites. Probably this was the reason why I am scared of vampires too. Lucky for me, Eriol’s a demon. But come to think of it, I think a demon brings more danger than a vampire so...

“Haha, no dear. It will be at my friend’s provincial house in Gutland Region. There is a native tribe living there. They will be your recipients.” My attention returned to my Auntie’s statement.

“That sounds great Auntie,” I said and heaved a sigh of relief. “I have never been to the mountain regions here in Luxembourg! I am sure it will be a great experience!”

“Yes, I know you would be excited. So, when I get home, I will give you all the details. I suggest you pack one big bag immediately for your stay there will be for four days. The first two days will be for the program and the other two will be for your vacation. My friend also invited you to visit her vineyard and to go on hiking.”

“Oh wow!” I exclaimed again, now sitting at the edge of the bed. I eyed the big closet half-full of my wardrobe and remembered that I luckily brought a pair of hiking boots and some comfortable jeans to wear in the mountain.

“Yes, yes, I know it’s great news for you,” my Auntie said, but also in the background, I heard a woman’s voice say, ‘that’s good to hear Marcella,’ and it was no doubt her friend. “See you later at dinner for the other details.”

“Yeah, see you later Auntie. I will wait for you,” I said and after that, she ended her call.

Grinning, I immediately dropped in bed with my arms stretched widely to cover all of the space. Tomorrow will be a promising day for me and I am sure to make the most of it.

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