Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 15 - A Much Needed Space


Aunt Marcella had given me all the details about my trip and the feeding program during our dinner. As usual, Eriol acted like an obedient lapdog - whoops - ahemm, I mean, a butler, waiting for whatever his master orders him to do.

We haven’t talked since he arrived at sundown together with my Auntie. I would have wanted to confirm if he truly sent Enrique in the hospital and not some faraway island, but he seemed to act like a jerk the moment I saw him in the kitchen: all gloomy eyed and exhausting a do-not-mess-with-me aura, so I didn’t dare start a conversation with him.

I wondered why though. There must be something that went wrong. But oh well, at least he had the commonsense to kick his doppelgänger out of the picture at last and present his true self in front of us.

The whole time Aunt Marcella explained the details, I could feel Eriol’s endless flaming stare on me. I had to painfully control my urge to shot him a cold glare.

He was by the way standing behind my Auntie while I sat opposite her, so she would definitely notice something not right if I do that.

I am however able to steal a quick glance or two at him and goodness me, judging from his firm, thinly-pressed lips, I was pretty sure he didn’t like my decision on the four-day trip. This must be the reason for his bitchiness right now.

The nerve of him... showing a silent tantrum as if he is my boyfriend!

Auntie would have loved to join the trip too, but opted not to in the end.

I understood why though. With her age, she wouldn’t stand a mountain hike going to the native tribe’s location without shortness of breath and without her synovial joint pain acting up.

“Uhmm, can I request something from you Auntie?” I asked after she was finally done enumerating me the four-day activity. She was about to get up from the dining table wanting to retire early for the night. I stopped her abruptly by placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Yes, Andi. What is it?” She gave me a raised well-drawn brow. I had to show a pretty sweet smile for her so that she would agree to my request.

“Well, ahh... since...you know...since I...I will be leaving tomorrow, can I request to have a sleep-over with you tonight? You know...just like old times,” I shyly added.

I can’t believe I am stuttering now. Thank you Eriol! Thank you for sending me a judgmental look!

I honestly want to spend time with Auntie, probably have a heart-to-heart talk if need be, but deep inside - the nethermost part of me - the reason why I truly wanted to stay in her bedroom was so that I could keep away from this mansion’s head butler. I don’t know why, but I feel that I just have to avoid him as much as possible tonight. Being alone in my own room would obviously be detrimental. Well, detrimental for my letter ‘V’ that is - no pun intended by the way.

My Auntie was kinda taken aback, but in the end awarded me a sweet smile of her own and said, “Of course you could, Andi! I would love to have a sleep-over with you. I just hope you wouldn’t mind me snoring in the middle of the night.” She winked at me.

“Haha, of course Auntie. You know I am very much well acquainted with that since I was young,” I answered, a fond memory seeping out from my younger days spending my vacation in this house with her, Mr. Willer, and Lorde.

“True, true. Then, let’s go? I bet tonight is going to be a night full of stories!” she exclaimed loudly with beaming eyes that hinted anticipation. She sure likes to hear my stories about my inadequacy of love life.

I smiled and took a gray paper bag under the table. It was complete with my nightdress and my hygiene necessities that I had readied earlier.

To tell you the truth, I had been planning since lunch not to go back to my bedroom after dinner. I definitely do not want to be separated with my Auntie right now or else, her lapdog would pounce on me uninvited. And I know once that happens, it will be another wet predicament of mine. Like I said, detrimental for my letter ‘V’.

I saw Eriol made an obvious frustrated look. He was listening in our conversation alright.

Auntie and I sped our way to the stairs and into the north wing of the house where her master bedroom was located. This used to be Uncle Michael’s chamber too. I am happy to know that Auntie was thoughtful enough to stay in this particular room after his death. She does love him and I am proud of her for that.

Her chamber showed a magnificent interior, really full of bright cream colors, and her furniture were all custom-made. It was highly noticeable that the designs were adapted from the Renaissance period.

When we got inside, Auntie went straight to the changing room.

“Make yourself comfortable Andi. You can use the bathroom first if you like,” she informed before leaving me alone in the receiving area.

“Yes, Auntie. I think I will use the bathroom first,” I said, putting the paper bag in a coffee table. I took my silk chemise and my toothbrush out, and then went inside the grand bathroom.

Yes. You heard it right. I said grand. Like a five star hotel-style bathroom with a walk-in closet that was as big as my bedroom. There was a waterfall shower, a Jacuzzi tub and a vanity top that screamed Hollywood. She had a massive collection of body wash, creams, lotions, expensive soaps and shampoos displayed in a big glass casing. Huh! Talk about extensiveness. I believe she had redesigned this part of the room because the last time I entered here two years ago, there wasn’t a Jacuzzi tub yet.

Once I was in, I took off my knitted sweater, my denim short and underwear. I took a partial bath in the shower and changed my clothes thereafter. My chemise was the most comfortable bed clothing I have. It was slightly sheer, but I didn’t mind not wearing any brassiere under it. I am always comfortable sleeping without a bra on. Wearing panties was a necessity even in bed, but I can sometimes sleep without it as it feels refreshing for a change.

After brushing my teeth, I loosened my hair from my ponytail and rushed to ruffle it into a sexy mess. All of these I did it in just ten minutes.

Just in time, I saw Aunt Marcella walk inside the bathroom. When she saw me, she produced a pleased grin.

“You really are a big girl now, Andi. Just years ago, you used to be this BIG.”

Haha. Really funny Auntie. For a moment there, I thought she was going all sentimental on me, until she gestured her hands near her breasts and imitated how big mine were. Really such an eccentric woman if you ask me.

I gave her a shy smile, unable to contain myself from blushing. “You’re so crazy Auntie,” I said and kissed her cheeks. “You go on ahead, I’m done with my pre-sleep routine.”

“Alright dear,” answered she before I exited the bathroom and closed the door.

I eyed the queen-size bed like a small girl, wanting to try its softness, but suddenly an intruder appeared out of nowhere in my front. I quickly stepped backward and yelped in surprise of his unheralded presence.

“Eriol!” I exclaimed, wide eyed.

“What are you trying to do Andrea?” Eriol stated without preamble, looking pissed. He pushed me to the side and pressed me against the wall near the bathroom door. As a reflex, I pushed his chest away, but he responded by jailing my arms in place.

“What. Are. You. Trying. To. Do.,” he asked again, drawling the words in order for me to sieve.

“Try-try what? What are you sa-ying?” I clarified, trying to keep my stuttering to a minimum so that he wouldn’t see how intimidated I was with his presence. I knew what he was talking about, but I choose to play innocent.

He tightened his grip on my arms and leaned closer, enough that our noses almost touched.

I dared to glare at him, acting courageous, but damn I began to feel weak, not because of his lulling voice but his scrutiny on me. I actually caught his eyes move to where my cleavage peeked. Huh. Men. Demons. Typical!

He silently hissed before saying, “Your actions are disappointing me, Andrea. I don’t want you going on that trip. Period.” Oh, so fast. He is not beating around the bush at all!

I scoffed. “You are joking right? Everything is already set up. I will be leaving first thing in the morning.”

“Call it off,” he said sternly. If we were having a staring contest, I am sure he will win the damn thing. His glowing red eyes were just too hot to stare. “You will stay here. That’s final,” he freaking concluded.

I would have wanted to laugh hysterically, but being that Auntie was still inside the bathroom, I chose not to and instead, shook my head.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You are not the boss of me Eriol. Please, just let me go,” said I, hinting two things. One was for him to let me go so that I can do with my own plans come tomorrow and second was, for him to let his hands go, as in immediately. Seriously, I feel the inadequate blood flow of my arms already.

He did get my second point and luckily, he loosened his grip. However, he diverted them to another place, in my face and waist particularly. Now, this was far dangerous than earlier indeed.

“Such a stubborn woman you are. You know I will have to punish your persistence right?” he said huskily.

My lips immediately trembled, my nipples tingled and my pussy, seconded, by tightening its soft flesh which by the way is a surprising effect for me. I am not even sure what he meant by punish, but my body instantly had these reactions.

Damn. He really is a sex God.

“Yeah right. Threaten me as much as you want. I don’t give a damn. Now, LET. ME. GO.,” I answered, immediately shoving him away again. He, however, had a different plan in mind.

He didn’t agree with my request and instead of backing away, he embraced me tighter and bam, that’s it, our mouths became an explosion.

His lips were gluttonous, devouring mine like there’s no freaking tomorrow which of course was the truth since I am leaving tomorrow. I wriggled out of it, but he damn pressed his face even more.

I felt his tongue insert easily. I was in the border between stopping and sparring with it, wanting to have a sample of his taste too, but I controlled myself as much as I could.

His free hand then moved to stroke my hardened nub against the silk cloth and I had to suppress a moan then. Huh! Couldn’t this get any worse?



“ERIOL!” He finally freed my mouth. “Please, don’t! Auntie-Auntie is inside the bathroom!” I protested, half gasping for air.

“Hmmm, am I sensing anxiety in you An...dre..ahh?” He gave me a devilish grin as he cupped my chin up. With just that expression, I could see that he was toying with me once again.

Damn demon!

“You jerk. Get out!” I spat, any minute now, my dagger of a glare would become a sharp samurai, but I know, even with this, he would still be undaunted.

I was startled when the bathroom door opened and out came my Auntie, all fresh and - what’s that in her face? A mud mask?

“Andrea? What’s gotten into you?” she immediately asked, staring weirdly at me.

I realized then and there that Eriol had vanished. I am alone now and in an awkward position with my hands raised in a pushing manner and my face, painting a clear distress.

“Uhh, uhmm.. nothing...” I said ever so slowly, and lowering my hands ever so gently. “I was...I was just amazed by your bedroom’s interior designs Auntie,” I cleverly answered.

Gods. Eriol! I am so going to kill you!

“Mhhhmm, lovely isn’t it?” She smiled, looking at the entirety of the room. “This is your first time coming back here so I bet you are surprised to see the changes. Eriol helped me with the designs. Well, actually, almost all of the guest rooms are partly designed by him, including yours.”

She strolled towards her vanity mirror and sat in the cushioned stool. I followed behind her, the whole time taking measured calming breaths. Then, a few seconds later, a knock on her main door sounded.

“Come in,” she said.

The moment the door opened, I blinked many times. Why? Because Eriol stepped inside with a bowl of freshly-cut cucumbers. I immediately ran towards the mattress and covered myself up with the bed sheet.

“Here are your cucumbers Madame,” he said in his butler voice when he neared my Auntie.

“Thanks Eriol.”

She took the bowl and placed it in front of the mirror.

“After this, you can take a rest. Andrea will be traveling together with Mrs. Dustrene’s group early tomorrow morning for the feeding program. You will drive her in my friend’s house, so you better sleep early too.”

He bowed low again.

“Of course Madame, I will do as what you instructed,” said he, completely ignoring me.

When he turned around and walked towards the door, I stared at him and Gods, it kinda hit my pride when he never even once glanced my way.

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