Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 16 - Playing Hard-to-Get


It was amusing to note that Andrea thinks she can get away from me. Well, she will just have to try harder because I will not let a single chance for her to be out of my sight. I had waited for her for centuries and then worked as a butler in this house for two years to be exact just so that I can find her. I can’t let her just slip away now.

There’s no sanctum for her anywhere but only in my arms. That was the only reality that I should inculcate in her mind.

Yes. I am disappointed when I found out about the trip tomorrow. When I returned in my employer’s side, the memories of my doppelganger told me that she and her friends were talking about some sort of program for the natives and Marcella was jovial enough to share that Andrea loves to volunteer in such activities. I was standing at Marcella’s back when she called Andrea about it and imagine my disappointment when she accepted the invitation.

Damn. She was one hard woman to pin in one place. My mind debated whether I should stop her trip or just let her join.

It’s not like I wouldn’t be able to follow her into the mountains if she goes there, but I still would want for her to say in the mansion.

Call it selfish of me, but I want to tie her down, lock her in my room or keep her in a pedestal so that she would be safe.

Better yet, I can bring her to my penthouse in the city and jail her there so she wouldn’t join the outreach activity.

Either way, whatever measures I choose, I am pretty sure she would hate me if I do at least one of those. Unfortunately, hate was something I am avoiding. She was already cautious of me. I don’t want to complicate that. I prefer her bending to my will, wanting, craving and loving me. Not hating me.

Huh. I guess living in the modern world really does have its cons. Women now are more outspoken and confident. Rather than being meek to a man’s rule just like in the medieval age, the women of today are more willing to stand up and speak their minds. Humans call it women empowerment, but I call it being stubborn. Just like Andrea exactly.

Teasing her was fun. Making her moan for me was so much better. I am craving for that sound right now. I really am. I am blazing with lust because of my anger. I want to bed her now. I want to impale my all-too-consuming angry erection inside her. But damn... Andrea was such a clever woman. Hindering me by sleeping in my employer’s bedroom was a really good move. I guess, I will just have to be patient for now. She will not hide there forever. After this idiotic four-day trip of hers, I am sure to own her then; by soul, by heart and by body.

Back in Marcella’s master bedroom, I deliberately ignored her. I didn’t even so much as glance at her way. I wanted to show her that two can play this game. If she was acting stubborn, then so I will be. Let’s just see who will win this game in the morning then.

As soon as the sun went up, I woke up to start the day. This has been a routine for me as the head butler of the house. The residents of the underworld would surely laugh at me for these insignificant domestic chores. I am a demon prince for crying out loud. I am not supposed to be under a human’s command. But in order for me to be able to spend time with Andrea, to get her trust and to receive her love, I had to do this demon-discriminating job every day for as long as it takes.

I finished everything in one go; supervising the human maids and errand boys to do this and that, taking care of the menu for the day, checking the meat business accounting, and checking the overall well-being of the ranch and the main house.

It was easy for me to perform this as I have multiples of me ready to do anything. Actually, pieces of me are scattered all over the world to do my job. Being the Prince of Lust, I must maintain my duty as the propagator of sinful pleasures.

Lust is a basic instinct of every human. The feeling is already there. I just needed to ignite it, nurture it in order to mature. It is a human’s decision what he/she does with it though. Whether to use it through r*pe, incest, adultery, casual sex, prost*tution, human traff*cking, phedoph*lia, cybersex, I do not care a damn thing. It is their own choosing, not mine. I am just the harbinger, acting as a bridge.

This is what I am. This is why God had purposely created me. This is why the Emperor of Hell had chosen me to do this special job. This is exactly why I still have a beating heart right now and this beating heart is exactly why I am still in love with Andrea, my Sarah, even though I have turned into a demon many, many centuries ago.

I was in the foyer when I saw a maid help Andrea carry a big black luggage down the stairs. I assume the luggage was for the trip. The maid faintly smiled when she noticed my presence standing at the bottom of the stairs, while Andrea, quickly changed her happy mood and turned into something that resembled anxiety.

As I had intended to do since last night, I deliberately avoided her; showing as if I am not acknowledging her presence and went on my way to the kitchen. I didn’t miss when I heard her faintly hiss, no doubt from disappointment. The feeling is mutual, Andrea. I am still not liking you going to that trip.

Speaking of trip, I didn’t miss her wearing a stylish clothing; a pair of brown hiking boots, faded jeans and a red checkered button-down ladies shirt. She almost looked like a cowgirl. The sexy version of it. I had to clench my fist tightly. It reminded me of yesterday; the way she rode Trinitus and the way she ached for me under the willow tree. Shit. I have to shake this memory out for now, otherwise my plans of ignoring her will be for nil. But she really does know how to make me insane, I’ll credit her for that.

I readied their breakfast at exactly seven. When Marcella sat in the dining table, I greeted her a good morning as what a normal butler would do. Still, I ignored Andrea when she appeared and sat in her chair. No good morning for you stubborn lady. She gave me a weak glare and a frustrated pout.

I poised beside my employer, ready for my daily morning report. The minute I started, I noticed Andrea intently listened to me, amused by how I delivered the report and how composed I am. It actually takes a lot of years to act like a perfect butler. But for me, it just came naturally. I reported about many things, business related mostly. By the time I finished, I noticed her eyes soften and glanced at me in awe.

Hmmm... Got your attention now, have I? Maybe a few more ignoring would bring you begging for my attention.

I couldn’t help but produce a slight smirk on my lips. Plan A - a success.

“Eriol, when you’re done with driving Andrea to the Dustrene Residence, send that package to UPS. Make sure it is delivered on time,” my employer stated as she pointed a medium box sitting across the room that contained chilled meat products.

“Yes, Madame,” I answered, already mentally instructing my doppelganger to do the job. I have a job planned for myself and that’s my topmost priority now. What it may be you ask? Well, obviously to follow this hardheaded woman in the mountains.

I bowed my head and excused myself leaving them finishing their breakfast. I took the box with me and directly went to the foyer and out the entrance door to the parked BMW car.

Andrea’s luggage was placed next to the vehicle so I thoughtfully placed it in the trunk right after the box was secured. Then, I headed back to my chamber which was at the south wing of the mansion, in the second floor. I changed my butler outfit, preferring to wear leather black pants, a grey shirt and a black coat.

This ensemble looked better than the previous one. I don’t want to play charades in front of Andrea when I drive her to the Dustrene Residence. I can tease her when I am acting as a butler, but I think it better to stop the act now, especially that I will be leaving the mansion too. Teasing her as me, as a demon in love with her, would be so much better.

Inside the driver’s seat, I waited for them. After a few minutes, they appeared together out of the foyer. Andrea was hooking an arm around my employer’s elbow and the old lady, was patting her hand acting like this would be the last day she will see her niece.

For goodness’ sake, it is just a four-day trip. Andrea will be back here again after that. I understand that they are women, but they don’t need to be emotional, really.

And then a thought crossed my mind. I had to grin widely this time. After her trip, I will abduct her to my penthouse and I will make sure she will like it.

I guess Marcella really does need to worry after all.

“Call me when you arrive at the retreat house,” I heard my employer say when Andrea slipped inside the car. Good thing she opted to sit in the front seat, next to me; otherwise, we would have argued about the sitting arrangement along the road.

I glanced at her way while holding the steering wheel. She glanced back and I saw apprehension in her eyes. I guess she wasn’t that eager to be alone with me like I am to her.

“Yes, Auntie,” she replied and then closed the door.

Marcella bent and peeped through the window. “Take care dear and have fun!”

“Yes, I will Auntie. See you in four days,” Andrea stated and I had to smirk again thinking of what lies ahead of her words.

I revved the engine and in a couple of cycles, we drove smoothly out of the mansion’s garden. It started with an awkward silence at first, not one of us making an attempt of a small talk. I am still firm on my decision to ignore her, but after ten minutes past, I noticed her fingers fidget. She seemed to be dying to make a conversation with me, so I gave her a questioning look.

“What?” I sternly asked. She was taken aback momentarily.

“No-nothing. I am just wondering if you truly dropped Rafael in the hospital yesterday,” she said narrowing her eyes at me. I bet she doubted my clean intentions on the man so I decided to tease her a little, just so to see what her reaction would be.

“Hmmm, now that I think about it. Maybe I should have dropped him in the middle of the Grand Canyon surrounded by hungry wolves. I sense care in your voice Andrea, I do not like it.”

“Wait what?! No! I am not!” she vehemently protested, exactly just what I expected. So cute of her. So naive. So innocent. She doesn’t even have a clue I am just messing with her.

Mhhhmm... Oh Cronos! Give me the strength not to smother this woman with my kisses!

“I just want to confirm it for Auntie’s sake! I don’t like the man! I believe you can sense that. But seriously Eriol, you did drop him in the hospital right?” I heard her add and clarify at the same time.

My eyes were focused on the road ahead, but my attention was on her. Oh, by the way, I am driving at least a hundred and twenty miles per hour in the highway right now. If anything, she should be freaking out, shouting and begging me to slow down, but I guess she got too engrossed with my joke that she didn’t notice my crafty driving.

I smirked a little and answered her straight to the point, “Yes, I did. Don’t worry about that Andrea. Expect also that he will not be bothering you again.”

She fully shifted to face me, her face immediately showed that of curiosity when I glanced briefly at her.

“Why do you say so?” she asked. My answer, I am sure, would flip her out, but I promised myself to be honest with her always.

“Because I erased his memories,” I said pointblank.

“What?!” she immediately shouted, her high-pitched voice almost scratched my tympanic membrane. Really. I so wanted to laugh right now, but I couldn’t.

“Don’t shout Andrea. I am a demon remember. I can do it,” I reasoned, hoping she would get the gist. Well, she was a smart woman. I know she will, very quickly.

“Huh! Why am I not surprised,” she mockingly said, resting her head in the headboard and massaging her temple. “So, you’re telling me you can tweak people’s minds?”

“Yes,” was my scanty reply.

“And I am sure my Auntie and I are no exceptions,” she announced whilst crossing her arms in her chest. I assume she felt disappointed with that thought. Better tell her now before she gets all kinds of idiotic ideas.

“Your Auntie is eccentric enough. She doesn’t need any mind control, Andrea. You, in the other hand, differs a lot. You are precious to me. I prefer not to mess with your mind.”

Her cheeks immediately blushed. Ahhh... Another point for me.

I am not teasing her by the way. This was what my rotten heart screams. Never would I want to control her mind. I don’t want her to be catatonic into submitting herself.

“That is...relieving to hear,” I heard her whisper softly while facing the window in her side. “But still, I am not taking any chances.”

Damn. I can’t help but clench my jaw. What is this quick pang in my heart? I know I needed time to make her understand, to make her open up to me, but hearing her say it made me remember about our past. A past I could never forget. The past that started it all.

I inhaled a good amount of air to calm myself and then said with utmost sincerity, “Be confident with me, Andrea. I have no intentions of hurting you. You are a very important part of my life. The last thing I would ever want to do is to cause you pain.”

I slowed the car down and stared at her. Our eyes met and I could instantly see how surprised she was hearing my words.

She batted her eyelashes more than necessary and turned her face away from me to the window. I hoped she would reply my almost raw confession of love, reply it with the same amount of zeal as my own, I could feel her heart beating frantically right now, but for some odd reason, she decided not to answer me. Damn... I believe she is still confused on her feelings towards me. She stayed silent for the remainder of our travel and continued directing her attention in the passing scenery.

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