Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 17 - Run To Him?


Heart! Heart! Please! Please be calm! Please be calm!

I had to continuously chant these words in my head the moment I became silent. I know I just coldly broke my conversation with Eriol, but what am I to do? Him teasing me became a natural phenomenon. Even his blatant lustful desire for me I can say was within the usual basket. But him expressing his emotions?! I may have a heart attack with his words.

So, in order to avoid that, I decided to stay silent for the remainder of our drive. Luckily, he understood my silent plea. I am still new with these kinds of emotions. I don’t know how to react when one confesses.

I am not even sure if I consider Eriol’s words as a confession... But still... it made my heart leap.

Well, anyway, I only have one real relationship experience and it was with my childhood sweetheart, and other than that, zero. Nada. Absent. Nil. So I hope my quiet reaction was understandable.

Another thing was that my mind felt so overworked. I feel that if I think too much, my mushy brain would explode because unfortunately, I just found out another truth about demons. They can actually erase and tweak human memories.

I am beginning to think that wishing he wasn’t a vampire was a wrong move. Actually, him being a vampire would be so much better than a demon. There are just too many possibilities that he could do. Doppelgangers, erasing minds, teleporting, quick reflexes, awesome sex appeal, awesome tongue, awesome fingers, and I am pretty sure he has an awesome cock too - wait what? - where was I again?

Great. My mind just wandered into more dangerous grounds without giving me a simple head’s up.

Sheesh... This was because of what happened last night and what happened until this morning. Eriol’s obvious indifference towards me made my mushy brain go crazy!

Thank you Eriol! Thank you!

The feeling of his inattention on me was kinda refreshing, but I feel suddenly incomplete. I feel suddenly empty without his constant lovely treatment. I wonder... Have I become too attached to him in just this past three days for me to feel this way? I hope not, but I honestly feel that I am.

I actually don’t want him to avoid me. I actually don’t want him to stop staring at me. I actually don’t want him to ignore and neglect me. I may sound crazy now, but I want his attention focused on me. Alone.

Back in the dining room, a little feeling of jealousy spiked in my heart when he only greeted my Auntie, when his eyes were only focused on her, and when he only talked to her.

I know I was being an ass-baby that time, but Gods, I want some attention too! Hell, I even wore a cute, sexy cowgirl outfit just to impress him (I don’t even understand myself why but I suddenly wanted to wear it, damn...) but Eriol didn’t even seem affected by my overall garb.

What was wrong with him? Was he really that angry with me for not doing what he asked? But I want to join the feeding program. I really do. This is my calling. I can’t just let an opportunity pass by.

He still ignored me even though we were the only ones inside the car. A silent war again? My mind immediately remembered the first time we met and the first time we rode in this car going to my Auntie’s house. This was exactly the same as that time.

Lucky for me, he noticed my anxiety ten minutes later and decided to break the silence. Wheeww! What a relief!

However, I think having a weird conversation with him about erasing minds and me being precious to him was so much more awkward than having a silent war.

I did feel something inside me though. It was something of delight, of giddiness. He called me precious for heaven’s sake. I can’t deny that a part of me - that tiny part of me - felt happy that he called me that.

If I could, I would have smiled all the way to our destination with that thought in mind, but I didn’t want to inflate Eriol’s ego so I settled on a neutral, bored-look face whilst looking at the scenery outside the window.

Our drive took us at least twenty minutes. When we arrived in the Dustrene residence’s assembly area - in the heavily landscaped front garden - there were a large group of people already lining up to get on a big blue coach. Probably there were about twenty-five people all in all excluding me.


From a short distance, I heard a woman call out just as I stepped outside the car. Eriol was taking my luggage off the trunk when it happened.

When I turned to see who it was, I saw a young woman already jogging happily? excitedly?complete with puckered lips towards our way. She even had a lovely show of cleavage from a not-so-appropriate clothing going to a feeding program.

Really now?

My big guess was that this young woman has a crush on Eriol, but the thought of it immediately soured my mood and I produced a fake smile when she finally neared us.

“Hey! Are you coming with us too?” I heard her say when she directly went in front of Mr. Hotshot who was lifting my luggage.

“Clara, good morning to you,” he freaking greeted complete with a sweet butler smile.

What?! The nerve of him greeting her. He didn’t even do that to me this morning! Why the fuck is he calling me precious then?!

“No, I am just here to assist Madame Marcella’s niece. I have a lot of errands to do, so I can’t join the excursion,” he continued.

I noticed him move to my side and extended his arm. The young woman, whose name was Clara, simply gave me a once-over and in a bitchy way sent me an obvious glower.

My mind immediately screamed bitch!

“This is Andrea Anthoni by the way. Madame Marcella’s niece,” he said to her.

It was obvious that she faked her smile too after she said ‘hi’. I smiled the same way and returned her cold gesture with a cold handshake.

Hmmm, two can play this game bitch.

“Andrea, this is Clara Dustrene, Madame Ivana Dustrene’s only daughter. She is nineteen years old.”

Oh! So she is a spoiled brat! My mind immediately yelled.

I didn’t miss Eriol’s fleeting stare at me as if he was sending me a message to go easy on the kid. But it was either that or he was amused by my sudden emotional imbalance. Please don’t call it jealousy. Please don’t call it jealousy!

“Pleased to meet you Clara. You are joining the feeding program too?” I politely inquired, but to my apparent surprise, she gave me a high-drawn brow.

“Are you serious?” she said, rolling her eyes. “Of course not! I am not going to let myself get swarmed by those filthy creatures. The group is going to stay in our villa there which I intend to go on vacation. Of course, it is understandable that I should ride the bus too!”

I was taken aback by her crude answer. Calm Andrea. Be calm... But how could she call the natives filthy creatures?! What a bitchy mouth! I can’t believe it!

“My apologies if I misunderstood it,” I said but she gave me a cold shoulder and directed her attention back to Eriol, immediately producing a sweet smile.

Damn brat!

“Anyway, Eriol... you really should join us. You know we can do a lot of things in the villa, right? We can make the evening romantic there with you and me lying in the gazebo, a candlelight dinner and my mother’s special aged wine for you to drink. You would love that right?” Clara said whilst hooking her hands in Eriol’s arm and obviously nudged her silicone breasts against it.

My mouth dropped. Oh my God! She was flaunting shamelessly in front of me!

I glanced at Eriol who smiled back at her and touched a few stray locks of her hair. I had to clench my teeth upon seeing the gesture.

“I’m sorry Clara, but I can’t. You should however join Andrea with the feeding program. You would greatly enjoy the native’s attention and you would gain a new perspective in life,” he frankly said. I hid a chuckle after hearing it.

“Oh! Eriol! Such a tease,” Clara answered, quite misunderstanding Mr. Butler’s words. Huh! She is not only spoiled, but a dumb brat it seems.

“Clara dear!” Another woman called out, but this time, the voice had a more mature tone.

I looked past her and saw this woman coming our way wearing a scarf around her neck, a pencil skirt and a lace blouse that complemented her lace wide-brimmed hat. She had a blond hair, just like Clara’s and I immediately assumed her to be the Madame Ivana Dustrene, my Auntie’s baccarat friend.

“Madame, how do you do?” Eriol asked, bowing his head low in acknowledgement of her presence.

“Eriol, I am fine. Thank you for asking,” Madame Ivana said with a soft giggle when he took her hand and kissed the back of it. I couldn’t help but think she also has a thing for Eriol. They must have known him for quite sometime if they act too openly in front of him.

Oh, come to think of it, I don’t even know how many years he has been working as a butler for my Auntie. I should ask her that when I return in the mansion after four days.

Watching their weird casual display of affection, my mind immediately delved on a more ridiculous idea. Oh no! Don’t tell me?!

I immediately stared at Eriol with alarm in my eyes. Being a demon and a prince of lust so to speak, it could be that he had controlled their minds, making them fall for him and use them as his fuck toy. If that would be true, then it would be a devastating blow to my heart.

Eriol eyed me sharply then and shook his head as if he was saying a stern ‘no’.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. He does read minds.

That little gesture alone calmed my heart and I instantly smiled towards Madame Ivana’s way.

“So, this is the famous Andrea Anthoni I had been hearing about,” she said while facing me.

“Good morning Madame. Thank you for inviting me.” I extended my hand for an appropriate handshake, but instead of accepting it, she actually gave me a big hug and a kiss in the cheek.

I was surprised of course, but it made me feel warm, better than what I felt earlier with her bitchy daughter.

“No. No. No. The pleasure is mine Andrea,” she said with a pat on my shoulder. “I need a lot of volunteers as much as possible. You don’t know how much your presence makes a difference.”

“Oh, really? Thank you for that Madame.”

“No, just call me Auntie Ivana, will you? I have so many activities in store for you and the group in the villa. I am sure you will enjoy it.”

She turned to the side and raised an eyebrow on her daughter. “Clara dear, stopped leeching yourself on Eriol’s arm. You go to the coach now, we will be leaving minutes from now.”

I saw Clara produce a frown but said ‘yes’ anyway. However, before she left, she unexpectedly pulled Eriol’s face towards her and kissed him almost in the lips.

I felt my stomach knot upon seeing it.

Whoaah!!! Such a crude behavior!

But what made me disappointed even more was Eriol’s response after it. He smiled on her way and gave a wave when she left.

Gods, can I strangle you now Eriol, please? She is just a kid! Why are you patronizing her actions?!

“I’m sorry for my daughter’s behavior Andrea. You must be really surprised,” Madame Ivana stated, looking at me and noticing my mouth agape.

“Ahhh, uhmm.. no, no. It’s alright Madame, really. Don’t you worry,” I said in haste, waving my hands in the air and giving her a shy smile.

“Such an understanding niece you are.” She awarded me a sweet smile. “Now come! We must leave now for we have a long day ahead of us.”

I nodded and I let her guide me all the way to the coach. Eriol followed us with my luggage in hand.

When we neared the bus, Madame Ivana was the first one to climb up the vehicle, while I lingered in the opening for God knows why.

For some reason, I suddenly didn’t want to leave. Stealing a look at Eriol who was loading my luggage in the side of the coach, I felt I wanted to talk to him before leaving - although I honestly don’t know what I would say.

Maybe a quick thanks would suffice? Or maybe words like ‘goodbye’ or a ‘see you later’ would be appropriate? But the coach driver beeped the horn and bade me to enter the vehicle. I immediately nodded feeling slightly embarrassed for delaying our time and speedily climbed up the three-step stairs.

Once inside, I found a vacant seat near the window, so I sat there. I took a quick peek to where Eriol was and there I saw him, standing all handsome and delicious, but he was looking back at me with not a single sad expression on his face. He showed just the same unreadable expression: his signature blunt affect.

The hell! He could at least show that he wished me a happy and safe trip! He could at least wave at me like what he did to Clara! Tsk. Insensitive bastard demon!

I am not going to see him for four days. This would be a good thing. No more nuisances. No more fear in my sleep. No more teasing. No more touching without my permission.

I should be happy and relieved right? But why do I feel now that I want to stop the bus and run to him?

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