Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 18 - Tailing Her


Being a demon in this kind of situation sure is advantageous.

Right after the coach left the residence, I purposefully left my double to do the remaining errands while I flew in the sky and followed the vehicle to its intent destination.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I maybe a demon but my wings aren’t like a bat’s. I have glorious black angel wings I could use whenever I needed it. This was the only part of me left since I became a Fallen Angel and eventually a demon prince.

I am no UFO too.

I could make myself invisible to the naked eye and right now, I am using that power to tail the group without any intrusions.

I bet humans would overreact if they see a black angel flying in the sky. They could send a jet fighter airplane to ambush me or the Pentagon hot on my heels. I surely don’t want that pathetic nuisance.

It was really funny watching Andrea control her temper in front of Clara. I could sense that she was jealous of the brat judging from the expression on her face and the way she acted, but I could hear her thoughts denying the feeling. Com’n now Dear Heart. You are in denial. Just admit it.

But I, trying to make her see sense, decided to play along with Clara’s flirting.

I purposefully greeted her a warm good morning, touched the locks of her hair, returned a peck in the cheek, and waved her a heartfelt goodbye. I was doing all of these while observing what Andrea’s reaction would be. And yes, my expectations exactly hit the spot. She really tried to contain her temper, and I gotta say she was damn good with hiding her emotions. I should give her a congratulatory kiss for it later.

She doesn’t need to be jealous though. I am hers alone and she, mine. No woman would redirect my attention, and Clara was no exception.

The brat has been acting like a flirt since I met her when I first started working for my employer. I felt her potent attraction to me then. Her lust, her desire to have sex with me, her longing for my attention, everything!

I am not affected with all of these feelings though. I maybe the Prince of Lust, but I am not one to sample each and every woman I meet in the human realm. I am not a panty-ripper. I am not a Casanova hound as what Andrea puts it.

The only woman I will ever want and will ever touch and make crazy sex with was her, my Sarah. The only woman that can ignite the fire in my loins and the only one who can make me go insane with just a simple touch.

During the whole travel, I got a glimpse of a different Andrea.

Her face was near the window and just by looking at her expression, she seemed to be enjoying looking at the scenery. She looked like a child with delighted eyes, taking in all of the sight: the breathtaking Luxembourg plains and mountains, the sunny weather, the springtime flowering plants abloom, the trees full of thick green leaves, and the clear blue sky.

The coach weaved its way through curves of roads in the mountain ranges; managed an almost roller-coaster drop in one nearing a cliff; and then passed by a long tunnel leading all the way to the Dustrene Villa.

Huh. No wonder this is a retreat house. This place is almost inaccessible!

I landed on the ground just a short distance away from where the coach parked. I tucked in my wings, willed for it to disappear temporarily and I sat down a metal bench while waiting for Andrea to disembark.

She did so after a few minutes, but it was together with a young man, probably four years younger than her, and talking as if he was a long-time friend.

Hmmm... another puppy I see... I pity him for he will surely taste my wrath if he gets too close to her.

For a human, I gotta say he was a handsome boy. His physique can be compared to an athlete’s and was standing at least five feet eight inches tall. He had a shaggy brown hair - the typical style you see in British models - and wearing baggy pants and a sweatshirt - definitely not an ensemble that I can call suave, but still an acceptable taste of fashion.

They were just talking and I could see Andrea nodding and smiling back at him while he offered to lift her luggage. At least he had some good use. Go ahead boy, lift the luggage for me.

They continued to walk towards the garden pathway to a large brick courtyard. I could see that one has to pass through a small entrance gate in order to access this part of the villa, so once Andrea and the young man entered, I teleported inside.

The place was wide. The group was scattered all over the place with their bags lying on the ground. It looked like they were waiting for Madame Ivana’s welcome announcement and instructions.

Still invisible, I decided to situate myself exactly next to Andrea. Mr. British Boy stood in her right side, his attention focused on her when she started to ask, “Raver, is this your first time joining activities like this?”

He shook his head gently. “No. It’s my second time joining Aunt Ivana’s annual charity event, Ms. Andi. I have made a promise to join it for my mother’s sake. She wants me to be able to get to know Clara more.”

I could hear his reply very clearly and it made me realize something immediately, something that I could use for my advantage.

“Really? Why so?” Andrea asked quickly.

“She’s my betrothed,” Raver replied plainly to her.

“Huh? Wow, that’s...that’s surprising.” I could see Andrea’s astonished reaction then. It seems she didn’t expect that such information like this would be laid in front of her so quickly.

I, in the other hand, was pleased with the revelation. So here is my puppet. I could use him in order to rid myself of Clara’s attention. I am pretty sure Andrea would like it very much.

I saw Raver smile and tilted his head. “I know right? And to tell you why, it is just because of a silly card game.”

Hmmm... Interesting.

Now that he mentioned it, it reminded me of a certain time when Madame Ivana and Madame Trina used their children as bets in a one-on-one game. The latter was the winner, so Clara gets to have an instant fiancee in the process. In this case, it was this boy, the son of Madame Trina Ashrow - the ‘genius nerd-football player son’ as what she calls him.

I saw Andrea’s eyes widen in surprise. “Seriously?” she said. “Goodness, that’s just... wow, I can’t believe they can do that.”

“Yes, they are a bunch of crazy ladies if you ask me,” Raver replied, scratching the back of his head.

I had to chuckle after hearing his statement.

Oh, you don’t even know what are the topics they usually talk about boy but you are exactly right, they are a crazy bunch of old women.

For two years, I had been with my employer’s baccarat games and I can vouch that they do quite talk about silly, insignificant things. Some of these topics were how to make a pie, how to shave the legs, talking about putting up a ski resort, asking about their beauty regimens, talking about the best spa and many more.

“But, I don’t mind being betrothed to her though,” Raver added. “I...I actually like her.”

Andrea cleared her throat. Their attention was briefly diverted when Madame Ivana stepped in a small elevation and waited for a wireless microphone to be handed.

“Ahh, she is...she is easy to be liked. I’m not surprised with your confession at all Raver,” she subsequently commented and smiled, but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Uhmm, I don’t want to pry but can I ask how the wooing is going?”

I sensed the desperation in her voice and I have a feeling this was all because of me.

“Hmf,” the boy scoffed. “Well, the wooing is going smoothly Ms. Andi, but Clara seems to be playing hard-to-get. I believe this is because of the butler Aunt Marcella is always with. She is so besotted with him. I can’t seem to contend with the guy.”

Oh, believe me boy, you won’t, but by all means, please take that brat away from me.

“Oh no, no!” I heard Andrea express quickly. “You can contend with him! The man’s not a God. He...uh... he’s just a mere...human. Just do your best, alright?” she advised, patting his shoulder at the same time. Hearing her say those words made me want to rip that mouth of hers with kisses.

I’ll show you how ‘mere’ I am in the penthouse Andrea, you’ll see.

“Thanks for the encouragement, Ms. Andi,” said Raver with an appreciative smile.

“Don’t mention it,” she replied with a wink.

Madame Ivana started her announcements with Clara on her side. I saw Raver’s eyes twinkle whilst looking at her.

Hmmm... So he truly has feelings for her huh?

Well, I may not be able to change what they feel in their hearts but I do have the ability to augment their emotions. What demon am I then if I can’t at least heighten Raver’s confidence of wooing her? I guess, it seems I’ll be doing some Cupid work during this excursion.

“Thank you everyone for volunteering in our program,” Madame Ivana started. “We have all prepared the needed materials, food and vehicles for our feeding program this afternoon. Once you have settled in your assigned bedrooms and have taken your lunch, you will come back here and after half an hour, we will leave for the Treveri Tribe high above that mountain top.”

She pointed to a plateau just within sight, facing the villa. She smiled and nodded at the group. I sensed her genuine devotion to her vocation. I can actually see a little bit of her in Andrea and it was the sincere desire to help. It was a sad thing that Clara didn’t inherit her mother’s enthusiasm.

Everyone cheered and clapped their hands and that included Andrea and Raver.

Once done, he took her luggage and brought it inside the house. This part of the villa was what Marcella calls the retreat house. Rows upon rows of hotel-like rooms were located. In one of these was Andrea’s and it seems that she was sharing it with three other women.

I was standing in the threshold when Raver left. This boy was truly useful and I shall reward him for it.

I heard the four women exchange greetings and introductions. Two of the women were older, about in the thirties age, while the other one was younger, mid twenties I guess. She introduced herself as Janine, of Hispanic descent.

She and Andrea became instant friends and I am pleased that her company now wasn’t of the opposite sex. I left them to their privacy and went to where Raver was, standing in the end of the hallway, watching Clara in a well garden texting her cellphone.

Well... well... well... I grinned at the quick opportunity laid in front of me. Time to work my demon magic then.

With a slight tap on Raver’s shoulder, I gave him what he lacked the most: self-confidence. He maybe a football player, but he was still a nerd. It was high time for him to use his British model looks to enchant this brat.

I watched him straighten and then started to approach Clara.

Good. She is your problem now boy. Use the burning sex appeal I have just bestowed on you and make good use of it.

It was one in the afternoon when the coach left with all of the volunteers. Tailing behind it were me and another personal vehicle, a range rover, with Madame Ivana and Clara riding.

I noticed Andrea smile openly once again. Her smile reached from ear to ear this time as she witnessed the untouched beauty of the mountains.

It seems that she remained to be a nature-loving gal, exactly like in the past. I remember Sarah used to swim in a river near their house. This simple act made her happy and I was enjoying watching her from afar.

After sometime, the bus came to a halt in an underdeveloped road. I landed near the driver’s window and I heard him say that they will have to go on foot from here onward. The volunteers didn’t complain though, especially Andrea who most excitedly exited the bus and quickly surveyed the area.

I heard Clara complain but stopped when Raver neared her. He interlaced his hand on her and he pointed at the man-made pathway while whispering something in her ear. She giggled thereafter and nodded.

Hmmm... Looking at what had just taken place, it seems my magic was a success huh. Good!

The tribe compound was just located a short walk away from the bus. Once inside there, the tribesmen immediately welcomed the party warmly with drums and weird dancing.

I situated myself next to a coconut tree, leaning on the trunk as I watched the scene.

I noticed Andrea in awe of the spectacle then. The sun kissed her hair when she stood together with the other volunteers in front of the dancers. She looked interested with the complicated steps, staring at the feet of the natives like she was counting the stomps. She even swayed her hips right and left and clapped her hands. It was lovely to look at.

Their program immediately kicked off after a short introduction by Madame Ivana. Apparently, she had known this tribe since she was Clara’s age. Their villa was considered as their ancestral house and being it that way means that she gets to visit the place every now and then, hence being well acquainted with the locals.

Big boxes full of packed meals were given out to each and every individual. They also handed out other interesting food items like canned goods, loaf of breads, packs and more packs of sweets for the young ones.

The whole time I witnessed it, I smiled to myself.

Wonderful was it to see this side of Andrea. Yes. She shines brighter than any volunteers. She didn’t show any reservation with her actions. When almost all of the women used alcohol and washed their hands every now and then, Andrea didn’t. She warmly greeted the natives and even embraced the children when they neared her. She smiled and talked to them like she was part of the family.

She really was of pure heart. So true. So unique. This rotten heart of mine just loves her even more.

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