Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 20 - Sleep It Is Dear Heart


“What-what are you saying Eriol?” My heartbeat evenly increased. If I think hardly about it, I believe he just told me that I went through reincarnation? As in, seriously? Does that even exist?

I being a volunteer catechist once never had an idea about that. I thought once the soul leaves the body, it goes to Heaven or Hell. I never knew that it would return back to earth.

This truth certainly intrigued me but what caught my attention more was what he said after that. We had a life together in the past? Now, that sounds silly right?

“Andrea, you are so beautiful,” he said, abruptly changing the topic.

He cupped my chin with his right hand and smoothly grazed his fingers on my lips.

I had to wrap my arms around his neck this time because I felt his remaining hand on my waist inadequate to support my weight. I could seriously fall right now if it wasn’t for my tight clinging.

“Eriol, please tell me. What past are you talking about?” I asked once again, wanting to know more but he only gave me a short-lived smile and inhaled deeply.

“This...this past Andrea,” he replied in a soft hush and then dipped his face to cover my full lips.

On instinct, I closed my eyes, wanting to savor it. I can’t deny that I really did miss his taste. Really, really miss it.

It was just a momentary kiss, just a simple graze. It was probably just a minute the least and after it, he withdrew.

I am not dumb but I don’t exactly understand how kissing connects to our so-called past. But oh Gods! I swear my mind immediately screamed for more. I want to taste him. I want our saliva mixed into a heady cocktail. I want our tongues intertwined. I just want him. All of him. I can’t explain why but I yearn for him now.

“Eriol, I’m sorry. I...I don’t remember.” It was my honest answer. I looked at him again and noticed his face a bit sadder than before. I hate to see him like this. I prefer the cocky, arrogant, overconfident, dominating Eriol I know. Not this. It just breaks my heart.

Why is he this sad anyway?

“I know...” he said weakly, “you don’t need to apologize, Andrea.”

Once more, he went to graze a finger on my lips and I was so sure he would bestow a kiss again. Yup. I actually anticipated the sweet collision. Being in this kind of position - floating high in the air in fact - and having the full moon as our background was what I would call a perfect romantic setting. But, but he didn’t. He didn’t! He just said instead to my surprise, “So... where do you want to go?”

“Huh?” I blinked many times.

“I can take you anywhere Andrea. I can fly you away from here or we can teleport. Just tell me where you want to go.”

Where I want to go huh? Wow.

His words made me immediately think of exploiting his generous offer. I had always wanted to go to some famous destinations in different countries. The Eiffel Tower in France, St. Peter’s Square in Rome, the pristine beaches of Bora Bora, the mountains of New Zealand and Australia where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were shot, Palawan in the Philippines, or even Mt. Fuji and the cherry blossoms in Japan.

But realizing how ludicrous I would sound to Eriol, I just simply answered him shyly, “I...I just want to see the villa high above the clouds. That’s all.”

I saw Eriol’s eyes lit up. I know he had read the enumerated places in my thoughts, but I guess he decided to be humble because he just closed his eyes and whispered, “Simple.”

We suddenly gained speed, higher and higher past the first layer of clouds and into a clearer black sky with incredible ocean of stars. I could even see a better view of a newly-forming aurora borealis over the horizon.

“Eriol!” I exclaimed, not of fear this time but of astonishment.

“Hold on to me tightly, Andrea.” He said it as if I am not even holding tightly for dear life, but I inched my face closer to him. With this, I can feel his male scent, something that I had been missing for two days too. Inside the willow tree, it was easily perceivable and I was intoxicated with it back then.

“It’s...beautiful,” I whispered, watching the sky and the villa down below. I know he can sense the loud thumping of my heart as I do to him. I can feel that his was in sync with mine.

“Yes, it is,” he replied politely. He sure acted different tonight. Definitely not the usual Eriol as a butler. Maybe a change of location was needed for him to show this kind side?

“You’re lucky to be able to do this. I actually thought demons can’t fly,” I commented near his ear.

I heard a low grumble from him and thereafter he said, “These black wings are the only portion left of me when I was still an archangel, Andrea. This is why I am still able to fly.”

I could feel my curiosity being stirred up once again.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s not my business but can I ask why? Why did you turn into a demon?”

The wind around us kept on playing with our hairs. Mine was already tangled while his, a sexy mess, but I actually don’t mind my appearance in front of Eriol. Why? Because he had always looked at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the whole world. It of course warmed up my heart.

“Because I broke a grave rule Andrea,” was his short reply. I had to frown in response.

“Your answer is vague, Eriol. Tell me more. What is it?” I whispered again in his ear.

“Because...because I fell in love,” he furthered.


I almost, almost choked when I heard him say.

Honestly, I never expected a demon like him would mention falling in love. I thought they don’t have hearts? But then again, Eriol was once an archangel. Surely, angels were provided hearts by their Creator?

I never got a chance to question him more about it because he claimed my lips again. It was without warning and in reaction, I moved my head back.

He groaned in disappointment. He held my head in place with his free hand, coaxed my mouth to open and inserted the tip of his tongue when I did, and that was the time when I finally gave in.

I simply want us to kiss in the first place. Why make myself suffer?

His kiss felt much deeper. Not just a simple graze anymore. It was still slow and tender, but as seconds passed, it became hungrier going from sucking to fully inserting his tongue inside my mouth. I couldn’t think anymore other than to respond to him. He was demanding me to reciprocate it, so of course I did.

Ahhh... What a lovely feeling.

He was drowning me but I simply didn’t mind. He was just too delicious to even mind.

After a few more minutes of tasting each other, I felt him withdraw slowly and then he trailed small licks from my jaw to my neck.

I consequently released a soft moan. This was enough to make my nipples tingle and of course, my letter ‘V’ down there beginning to heat up.

Gods. I really miss this. I might as well acknowledge that I am addicted to this sensation.

“Andrea...” he tenderly murmured, palming the length of my neck passionately. I stared at him with half-lidded eyes. “I want you now Andrea. Come with me.”

My breath hitched and my pussy clenched.

Gods, it definitely knows what Eriol was trying to say.

But of course, with still a bit of reason in my head, I gave him a simple response, “I...I can’t...” It however came out more like a choked sound. “Eriol, you know I can’t. I still need to stay three more days here.”

Well, uhm... for the most part, yes. I do have numerous things to do for the remaining three days. I want to visit the vineyard of Madame Ivana, go on hiking and experience the thrill of trying the zipline. A one night of pleasure wouldn’t give me those experiences but, on second thought... I definitely don’t give a damn about these activities now. The burning in between my legs just wanted to be satisfied.

“Then I will just teleport you to and from here. An..dre...ahh... I want you... please,” Eriol pleaded, nibbling at my earlobe at the same time. Shit. I immediately felt drowsy then.

“You are using your charms on me again, Eriol. I feel sleepy...” I mumbled. I seriously hope that he wasn’t charming me into bed right now; otherwise, I would be heartbroken.

I have never felt this much desire for a man. It felt so powerful I just can’t say no anymore. Even my childhood sweetheart who was my first and last boyfriend wasn’t successful in making me feel this way.

I notice Eriol pull out a bit and this alarmed me. Shit! Please don’t ruin the mood Andrea! My mushy brain yelled.

“I’m sorry. It is not my intention to do so,” he apologized, worry flooded his face. “I can’t possibly use my powers on you. I don’t want to control you.”

Hallelujah!!! These were the only words that I want to hear. Relief! What a relief! So this desire... This strong yearning I am feeling right now for him is my own and I am not being enthralled!

I shook my head quickly. “No, please... you don’t need to apologize. I don’t care really,” I said, then moved back slightly and went to cup his face with both of my hands. His left arm was the only thing that supported my waist, but I felt not scared about falling anymore. I know and I have great trust that Eriol wouldn’t let me fall.

His orbs flamed when I gazed at them. I wanted an eye-to-eye contact when I tell him my words; words that I have never realized I would be saying so early in our relationship.

“Eriol, I want to sleep with you,” I muttered, sure and determined.

His eyes lit up instantly and a smile curved his lips.

“Then sleep it is Dear Heart,” said he and then, in just a blink of an eye, I found myself in another place; a modern man crib to be exact.

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