Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 21 - A Night With Him


I don’t know where this place was exactly, but I had a feeling we were in a five-star hotel or an apartment, or maybe a penthouse. Either way, we were both alone and the king-size bed was already beckoning me to lie down in its soft, suede covered white sheets.

Damn... this is where we will do IT? I mentally cheered with my pompoms.

I only had a brief glance of the entire bedroom but I immediately deduced this place somehow looked similar to Christian Grey’s own in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Minus the Red Room of course, but then again, I wonder... since Eriol is the Prince of Lust, does he have one hidden behind these walls?

Oh, I hope not. My innocence would be contaminated surely if there’s a real Red Room, but come to think of it, Anastasia was a virgin and innocent when Mr. Hot Grey took her right? Exactly just like me now.

“Andrea stay still,” Eriol said in a velvety voice as he moved to undress me starting from my red checkered cowgirl shirt. One by one he unbuttoned the garment, the sluggishness of which made me impatient.

Gods. Can you just rip it out? I know you can do it! I yelled in my mind.

His lips curved into a smile then as he shook his head.

Ah... so you plan on taking it slow huh?

He nodded silently in response. I rolled my eyes.

He moved closer and placed gentle kisses on my neck as he finished the deed. I guess this was his way of diverting my impatience. Lovely...

So without further ado, I closed my eyes to feel the sensation more.

“Mhmm...” I let out a satisfied moan when his lips reached my cleavage, playing with the alluring valley of it. I felt a pull and then a brush of the garment past my shoulder and arms. I let him take it out for me as I was too engrossed with the sensations in my skin.

“An..dre..ahhh, do you know how much you make me go insane?” I heard him ask softly whilst unhooking my brassiere.

Shit. I don’t know how to answer that Eriol!

I opened my eyes and saw him leave my chest and moved to whisper in my ear this time, “Do you know how much I want to fuck you now?”

“No,” was my immediate simple answer. I don’t know it, I feel it.

“Hmmm, then you know now,” he stated and then went to caress my exposed quaking breasts.

He used his hands as a vessel to house my glistening mountains and I tell you, I had zero complaints about it. He used his thumb to press my taut nipples and because of it, I bit my bottom lip.

“Kiss me...” I suddenly requested without thinking. But heck, any logical reasoning was not welcomed anymore. No. No. Not favorably welcomed anymore. So I will just keep my mind shut and focus on the sensations he was giving me.

He didn’t say ‘your wish is my command’ but he did dove in and captured my lips without delay. Again, I am in my own realm of sweet fulfilling nectar - Eriol’s nectar. I didn’t know that kissing a demon would be so invigorating.

“Lie down for me, Dear Heart,” he said when he stopped our long exhilarating kiss.

Well, he did order that but he guided me to lie down anyway.

When I sprawled at the center of the bed, he stayed to stand and scanned me from head to foot. Then, I noticed his lips form into a pleased smile. “So beautiful...” he uttered.

My heart leapt anew of pride.

He then joined me in bed, kneeling in my right side, and reached out for the zipper of my jeans. Like a sloth, he painstakingly slowly pulled the stretchable garment.

“Don’t tease me Eriol,” I commanded with a frown, unable to tolerate his slowness anymore.

He grinned at me again.

“No. No. No. I want to tease you more. I want to make this fucking last longer An..dre...ahh.” He tugged my jeans halfway from my legs. “I want to taste every inch of your body. I want to make this first fucking unforgettable for you so that you would ache for me every single minute.”

Shit. My pussy shouted ‘hallelujah’ again!

“Then do it...” I said without reservation.

His eyes went steely when he stared at me. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, he freed me from the God-forsaken cloth. He moved to spread my legs and that’s where he settled for the remainder of his foreplay.

His focus settled on my white lace underwear and I knew he saw the splotch of the cotton made by my wetness. It made me feel embarrassed but what the heck, he will be pulling it out anytime soon anyway.

“So fucking wet for me already...” he drawled, devilishly grinning at the same time.

“Watch your mouth,” I chastised him. He sounds sexy when he says the ‘F’ word, but still I am not used to hearing it.

“Oh, I am going to An..dre...ahh... I am going to watch my mouth filled with your juices,” he said huskily, misunderstanding my words.

I swallowed.

He bent directly to where the fats of my pussy and legs meet and I instantly stifled a moan when he mouthed it sensually. He lingered in there for roughly a minute or so, until I felt the point of his nose touch my clit.

“Mhhmmm... you smell so good, Sweet,” he said. My cheeks burned like magma. Damn... Isn’t he a bit crude? I have never been sniffed erotically like that ever in my entire life! Perfumes in my neck, yes, but down there?!

“Eriol! Ssshitttt!!!” I suddenly shouted when he hooked the white lace cloth with his fingers and darted his tongue on my crevice. The metal lip-piercing poked consequently with my flesh as if it was asking for my attention too. He traced the fissure delicately and then inserted his fleshy, moist muscle deeper until it contacted with the trembling walls.

Oh yes! YES! This is exactly what I needed. This is exactly what I missed!!!

My mind reeled with the sensation. I could feel myself burn down there as he continued the fucking delicious onslaught exactly the same back in my Auntie’s house where he just gave me superb two orgasms in a row. I wonder, will I get more of that now?

The rough cloth nudging at my fat pads, his fingers, his lip-piercing and his tongue were a perfect foursome combination. Yes, I could get used to this, but I do found the cloth bothersome. I believe it needs to be taken out.

Luckily, it seemed Eriol had the same sentiment because he quickly straightened and pulled out my underwear not a second longer. He then hooked his hands behind my butt and lifted me slightly.

What followed next made all my innocence ran out of the door.

He ravished me with depth; eating my pussy and drinking my juice like a glutton. My legs quivered uncontrollably.

I closed my eyes and covered my mouth so that I wouldn’t be able to scream out loud, but damn... Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn... Eriol made it so that I would bellow out the ‘ah’ syllable with force.


He pinched my clit with his teeth.


He licked and flicked the crack of my pussy; the piercing also giving me the same amount of wonderful sensation.


I arched my back when he finally inserted his A.W.E.S.O.M.E. tongue inside my moist cavern and that’s when I had my gorgeous, gorgeous orgasm.

The feeling was so, so good.

I panted, trying to catch my breath whilst feeling the hot leak down there that was my post-orgasm liquid.

Oh... I swear Eriol is drinking my juices now with enjoyment.

“Excellent Andrea. Excellent!” he rejoiced with a pleased grin as he straightened his back.

He looked at me with lust in his eyes; lust that was also mixed with another emotion. I don’t know what it was though, but it looked as potent as the former.

“I want you to crave for me. Shout my name baby. Only my name,” he commanded. Damn. Here he is again... boosting up his male ego and his EGO.

He hovered above me and immediately, I could feel his c0ck hardening, twitching under those sexy leather pants. I want to instantly rip it just to see what he was trying to hide for so long... just to see if he was really worth the title ‘Prince of Lust.’ I don’t doubt him one bit though. I knew already his sausage would be a mouthful. Damn...

Remembering my ‘suck-my-d*ck’ dream, I wonder if Eriol was the one who planted it inside my mind. But then again, we hadn’t seen each other yet when I had that dream so it was unlikely. Or, maybe it was an omen of what was to come?

I unconsciously cleared my throat. Wow. I am thinking about giving him a blowjob now when he hasn’t even taken my virginity yet.

“Spread your legs more, Andrea. I’ll give you the best fuck in this world now.”

My eyes widened when I saw his leather pants disintegrate into ashes. Whoahh! Wow... I guess this is one of the perks of being a demon huh?

Then, I saw IT. My mouth quickly salivated without me even noticing. Prince of Lust definitely was a fitting word for him. He was huge! A commando. A major-general. A warhorse! Yes, I blinked many times unable to believe that that would soon penetrate me.

Another thing I noticed too was that not only did he have a piercing on his lip, he also had a piercing in the head of his c0ck! What was that?! It looked like a small shiny circular metal or pearl just above his dot. It was saluting happily at me, making me shiver with anticipation.

Without any logic remaining in me, I did as Eriol commanded. I spread my legs more and waited for him to pierce me for the first time.

I frowned then when I saw the c0ck piercing disappear. I gave Eriol a confused look and he only just said, “Another day babe. I will give it to you. For now, my raw dick will give you all you want.”

I gasped then when he penetrated his erection in one swift motion. It wasn’t because of the pain though, but from the amount of his sword inserted inside me.

Ahhh... What impressive length he has. I am honestly surprised it fit all the way inside.

Another thing to note too was that I didn’t even feel one single pain. I thought virgins get that feeling in their first night. Why didn’t I then?

“I used my powers to obstruct the pain babe. What you will feel now is pure pleasure. This is the advantage of fucking with me.”

Oh yes. That sounds relieving!

“It feels so good...” I commented sluggishly. I didn’t dare close my eyes because I wanted to see Eriol in action. I wanted to see his abdominal muscles tighten when he rocks above me. I wanted to see his overall sexiness; the way he sweats, the way he cringes and the way he orgasms together with me.

“I know... An..dre...ahhh I know. You like it just like this!” He drove his c0ck deeper into my pussy and I swear my insides just clamped shut around him.

“Ahhh... you are so tight!” he groaned. He steadied for a brief moment to kiss me, then pulled me up to sit. This way, I felt his c0ck penetrate more inside me.

He mouthed one hard nub and sucked it delicately. It immediately sent stimulating tingles along my nerve endings.

“Eriol!” I flipped my head back and tried to follow his rocking. Shit. It was so good I had to move faster to intensify it more.

“Steady, babe, steady..” Eriol ordered. He laid me back in the mattress again and continued his own raw penetrations.

I believe he wants to be the dominant huh? Then go ahead... I will submit willingly...

For almost an hour, the slow and steady sheathing and unsheathing of his c0ck made me writhe in utter pleasure. I was in a daze in the world of ecstasy; probably my consciousness waxed and waned a couple of times.

In, out, hard and lengthy, in and out... the cycles drove me in a high. It made me realize that I extremely needed to climax at this moment else I would be insanely mad!

So this is what he says ′the best fucking of the world’, and I believe it now without a doubt.

“Eriol, please...” I whimpered.

He interrupted me with a long passionate kiss, the whole time reaching for my bulging clit. He circled the protrusion, pinched it and that’s it... That’s it! That hit the right spot for me.

I moaned in pleasure. Moaned and moaned again until my throat became sore.

Probably sensing my desperation, he made a few more pounding and rocking with his waist, slamming and thrusting with his c0ck and that’s when I touched down my second orgasm of the night.

My mind numbed with the powerful wave of pleasure. For a normal human, it would have been only temporary; lasting only for a few seconds, but with Eriol to hold it, my climax lasted more, more, more slower. Longer.

I wailed his name; the only manifestation that I am finally alleviated with my fever. I knew then that he was paying attention to the sound of my voice because he simply awarded me a smile before pulling his head back and groaned loudly with his own powerful climax.

With eyes open, I saw this divine being quake above me lost in the same bliss I had. It was lustful. It was intimate. It was precious to look at and to think that only I could get to see it.

He clenched his teeth after the orgasmic minutes and then swooped down to capture my lips. If he wasn’t controlling it well, I knew he would have drawn blood in my lower lip.

I reciprocated, wanting to have a taste of him again.

But oh wow. What’s this?

I felt hot liquid flow vigorously inside my walls then.

With a blink of an eye, I realized, irrevocably and surely, that for the first time in my life, I welcomed a man – no – a demon’s warm seed inside me.

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