Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 22 - Taste and See the Goodness of the Prince


I can compare myself as a drug addict right now taking hero*in or mari*juana or whatever human illegal drug in large quantities.

I am on a high. Definitely on a high.

You might be wondering what a demon feels like when it - when we - have an orgasm. Well, I have only word to describe everything, and that would be:


Yes. That’s exactly the right word.

I in particular was blessed to have layers of orgasms in one go. Humans last only seconds. But with me, this wonderful dizzying feeling can last for minutes, depending on the foreplay. And yes, I did make our foreplay the delicious sweet cream on the chocolate cake, hence our long orgasm.

I didn’t miss out reading Andrea’s thoughts asking herself if she can get more than two orgasms this night. I couldn’t hide a smirk after hearing it. Although, she was a virginal woman and denies her attraction to me without end, she frankly still longs for my fucking.

I didn’t miss also reading her mind wondering if I have a Red Room just like the Grey guy has and to answer that, nope. I am no wannabe, but I can be persuaded if she wants to experience BDSM too.

I can be a fucking sadist if she wanted me to. I am thoroughly flexible with anything. Well, it wouldn’t be a wonder since I have a piercing in the head of my cock.

Somehow humans, when overcome by lust, think of absurd things. One of which was their willingness to experience pain just in order to get their arousal heightened. They had invented many things for that, and me, out of curiosity, decided to try one: the genital piercing.

I am quite sure Andrea would enjoy this, but I believe her time hasn’t arrived yet to sample this. Soon... definitely soon... I will use it inside her, but not this time.

Why prolong the moment you ask?

That’s because I prefer to keep her anticipating and wanting. I prefer to make our fucking time intense. I prefer to take it slow. I just deflowered her in the first place. To introduce another foreign object inside her might be too fast. My c0ck, for now, would be enough to give her intense pleasure.

Oh, speaking of my c0ck, inserting it inside Andrea for the first time felt insanely good. So, so fucking good that immediately after my first seed erupted inside her, I wanted to pound her again, wanting another superb and delicious fluid-filled release.

Yes. I didn’t waste my time with that in mind.

As I remained hovering above her, I immediately targeted her tensed breasts and captivated them again with my charming tongue. Nope. I didn’t unsheathe my c0ck yet, I maintained it lodged inside her wet, wet pussy as it began to erect again into its full glory. I could feel her vaginal muscles shake with delight in response.

“Mhhh... oh Eri...ol...” I heard her whimper my name. I love hearing it from her. It always reminded me of our many, many love making in the past when I was but a Fallen Angel. She always loved to be showered with attention back then, just like how she acts right now.

“Feel me An..dre..ahhh... Can you feel my c0ck burning inside you now?”

“Yesss...” she weakly replied with eyes closed and subsequently bit the bottom part of her swollen lips.

Ah... so sexy.

“Good, because I am going to claim you again,” I remarked to which she granted me a questioning look thereafter.

“You’re...not...exhausted?” she asked.

Hmmm... Her question did surprise me a bit. I backed away a little, just enough so that I could see the expression in her face when I tell her a fact about me as the Prince of Lust.

“No,” I said, giving her a faint grin at the same time. “I have an inexhaustible stamina, Andrea. I can drive you again and again, and make you crazy all throughout this night if you want to.”

I felt her heartbeat spike up right then and there. Her excitement was clear, I can feel it, so I didn’t tarry any longer and gave her the loving she deserves.


She gasped as I licked the plane of her neck. She was always sensitive in this part of her body, exactly just like before. My hands continued caressing her breasts, the wondrous pink nipples erected with my thumb’s titillating, exactly just like before. I trailed kisses down her chest to her abdomen and she curved her back; the same reaction she gives me, perfectly just like before.

Yes. YES! Oh how I missed making love with her.

Another sensitive part of Andrea was her legs, so I awarded that part a good licking too.

I positioned myself upright and pulled both of her legs to clamp around my head. My lips then raced to welcome her soft flesh.

I twirled my tongue, sucked on her smooth skin and once again, she let out another moan.

Oh yes... I could never get enough of her... NEVER.

Take note that the whole time I did this, my shaft was still buried inside her. I could now actually feel her walls convulsing delectably; dancing against my Jurassic with a sweet death grip.

I clutched her buttocks and squeezed it tightly. I may have produced red markings of my hands in there surely. She frowned, no doubt feeling impatient already.

“Eriol... Oh Gods! PUSH IT!” she whined.

I grinned and shook my head. “Oh An...dre...ahh... So anxious of you.”

I dipped back down and sucked on her right nipple before continuing directly to her complaining mouth.

Yes. I went to claim it again and her nectarous taste immediately sent my taste buds atingling.

A few more tongue thrusting and then I drew back. How about we chose a different position now eh?

“Turn to your back for me, Andrea. I want to fuck you from behind,” I easily commanded, but I guided her in the process anyway with great care and great gentleness. Take note, this was without pulling my c0ck away from her. Yes. That’s not an impossible move at all. I wouldn’t want to end her sweet death grip of me.

One thing I should highlight about was Andrea not being a prostitute. Only prostitutes eagerly turn their backs in bed; positioning themselves like a bitch ready to be driven by a dog. I am no dog too. I am a prince. And Andrea, she deserves to be treated like a princess, or better yet, like a queen. My queen.

Her breasts tensed as I cupped them from behind. She arched her back when I also dipped my mouth to trail scorching kisses in her nape and shoulders. I didn’t miss out frolicking with her clit too. I know this would heighten her arousal more and yes, I am right with this belief when she let out a delirious gasp.

“Eriol...” she whimpered thereafter.

I immediately sensed that she wanted some inside action too.

Your wish is my command Dear Heart. Your wish is certainly my command.

With one motion, I forcefully pushed my waist against her buttocks, thereby driving my Jurrasic’s head right into her cervix. Andrea screamed immediately with this, but I know it wasn’t because of the pain.

“This is what you want Andrea, right? You did tell me to push IT!”

“Yes, oh Gods Eriol. Yes! Push it more...!”

“With pleasure, An..dre...ahhh. With fucking pleasure,” I answered promptly and with that, I pummeled her like an eager lover that I am. Hard. Needy. Half crazed with my arising mind-blowing arousal too.

I do consider myself like a pestle now, while her, a mortar. We combine as one perfectly. We execute the procedure efficiently. And the end result was the essence of our desire and passion together. Our juices mixed as one.

Every stroke of my hands meant to hallow her. Every lunge of my c0ck meant to consume her. Nothing can compete with our lovemaking now. Not even our mating in the past. Tonight, everything was being renewed. Tonight, I ultimately make her mine and only mine. No bull-fucking-shit Tobias can interrupt us.

Andrea writhed in extreme pleasure under me again. Seeing her like this was like being born again. It definitely was worth it waiting for her for over centuries and truly worth it, keeping my patience intact with working as a butler for a very eccentric employer.

I delivered thrust after thrust after thrust, pounding her good as I embraced her tightly. Being behind her like this made me feel like a dominant. A dominant that was very hungry.

If her front was a full buffet of herself, then her back was a special desert. Her nape tasted sweet like poached peaches in honey syrup, and I crave for peaches so to speak.

Our climax came down in unison after I finally ejaculated inside her. Our breathing was ragged. Our whole body spasmed to the bone. I saw Andrea’s eyes tightly shut as she kept herself jailed inside her own release. She cried out my name as her hands reached on my tensed waist. I felt heaven on earth after hearing her angelic voice.

I drew my head back and ran my hands back and forth in her abdomen as I met my own psychedelic swirls with clenched teeth and a rough groan. This position too, she couldn’t see how my eyes glowed red with my brief moment of unrestrained self-control. Shit. Shit. Shit!!! FUCK!

Speaking of control, I have to control myself else Andrea’s qualified child-bearing pelvis would be broken. She was still a frangible woman in the first place. And speaking of that, I think I should probably go to the Three Fates again and ask them how to make my Dear Heart live with me forever. Surely, there’s a way for a human to be blessed with a longer lifetime. Surely, there was...

After a long moment of pause, our eyes met and I could see a flicker of happiness in Andrea’s.

I felt sated with our lovemaking and I could feel that she was too. Feeling sated however didn’t stop me. My lust made itself known again, wanting to fuck her again! But no, luckily I get to control myself. I am a considerate being. I am thoughtful too of her needs, so I decided to defer my growing lust and gave her a good night’s rest.

“Andrea...” I whispered as she snuggled closer to me. Her locks were all tangled up so I combed her hair with my fingers slowly and kissed her forehead thereafter.

“Yes?” she replied while making small circles in my chest. I could feel her grinning slightly against my skin. Curious with what’s on her mind, I intentionally read her thoughts. She was actually visualizing me in her head as I climaxed. Surely, it wasn’t what I expected to discover but it pleased me even so.

Yes, Dear Heart. Embed that memory inside your brain. You won’t be able to forget it when you return to the retreat house.

“Andrea, you just made me the happiest demon,” I remarked gently.

With this, her grin became wider. She raised her head to give me a shy look. “You mean the happiest man,” she corrected.

I immediately awarded her a sincere smile. “Yes. You’re right. I am the happiest man with you in my arms. I hope you won’t regret this.”

She sensed my anxiety judging from the momentary flicker of her eyes.

There was a bit of a pause and even though I direly wanted to know her answer, I refrained from reading her mind this time. At least, I could give her privacy with this aspect. I don’t want to make her think that I am messing with her mind to make our relationship work.

She shifted slightly and elbowed herself up, still facing me. The bed sheet that covered us, she tugged it upward in order to cover her breasts. Even after having splendid sex, she still does this.Hmmm... she really still is a shy woman so it seems.

I stared at her when she gave me a staid look. “No...” she answered initially. “I gave myself to you heartily Eriol. Why would I regret giving you my virginity?”

I released a sigh. Such a naive woman. Honest and true to herself. I stroked my thumb on her cheeks and down to the curve of her lips. Guess I am thinking too much huh? Or maybe, it was a slip-of-the-tongue that I asked her that, since I was thinking about our past.

“I apologize if I asked that. I was just thinking because you know...being me is-”

“Shhhh...” she immediately placed a finger to close my mouth. “For a butler, you talk too much you know that? For now, I am your master and I command you not to apologize to me. Being you doesn’t count. I already know that before I offered myself to you. Unless of course you tweaked my mind, then that’s another story. But I believe you didn’t.”

“I would never do that to you Andrea,” I said with a frown.

“I know. That’s why you being a demon is not a basis for me to regret this.” She gestured both of us with a hand and I immediately knew what she was pertaining to.

Her words made me feel awfully warm inside. I continued to stare at her and saw her cheeks blush clearly even though the light of the room was dim. Most likely the blush that I have elicited from her came due to my already super erect member under the bed sheet.

Shit. Control... Control Eriol...

Disregarding my plight, I pulled her back to lie next to me and my hand started stroking her shoulder.

“Sleep Andrea,” I commanded sternly, hiding the hesitation in my voice. “When you wake up, you will find yourself back in the retreat house.”

My brain honestly then shouted what a stupid fool I am to tell her that.

She scoffed lightly this time. “You’ll tail me again won’t you?” she asked. It made me smirk of course.

“Oh I will,” I said.

“Sick stalker,” she countered with a light chuckle.

“A stalker? Of course I am. A crazy, handsome stalker. Not to mention sick-for-you kind of stalker,” I proudly stated. Acting like this was the only meager way I have of diverting my attention on my growing desire for her; my only meager way to stop myself from smothering this woman with moans of ecstasy once again.

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