Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 23 - A Morning Kiss


Darkness took over the moment I closed my eyes. Sleep was the one thing I needed after...you know...after doing it with Eriol. I could feel the calm rise and fall of his chest until such time that my consciousness drifted away from reality, and the next thing I knew, when I opened my eyes, I found myself back in my assigned room, exactly just like what he told me.

Four rows of beds were inside this room. I am using the bed that was fixed against the wall with a floral-printed bed sheet. In my left side was a slightly-opened glass window and one bedside table with a classic lampshade.

When I turned my head to face the window, the beautiful early dawn instantly greeted me. I slowly straightened to sit and found myself wearing a spandex short and a white tank top.

So sweet. I bet Eriol had gone through all the trouble making sure I am back in the retreat house on time and specifically not naked. But who am I kidding? He’s a supernatural so I bet he had no trouble at all. I bet he even enjoyed dressing me up in this tight short.

Surprisingly, I found my iPhone next to my head pillow. Surely, Eriol thoughtfully placed it here too. With a pleased grin, I took it and checked for the time. It read six fifty-five.

Good. It seems I have enough time to prepare myself before the bus leaves for our next outreach program.

My roommates were still sleeping when I eyed them. Most likely, when they wake up, they will shoot me a lot of questions as to why I was absent the whole night, so I probably should brew some answers quickly while taking a shower.

I stood up slowly and directly went to my luggage placed on the floor, against the foot of the bed.

Rummaging its contents, I set my first choices on my personal necessities: hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, my own lavender soap and cool mint shampoo; all placed in a plastic box. The second choices were my preferred wardrobe of the day which consisted of a cuffed jean capri and lace-yoke slubbed tee. These would partner well with a wedge sandal I’m quite sure, so I readied the pair next to the luggage before I stood up.

After gathering all my needs, I purposefully strode towards the bathroom door with a towel thrown over my right shoulder.

Even though we occupied a retreat house, Madame Ivana seems to make sure that we are all cared for. The design of the room really does look like we are in a popular hotel. Even the bathroom seemed over-the-top if you ask me. Mexican-inspired tiles decorated the walls of the bathroom while the ceiling was adorned with a light fixture that screamed Mediterranean. The cupboards, sink and vanity mirrors looked high class too.

I almost overused the word wow when I first stepped inside the room and the bathroom yesterday. My roommates had the same reaction too.

I turned on the water heater before undressing myself. Being inside the bathroom alone provided me the right time to think about what happened last night.

Yes. I nearly can’t believe that I just spent the whole night with a man - er, a demon. It felt surreal really. It felt just a wonderful dream. However, looking at my reflection in the mirror as I stood naked, the evidence of last night was undeniably crystal clear.

I could see hickeys everywhere. From my scapula, my cleavage, the rim of my nipples, the skin of my breasts, my waist, my abdomen, to my... oh gosh... my legs, most especially my inner thighs.

Gods. Eriol really did have a nice meal last night huh? With me as the main course it seems.

I released a long, hot sigh. A sigh - because I wanted to calm my heartbeat which began to double work again and hot - because it made me feel like an ember, ready to be set on fire just looking at the remnants of our passion.

Yes. I could remember every inch of Eriol’s ministrations on me; every stroke of his hands; every push of his hard dick inside me; every moan that escaped from my mouth. I could feel it so much that I probably should get a cold shower now rather than a warm one to reduce my heating core.

“I’m...no virgin...anymore huh?” I whispered to myself, looking eye-to-eye with my post-coital reflection. I grinned and bit my bottom lip. No. I’m not a member of the Society for Never-Been-Touched Virgin Maidens anymore. I am finally a proud graduate of it.

I turned around from the mirror to continue with my morning routine and to bathe in the huge glass-enclosed shower room was the right first step to it.

Turning on the knob, I immediately felt cleansed by the running water. Mist quickly rose up, covering the whole area and I could see the beginnings of condensation in the glass quickly. I hummed as I continued working on shampooing and then soaping myself. Gosh. I wonder... by humming like this, am I acting like a woman who just got laid last evening?

I don’t deny it though. It was of course the truth, but I certainly don’t want my roommates to see me like this; especially Janine, who just suddenly told me yesterday afternoon that I definitely needed a boyfriend.

She said with my current age and my, quote-on-quote, “beautiful face and gorgeous curves,” I could easily attract the opposite sex. I however would rather not to.

Not only I consider myself off limits to it, but also I have a freaking demon waiting for me in my Auntie’s house ready to cause havoc on any suitors I have. But, that was me yesterday without even knowing that Eriol had actually been stalking me. And that was me yesterday without expecting that I would finally succumb to him.

Huh. Thinking about it, why did I easily yield myself to him? Probably it was because of his gorgeous black wings? Hmmm, it must be it. Surely, it must be it!

“Didn’t you say you won’t regret giving your virginity to me?”

I moved with a start covering my breasts quickly when I heard Eriol’s voice in the opening. Mist quickly escaped from my space to the dry carpeted floor outside, causing the haziness of the shower area to disperse.

With this, I saw his humorless expression clearly.

He was putting an elbow against the glass frame, looking devilishly handsome with just a grey lounge pant with the Lacoste logo embroidered on it. Damn... He really could pass on as a hot model in any famous brand.

“Eriol?!” I had to painstakingly tone my voice down, else my roommates would hear me. “Why are you here?!” I asked that but he didn’t reply. He just continued giving me a hard look.

Realizing his question warranted an immediate answer, I stated meekly with eyes focused on the wet floor, “I...I am not regretting last night. I am just surprised with how easy I yielded myself to you. I’m...I’m just looking for possible reasons why?”

“Could you just say that it is solely our attraction at its best? My black wings might have boosted it up since you adore it in the past, but can’t you just admit that you desire me too?” he answered acidly, but then his stare softened. “I can feel it in you Andrea. You don’t have to deny it anymore.” He lowered his elbow and stood straight, fixing his stare on my body.

And then he frowned.

Gosh! He seems kinda bipolar with the sudden mood swings!

“No. Don’t cover yourself Andrea. I want to see my handiwork,” he curtly stated.

Furiously blushing, I diverted my eyes away from him and fixed my sights on a nearby shelf where a vase of plastic red tulips was placed. Despite myself, I lowered my arms and stood in his front with all the glory I possessed. “There. Are...are you happy now?” I said, trying to calm my breathing at the same time.

“Yes,” he answered most directly. I had to see the expression on his face, so I decided to stare back at him.

Pleasure and contentment was what I saw then.

Gods. I feel like I am the one who is steaming right now instead of the warm shower and it is all because of his blatant perusal and him whispering the heart-stopping word:


“You...you know I didn’t deny it,” I started nervously, pertaining to his statement earlier. “That’s why I gave myself to you heartily last night. I want...I want you...” I choked on the words. Damn me and my confession!

I heard him groan slightly then. “I know, Andrea. I know...” said he tenderly.

Seeing his lips pressed into a thin line made me realize that he was battling on something. But of course, being a demon reader, he didn’t let me wonder more and stated most crudely, “Seeing you like this, it makes me want to fuck you right now. Do you know how much I am restraining myself, Andrea?”

Sex in the shower?! Hell-fucking-YES! That’s what my other side shouted, but no, no, no... my roommates. I could at least respect their presence by not inviting Eriol into doing it.

“I...I appreciate your control Eriol,” I stated. “Why are you here anyway?”

He awarded me a sweet smile then and stepped inside the shower box.

Unconsciously, I stepped backward, my heart somersaulting in nervousness.

“I am just here to collect my good morning kiss Andrea, that’s all,” he said, now grinning. Now freaking grinning! So he is back to his cocky self huh? Definitely a bipolar.

“You...you could have just waited for me to finish my shower,” said I with a brief frown. “Tsk, and now you’re wet.”

My back was against the tiled wall when he pressed himself to me. Goodness! He didn’t even care that the water soaked him immediately and here I am bothered by this minute thing.

“I am willing to get wet Andrea if it means I get to have my kiss. Now, shall I get it?”

He cupped my chin and lifted my face.

A metaphorical steam lifted up inside me seeing the continuous trickles of water from his neck to his thick abdominal slabs. Certainly, this sight aroused me. Mmmm... damn... sex in the shower might not be too bad after all. But hell no, not today and definitely not here! Maybe next time, in his penthouse probably, if I am to return there tonight.

I poised myself to welcome the impact, never closing my eyes so that I could see his beautiful gray-violet orbs. I could sense that he had read my thoughts because he briefly showed me a cunning smile then.

When our lips molded, I felt like I was blessed; exactly commensurate to being touched by sunlight for the first time after a year-long darkness.

His kiss was short and sweet. No tongue involved but I, in my own crazy wit, decided to take our kiss deeper.

I initiated a tongue thrust for the first time and he didn’t even hesitate on reciprocating it. He groaned, no doubt feeling turned on by my initiation. Seconds later, we were already sparring with each other, definitely in the mood to take our kisses to a whole new level.

Real steam from the warm shower moistened my nostrils but this didn’t stop me from breaking our kiss. I angled my face to the side instead in order to take in short, deep breaths. With how we stood, you could actually imagine how my breasts pressed against his naked chest. It actually felt delicious, stimulating... exactly reminiscent of our glorious time last night.

His hands left my face and went to cup my butt. With one swift motion, he lifted me up and I instinctively hooked my legs around his waist. I instantly felt his bulging erection under his sexy lounge pant. It fired up my senses. Damn... I would love to be fucked by him now.

“Then let me fuck you, An...dre...ahhh...” he immediately interjected my thoughts.

Damnn.. He is certainly a skillful mind reader.

“I want you now... I don’t care if your roommates will hear you. I want to make love to you NOW.”

Oh... Delicious! He said the word love!

I was actually on the verge of agreeing to his proposition, desperately wanting to bob my head for a nod but in a freaking sudden moment, I heard the bathroom door open and in came one of my roommates laughing heartily. I also heard muffled laughs outside. My alarm consequently went up.

“Eriol... sssstop..” I whispered slowly after I broke our kiss.

He groaned in disapproval, but nonetheless, stopped.

“Yes, Sweet, I’ll stop. Don’t worry. We can do this later,” he promised. He freaking promised and that was with a freaking mischievous grin!

Oh shit... so sexy!

My toes touched the floor when he placed me down. Shortly after that, I felt empty without his c0ck nudging against the pads of my womanhood. Shit. This is going to be a hard day for me it seems.

“Andrea? Is that you dear?” I recognized the woman’s voice as Mathilda’s right away. She was pretty much the oldest of us four; the ‘mother figure’ in our batch of volunteers.

“Yes! It’s me Mathie,” I answered calmly as I eyed Eriol and gestured him to zip his mouth. He smiled and mouthed a ‘see you later’ before vanishing in my front.

“Oh, I hope you didn’t mind me barging in the bathroom suddenly. I really needed to pee.” Through the shower box, I saw her sit in the cubicle. Hmmm.. it sure looks like it. I probably should thank her for interrupting us. Otherwise, I would have been at the edge of my climax right now and I know, it wouldn’t be right for my roommates.

“No. No. It’s fine. Don’t worry. I am almost done here anyway,” I said, quickly turning the shower on full blast. I heard her say ‘uh huh’ and then left the bathroom closing the door.

Good that Eriol left. I can finally focus on my morning preparation again.

After one final cleansing, I stepped out of the shower box with my towel wrapped around me. I had my wardrobe ready in a spacious shelf right next to a magnificent vanity mirror so I went directly there and dressed myself.

When I stepped outside the bathroom, I found my roommates finishing up folding their bed articles. Janine sent me a ‘hi and a good morning’ smile, while the others just nodded at me.

Well this is a surprise. I actually thought that they would bombard me with torpedoes of questions when I show myself to them, but they didn’t. They actually didn’t even notice my apparent overnight absence which made me feel relieved. At least I don’t get to be interrogated. Surely, they would flip out if they found out that I just got laid last night.

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