Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 26 - A Childhood Sweetheart To Remember


After I was discharged, Aunt Marcella stuck with me from the hospital to the house and until my bedroom.

She did the best she could being my guardian mainly because she was concerned of my current state. We had already decided to zip our mouths and not report what had happened to my mother. Both of us felt that scared of her possible rants if she ever did discover it.

Auntie tried her hardest to make sure I am properly cared for. You can call it guilt on her part probably since she was the one who mentioned the outreach program to me, but I believe that it was just what it should be. I call it destiny for that to happen to us. It was just lucky enough that Eriol was there to save me and the rest of the volunteers.

And oh, speaking of Eriol by the way, yes, I am exactly what you would call a dead meat woman.


Because he had been looking at me without end with those dagger-like, I-will-certainly-talk-to-you-later glares, and that was since he heard Aunt Marcella mention about Lorde returning home.

Come to think of it, I may have unintentionally... no, certainly wrapped all my thoughts about Lorde and our past together. Eriol might have read my mind which was most likely not a good thing. With what happened to Mr. DaisVita a few days ago, it was already enough for me to expect that Eriol is a seriously jealous demon.

Since Auntie had been with me nonstop, we weren’t able to talk yet, but as I eased myself in my bedroom, my gut told me that I will see him very soon.

I greatly need a moment’s peace because you know, I am still in shock about the news. I needed some time alone to think about many things, to hardwire my brain of Lorde’s coming, to be ready on our long-awaited reunion, but I can’t just shoe my Auntie out of my bedroom. It wouldn’t be right at all.

I am supposed to be giddy with excitement, supposed to be happy that we will see each other again, but right now, I don’t...know. I really don’t know what to feel.

After an hour of staying inside my room, finally my Aunt left me, but it didn’t end there. She actually left me with a table of goodies, a cooler full of ice chips, a thermo kettle she said in case I needed a sip of hot chocolate, a basket full of fruits and my pain medicine. Oddly enough, those items were brought up in my room by two maids, not Eriol.

Where is that Lapdog anyway?

The minute I was alone, I spread myself in the bed, but as soon as I did that, my speak-of-the-devil missing-in-action demon had finally made himself known.

Time check, it was already eleven in the evening and my eyes desperately needed to shut off, but my eyelids went from droopy to full-on wide when a hand crept under my nightdress.

“Eriol!” I exclaimed, lifting my head to see him already sitting at the edge of the bed with only a yoga pant on.

“I want to fuck you,” he declared, looking at me with dark, lust-filled eyes.

Of course, it surprised me when he said that and immediately went to caressing me. I seriously thought he’d be like ‘who the fuck is that man?’ complete with his arms crossed and a menacing glare.

Thinking of our time back in Madame Ivana’s retreat house, I propped myself up using my elbows and parted my lips to form a response, “Came to finish what we started in the shower eh?”

He quickly answered by smirking and joining me at the center of the bed. His hands moved up from my waist to my breasts, the path of which sent my mind reeling, unable to form any questions or complaints. Realizing all I needed was to surrender, I closed my eyes and permitted myself to feel his warm palms against my skin.

He gave me feather-light kisses on my cheeks, most specifically where a faint wound stretched from the tragus of the ear to my cheek bone. He also included some playful nibbling on my fingers, tip by tip, when I touched his lips. As if on instinct, I pulled my legs apart and he settled in the center on cue.

Then, our lips met.

Eriol immediately inserted his tongue inside mine and I instantly groaned in frustration.

No. Not that I don’t like his French kissing, but Gods, does he really have to insert his finger in time inside my pussy too? I didn’t even notice him take off my underwear to access my prized treasure. I didn’t even notice his hand contacting the pads of my pussy.

Another demon prince advantage I guess?

His tongue slithered inside my mouth and yes, I became a hopeless victim of it; desperate for freedom. I don’t mind being a victim though, but he made it hard for me because of his synchronous finger-fucking. The feeling of it really was exotic, sexy, and at the same time a major, major turn on.

I definitely wanted to shout my pent-up erotic emotions. Shout it out aloud exactly like the way I shouted while inside the bus on the brink of death, but his mouth was still on me, locked in place.

As if he had read my mind, Eriol stopped his tongue thrusts and pulled just inches away from my face.

“Shit! Ahhhhh!” I immediately yelled.

I looked at him and saw that he was grinning, finding my situation amusing.

“An...dre...ahhh... what is that man to you?” he asked out-of-the-blue and my head instantly pressed the alarm button.

So, he is toying with me huh? Is this his way of interrogating me? Darn... Lovely. So lovely.

“Eriol... Lorde is just a childhood friend,” I answered, together with a faint pleasure moan in the end.

He lifted his brows and replied in disbelief, “Oh really?”

I gasped and closed my eyes when he slid two fingers evenly inside my cunt.

“Look at me Andrea,” he commanded, a hint of disappointment clearly evident on his face when I glanced back at him. “I can read minds but I can’t read hearts. I don’t know what you feel, so please tell me what that man is to you and what you feel towards him,” he added.


I am pretty sure I sounded aroused right now. Fuck. This was really a twisted way of opening this kind of topic with him. Really twisted. A one-on-one talk sitting in a table with a coffee in hand would be good, not in a bedroom with me writhing in pleasure!

“He-he was my childhood sweetheart,” I started, half panting. “That is the truth! We-we dated for several years and our relationship...ahhh...our-our relationship was...was on and off! Shit Eriol stop this please!” I begged in the end, not wanting his finger fucking get on my way of pouring out my past to him.

“No. I will not stop. Continue Andrea. I want to hear more.”

And with that, he circled my clit, stimulating it, making me bite my bottom lip out of delirium. Picture me with measured breaths, trying to calm my lust by holding on tightly the white sheets.

“We never had any closure. There-there...ahhh...wasn’t even a confirmation if what we had was real!” I added.

It was the truth. Lorde and I never had any closure. I am not even sure if our dating was real or it was just pure companionship.

Let’s just say that because we were childhood sweethearts, we never really thought that a closure or a confirmation was needed. Back when we were younger, we had fights from time to time because of our different views in life. But after those fights, we only needed a few glances and a brief smile in order to mend our disagreement and in order to harmonize our choices.

I guess that’s what we still do now, have a few exchange of glances and a smile, but that’s not exactly what I want. I seriously need a confirmation that he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore. I seriously want a closure by hearing him say that he has moved on with our so-called relationship.

Remembering the last time we saw each other, it was in Uncle Michael’s burial. I offered him comfort of course, and we...we almost did it. I, however, wasn’t ready at that time so I declined him. He understood my choice then, but for no apparent reason, he just suddenly left Auntie and the mansion for a vacation in another country. And left me too, without any closure!

No words of goodbye. No see you later. Not even a phone call from him.

I waited. Yes. I waited. But not one phone ring from him came. That decidedly gave me a choice to lay low on any romantic relationship. Until, of course, when this hot butler came into my life.

“And were your feelings for him real? Answer me Andrea. I want to know,” Eriol continued to interrogate me, whilst touching my freaking dripping pussy. Probably, if he didn’t have his finger inside me, I would have been an emotional wreck considering that I am reminiscing my past with another man.

Eriol really is a clever man err...demon.

Lorde and I however share a common interest on horses and horse riding. That’s how our relationship bloomed. Every time I visit the Winner Mansion, it always makes me feel excited because I know that I would spend my time with him. Auntie never did realize that our friendship progressed to a deeper relationship. She never even did realize that we dated. Until now, still she doesn’t know. Or maybe that’s what she wanted me to think? Now, that I think about it, does she really not know about me and Lorde?

“I ahhh...I don’t know Eriol!” I answered him with a partly aroused, partly quaky voice. “I mean, I did like Lorde. I was infatuated with himmhh!” I bit my bottom lip again and eyed my interrogator with a glower because he just hit my core perfectly just as I confessed my past feelings for another man. “But it has been two years! Surely that is an enough time for me to...to move on!” I added with an adamant tone.

“Then move on with me...” he quickly interjected. Probably, he sensed there was still a flicker left of Lorde inside my heart? “Andrea, I want to put a certain fact inside your brain. I want to drill it deep inside you.”

Oh Gods, the whole time he said those words, I was trying to control myself from moaning. His heavenly fingers are still working me up! How good is that huh?!

Eriol leaned closer and whispered delicately in my ear, “You are mine alone Andrea. He doesn’t have any claim on you ever since the beginning. That man doesn’t even know what he is up against.”

Shit. Another downright threat just like Mr. DaisVita!

“Didn’t...mhmm...didn’t you know hhhhim...already? Yhoouuu are...you are Auntie’s butler for two years Eriol. Do you feel threatened with his return?”

Shit! I can’t even talk right!

“I haven’t met the man Andrea. And no, I don’t feel threatened by him,” he answered in a hush.

I saw a brief glow of red in his orbs then. Of course, he won’t feel threatened. He is a damn supernatural entity in the first place!

He caressed the plane of my neck with his mouth very slowly and went to rip my gossamer dress easily with his teeth. My breasts immediately poised to be sucked when it spilled free.

“Eriol...please...stop toying with me,” I requested as I felt his fingers dance wondrously in my crevice while his mouth enjoyed my mountainous buffet.

He stopped and went to look at me, gave a cold smirk then and said, “Oh but Milady, who says I am toying with you? This is my preliminaries of making love to you, don’t you know?”

Eriol then launched his face to meet mine and not a second longer, our saliva were mixed again becoming a heady cocktail. He withdrew his fingers from my pussy which made me groan in disappointment. It was only brief though because I felt his engorged, hard erection replace his fingers.

I gasped. Yes. Sure I did because not only was his freaking delicious dick inside my womanhood, I also felt a playful tease of a circular hard object against my vaginal walls.

Oh GREAT! His metal c0ck piercing is back!

“Ahhhh!!! Eriollll!!! Your piercing!”

“I know babe. I know. Say ‘hello’ to it will you?”

Shit! Such a tease!

“He-l-l--oooo mmhhmmm...” Despite my complaint, I said it anyway.

I closed my eyes and went to feel the new sensation more.

It was truly a different kind of sensation, one that I would call enlightening. I didn’t know that that small bead would become a lovely addition to my already intensified arousal.

Eriol head-on went to continuously impale me and by head-on, I meant his c0ck’s head.

I curved my back and threw my head to the side, feebly calling his name and the short syllables like I was in a trance for what seemed like an hour. The feel of his skin against mine always made me think of him as a man and not a demon.

"Come for me Andrea. All of your juice is mine for the taking,” passionately, Eriol stated in my ear after one long moment of slow but vigorous pounding.

“Yehh...yesss,” I slurred. I traced his tensed jaw and went to bite a small skin of it. He replied by biting my lip and sucking it well and hard.

Another batch of thrusts more and his eruption became the pinnacle of our lovemaking. I had mine too in the form of a flash flood.

Like last night, our mind-blowing orgasm was the same. It made me lethargic for a moment and I know it was the same for him. Our breaths mixed together as we panted, forehead to forehead. I felt his c0ck twitch inside me as he began to unsheathe it. I know I would love to have another fucking but I am, of course, fresh from the hospital and from an accident, so I didn’t want to stretch myself too much.

“Yes, you should rest,” Eriol stated, no doubt reading my mind again. “I will stay here until you wake up in the morning, Dear Heart. Just tell me what you want, what you need. Anything. I am at your disposal.”

He eased himself beside me, went to wrap an arm around my head and gave me a comfortable arm-pillow to use on.

I smiled at this.

Cared for. This was exactly what I felt that instant.

Amidst being a demon, Eriol really was one superb lover in bed and in every way possible.

As my consciousness drifted from reality, the last thing I did was hope and hoped real good that this feeling of happiness with him will never cease.

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