Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 29 - The Arrival of His Rival

Winner Mansion, Luxembourg



Today, at exactly four in the afternoon, would be the arrival of Lorde in the Winner Mansion, so all of the staff skittered all around the house to clean whatever was needed to be cleaned.

Somehow, Auntie Marcella decided to rearrange the furniture. She had Eriol and the other male staff do all the heavy lifting while I watched how her eccentric side emerged through her orientation tastes.

Eriol and me are officially uhmm...lovers? Fuck-buddies? Maybe friends-with-benefits? Or more likely, having a mistress-to-servant relationship?

I don’t really know.

What I am sure of was that Eriol had been using the word ‘making love’ in our nightly escapades and daylight trysts. That does give me a clue that there was something more than awesome, unearthly fucking between us. Anyway, he has been very tight on me since I returned in the house; tight as in bodyguard-to-stalker tight.

For two days, I was able to visit the ranch with Eriol, ride Trinitus with Eriol, go swimming on the large pool at the back of the mansion with Eriol, and go sightseeing the famous Luxembourg destinations with Eriol - in a not-so-normal way might I add, teleporting and all - leaving my Aunt again with his doppelganger the whole time.

Of course, I was the only one who could see him since he used his invisibility power again.

He made it sure no one sees us together and I am more than relieved of it because I do not want to have rumors going around the mansion about us.

I am quite sure Aunt Marcella doesn’t have one clue that her hot butler had been particularly too attentive of me. Probably, there will come a time that we will reveal our relationship but now was not it. Definitely not it, especially that Lorde was coming.

I don’t find Eriol’s presence bothersome or irritating though. In fact, I find it comforting, safe and I feel cared for.

I am beginning to think that having a new relationship with a man wasn’t bad after all.

He had been specifically kind to me. His cocky and arrogant sides were still there, especially when he won on our horse race the other day and a cooking challenge the next. Then, his perverted side emerged when his winning bet had me wear a skimpy black bikini in the swimming pool only to be torn off in my bedroom for a passionate session of course. I bet he was already expecting that he would win. Damn...

He clearly was a romantic-at-heart even for a Demon of Lust.

He showered me with a lot of loving in and out of bed: kisses me suddenly without any warning, pulls me in a deserted area to do a hard and delicious quickie, gives me a full body massage, suddenly materializes in the shower and soaps my body thoroughly, suddenly gives me bouquets of roses too, lots and lots of stuffed toys, my favorite chocolate, Toblerone, and a big box full of lingerie - yep, sexy lingerie, and that was with a note that says ‘wear it tonight for I will tear it out of you later.’ Damn... And a small box that housed the pink, flat vibrator he once used when we were inside the willow tree.

I guess his perverted side was inexhaustible. However, his mood suddenly changed when he asked me yesterday about the bus accident when we were inside his chamber.

He asked me if I had remembered something about our past because apparently, I did call out his ‘old name.’

I, however, failed to remember anything about me calling him that, but I did feel at that time that I just wanted to be saved by him. As in saved in more ways than dying.

Saved from what? That - I don’t know. I was too alarmed and too frightened that time to cultivate enough understanding as to what my subconscious feelings was trying to say.

Eriol, after hearing my answer, fell quiet. He brooded on something, it was already clear. I wanted to know what his ‘old name’ was, but he wouldn’t answer me anymore. I also tried asking him about our past, but he only diverted my attention to moaning again.

And I, in my perverted side, most willingly accepted his diversion shoving the thoughts in the back of my head.

“What are you wearing?”

I turn with a start when Eriol suddenly materialized behind me. I was looking at my reflection in the vanity mirror appreciating how I dressed when he appeared.

My hair was tied up into a high ponytail allowing my pearl earrings to shine clearly. Not that I needed makeup, but I applied lip gloss anyway to enhance the color of my natural red lips. When I glanced at him, he was already showing me a good scowl.

I don’t even know why I was startled, but I feel as if I had just been caught doing something wrong judging from the look on his face.

One hour before Lorde comes home, Aunt Marcella had asked me to wear this Miranda Kerr-inspired red bandage dress. She said that Lorde had asked for a mini welcome party when he arrives, so to wear a semi-formal dress would be proper.

I had to ask her, why red though? Seriously, there are so many colors available but why specifically red? Her only reply was that it was Lorde’s favorite color.

Gosh. She doesn’t even know that I already knew all of his favorites and yup, as in ALL and that was by heart.

Favorite food? Sushi and tacos. He once fought me over a jar of Speculoos cookie butter back four years ago, so most likely he loves that one as well.

Favorite clothing brand? D&G. He also enjoys wearing Armani suits especially on gatherings.

Favorite sleeping get-up? Boxer shorts. But I tell you, he once threw me a joke that he prefers to sleep naked and that was with a wink on my way!

Favorite sports? Ala David-Beckham football. I remembered that before he left, he had a drool-worthy athletic physique, exactly just like Eriol. I don’t know what he looks like currently, but yes, a part of me expected he would have an Apollo body still.

Favorite country to visit? Greece. Back when he graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree of Mechanical Engineering, he told me that he wanted us to visit there, France and Africa included.

Favorite season? Fall, but he loves the rainy weather too.

Favorite beer? Corona, but drinks only on occasions - which probably explains the three six packs of the beverage I saw in the fridge of the kitchen earlier this morning.

Favorite movie? None, but enjoys Action and Sci-Fi movies. He is also a Shakespearean-at-heart, so he enjoys watching plays and operas, exactly just like his father.

Favorite music? Cool jazz, but he adores the band, Gin Blossoms, too.

Hobbies? Wall climbing, kayaking and horse riding of course. He already owns a high-end yacht given to him by his father in his nineteenth birthday. His horse, Nicolau, of black Arabian breed is still housed in the stable; the one that Mr. Flogger had handled back in Mr. DaisVita’s visit.

He had a number of girlfriends in his high school and college years, but never became serious with any of them. He prefers girls who are simple, classy, with a ‘heart of gold’ and has a ‘fit’ body and with ‘curves in the right’ places. Take note, those were all his words by the way.

When I visited the Winner Family again after my eighteenth birthday, I asked him why he wasn’t serious with any of his dates. He answered rather simply that he was waiting for his step-mother’s niece to notice him. Of course, that immediately gave me an idea who he was talking about and it was me.

I liked him that time too, I can’t deny that, so in the the end, that particular event was the start of our secret relationship.

I knew that the dress was a little bit sexy for just a simple welcome of a childhood friend, but I didn’t mind wearing it because it was Auntie who requested it. Never had it occurred to me that I would receive a rather unwelcoming look on Eriol the minute he saw me wear the dress.

It doesn’t have a plunging neckline really, but the cut was low enough to show some skin in my front. The length was above-the-knee, but I don’t think that it was too short.

I had to give him a charming smile in order to null the gloomy face he was giving.

“Auntie made me wear this. Why? Don’t I look good Eriol?” I asked as if I didn’t know exactly what bothered him.

“You are not going to a prom Andrea,” he answered quickly, “Is that man so important that he warrants a sexy attention from you?”

Oh. Sexy. He thinks I am sexy wearing this. Somehow, his word made me blush.

“Being sexy isn’t the point here. You know already I am not wearing this for that purpose.”

I crossed the room to the shoe rack a few feet away from him and found a darker red five-inch Louboutin to match my dress.

“Take it off,” he ordered curtly.

“What? You know I can’t do that!” I answered right away, putting my attention back on wearing the gorgeous stilettos.

Without warning, he materialized in front of me so close that I immediately lost my footing. Luckily, Eriol was quick to cut my fall. He ushered me up with a light pull of my waist and we met eye to eye.

“Andrea... you can do that and you will do that,” he started coldly. “Screw your Auntie’s request. You take that dress off or I will tear it right out of you. Your choice.”

His breath was hot on my face. He looked at me with dark eyes partly glinting with anger and partly burning with undeniable sexual tension. But even with this, even though I find his dominating attitude a turn on, his final command made me frown.

“What gives Eriol? Why is this red dress bugging you so much?”

I pushed him slightly away. Not that I don’t like our nearness, but I feel that I might explode if he keeps on pressing our chests together. It makes me remember his fresh nakedness in his bed last night and how he made me ride his face so that he could give me an out-of-this-world head.

He didn’t loosen his arms around me. He actually tightened it more and boldly leaned closer. “You want to know the answer Andrea?” he whispered sluggishly and went to blow air slowly on my ear.

Damn... I find it hard to decide if he is teasing or already testing me.

“Yeah...” I answered while closing my eyes, feeling the goosebumps on my arms at the same time.

“That’s because I don’t want to see that man’s desire flaming in his eyes when he sees you in this dress. Believe me when I tell you, I am the Demon of Lust. If I am not immune to you appearing like this, how much more a mere mortal man huh?”

I blushed again. Aunt Marcella really does know how to dress me up like a Barbie doll. I will give her credit for that.

“Just say that you’re jealous. That would be a lot easier,” I said, hiding my happy grin.

Then, just suddenly, I felt a pang of pain in my neck before I felt the moistness of his mouth. Commonsense told me that he just gave me a freaking hickey!

“Oh Gods, Eriol! Why did you do that?” I asked with widened eyes, withdrawing away from him and touching the sore spot of my neck. My fingertips instantly outlined the small dents from his teeth. Great. Just great! I bet it had an angry red color too.

“Just making sure,” he answered mischievously.

“Making sure of what?”

I hurried to look at the mirror and I saw that it was indeed a hickey which was quite big. I clenched my teeth and shot him a disappointed questioning look.

“Making sure that that man sees that you are already taken,” he simply replied.

I inhaled deeply and rolled my eyes. Damn this demon!

“You really are hopeless Eriol,” I commented and quickly untied my hair. I let the soft curls fall over my shoulders and cover the hickey completely.

“You’re not going to change your dress are you?” he asked again, crossing his arms to his chest at the same time.

“No,” was my short reply, but I heard him groan in disappointment so I added; “The last thing I want is Aunt Marcella ranting on me. Seriously Eriol, you maybe a demon but you don’t even know how an eccentric woman rants!”

I heard him let out a long, forced sigh. “Suit yourself, but you won’t get away from this easily,” he dared with steely eyes.

“Hmmm, is that a threat I hear?” I stood straight facing him, my arms akimbo, summoning some nerves of steel for myself.

He only gave me an unsettling grin and said, “Call it that or you can call it a warning.”

My eyes widened again when I saw him ran his fingers sensually on his lips. His tongue darted out slightly and licked the tip of his middle finger.

For some reason, the temperature of my body went up and then I felt a certain faint tingle in between my thighs. I don’t know if it was just my instinctive reaction to him, but it certainly was disturbingly hot.

The fired-up sensations of my pussy paused when I heard a knock on the main door. As if on cue, Eriol vanished in front of me, but I had a feeling he certainly wasn’t letting our little argument go away smoothly.

Well, whatever he plans to do, I will just have to keep a blind eye to it. My top priority as of the moment was to make myself look presentable and act as if nothing happened between me and Lorde in front of his step-mother.

I sat in the foyer’s waiting area with Auntie next to me and Eriol standing at the base of the grand stairs.

Auntie wore a heavily-sequined silver Versace cocktail dress and a pillbox hat with a hot pink feather on top. Her appearance wasn’t really what you normally call simple, but I had to keep my observations to myself. She would probably give me puppy-dog heavy mascara eyes if I tell her to lose the hat.

She held my hand fifteen minutes ago so I felt that she was as much anxious as me. My anxiety, however, was directed not only to Lorde’s arrival but also to Eriol’s glares.

I had to request him some cold water for both me and Auntie just so he could leave me alone even for a short moment. He did so but with a low groan on his throat.

Now, fifteen minutes had past and he hadn’t come back with our glasses of water, which I considered weird.

Aunt Marcella suddenly stood up and paced hurriedly across the foyer to the entrance door. She must probably have sensed the oncoming car bringing his step-son inside. There was nothing I could do but to join her there too. I wouldn’t want to be the center of attention by just waiting in the sofa.

As I approached my Aunt, I saw the BMW car stop in the front entrance. The awaiting maids quickly took the baggage in the trunk and left us to do the greetings.

I was beside Auntie when Lorde disembarked the vehicle and I tell you, my heart immediately skipped a beat, or two, or three when I saw him.

Lorde, wearing a fine black trench coat, made a reserved grin directly at me. His pale blue eyes looked straight into mine with warmth and affection more deeply than before.

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