Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 32 - When She Gets A Good Licking



What made me immediately glance up was because of a funny feeling in between my thighs. In my letter ‘V’ particularly.

It was the same feeling I felt before, back when Eriol and I argued about my red dress in my bedroom. Back when he ran his fingers sensually on his lips and licked the middle finger with his tongue.

Now I know what this sensation was all about. Now, I am able to comprehend his threat on me because of my dress. I didn’t even notice back then that it was just the tip of the iceberg. That it was just a little taste of what he truly had planned.

Great. Just freaking great!

Now I know he used his powers on me through this. I mean, how would I be able to feel the sensation when there was no direct contact? He just simply licked his finger and then wallah! I am instantly in a wet mess! No doubt he is using his perverted powers alright.

His eyes met mine like glue. What he did in my bedroom was exactly what he did now. However, his actions were clearer and the sensation I felt down there was more intensified.

He darted his tongue out and traced the length of his middle finger; the process of which intensively stimulated the walls of my pussy.

I had to clamp my mouth tightly and hold my breath so that I won’t be able to moan in pleasure in front of Lorde. I knew that I had to compose myself else he would find me weird or worse, he would find my sudden show of libido a turn on. That wouldn’t be good on all parties involved.

“It is because of you Andrea,” Lorde answered his own question, unknowing of my internal problem.

I only kept my ears open to everything he said. To reply now would be detrimental. Why? Because I might slur my syllables because of this signature Eriol-stimulation under my underwear!

As a sign of respect at least, I glanced at Lorde, but then I saw the intensity in his eyes. He was pouring out his heart again, just like the time when his father died and me consoling him.

“I want to take you to dinner tomorrow because I want to explain everything to you. Why I suddenly left. Why I didn’t contact you this past two years. Why-”

“Please s-stop...” with my voice bordering on shaky, I abruptly stated, but I believe the ‘stop’ word wasn’t directed to Lorde but to Eriol, who still licked very slowly his fucking middle finger and gave me an indirect treat! I am truly beginning to feel hot now.

“You...mhm...youhh...you don’t need to explain anything to me...hh...Lorde,” I said, or more like whimpered, but I hope he didn’t notice it.

He continued on holding my hand; holding it tightly like he didn’t want to let it go.

“I have to Andrea,” he said softly, “because I want to start over again. With you. I want you by my side forever.”

With those words, I briefly forgot Eriol’s playful teasing. It incensed me a bit that Lorde was already going in that direction even though we had just seen each other again. What does he think of me? A mail-order bride?! That’s what he meant by forever right? Marriage?

“You are seriously not crossing that line quickly Lorde. You just came back!” I huffed, pulling my hand away from him.

Then I felt it again, Eriol’s tongue in my now dripping pussy, indirectly moving in a delicious serpentine fashion. My mind immediately shouted the ‘ah’ sound.

I closed my eyes and acted as if I was averse to my childhood friend’s touch when in fact I was already at my arousal. Couldn’t this get any worse? I am thoroughly distracted with the sensations even though I want to have a much needed heart-to-heart talk with my childhood friend.

“Andrea,” Lorde’s voice came out smooth but pleading. He was still clueless of what was going on with me, but he did unconsciously glance at his back to see what I was looking at from time to time. Nope. He didn’t see Eriol at all for the damn demon used his invisibility again, so in the end, he just went back his attention on me.

Passing my vision on Eriol, I saw him grin mischievously, like he was enjoying the scene. He knew that I am at my edge already.

I shook my head, unable to keep it up anymore. A little more now and I am going to explode! Leaving the veranda would be the wisest thing to do.

“I’m sorry Lorde. I have...I have to go,” I said without delay, gathering what little focus I have left and stood up.

Lorde hurriedly grabbed my elbow. I pulled back, not because his touch felt acidic but because I was afraid either of these two men’s touch now would be more than welcome for me.

I am already wet in my panty for crying out loud! To be relieved by this is what I hastily needed. Both figuratively and literally!

“Andrea, please, hear me out,” Lorde stated again. For a CEO, he does know how to plead huh?

“Later!” I shouted, closing my eyes when I felt a full finger slide inside my convulsing inner walls. I glanced hurriedly at Eriol and he was already devouring his middle finger inside his mouth!

Talk about sexxxy!!! Does a Demon of Lust do this quite often???

“I’ll give you time tonight. Just please...let me go now.”

I stared at Lorde with a strained look on my flushed face. My breathing sure was quite labored.

He examined me for a moment until his face showed a worried look.

“Andrea, are you feeling ill? You are sweating.”

Now you notice?!

He crossed the table and moved closer to me. I took a step back. When he raised his hand to touch my blushing cheeks, my alarm sirens went berserk.

“Yes. Yes!” I shouted again. “Please Lorde. Just...just leave me be for now. I don’t feel good. I want to sleep it off,” I said as slow as I could. Gods. His hand felt really soothing, but ‘soothing’ wasn’t what I needed currently.

He suddenly went silent. His hands paused, hovering just near my neck. I didn’t know what took over him but he sure looked like he was slightly confused and disturbed. There was a brief twitch on his lips that I didn’t miss then.

“Okay,” he replied after letting out a short sigh, “let me assist you to your room then.”

I shook my head to decline. “It’s kind of you to offer Lorde, but no, it’s not necessary. I’m fine. I can go there by myself,” I said with determination, which was quite a feat for me because my pussy throbbed like crazy.

“I insist, Andrea,” he answered in finality and held my wrist.

I was hesitant at first but I nodded in the end. With the heat I am feeling now, I can’t tarry in the veranda anymore longer.

I glanced back at Eriol, but he had already disappeared. Yes, he was no more but damn, the sensations still kept on battering me.

I wonder where he went anyway?

The whole time we proceeded to my room, Lorde’s hand grazed the small of my back. When we reached my bedroom door, I felt relieved immediately because he just lightly gave me a soft peck on the cheek and left.

I know that Lorde was just pulling the comfort-card, but he doesn’t even know what damn additional effect he had granted me with this simple touch.

I entered my room with a thought of changing my freaking wet underwear, but as soon as I closed the door, Eriol pinned me against the wall.

“Andrea...” he sluggishly whispered against my ear.

He mobilized his moist tongue in the flat column of my neck before capturing my open mouth. I was welcoming to it. His intrusion felt like a delicious trophy. It actually felt so good when I am this sexed up.

The moment our bodies contacted, my synaptic flames ignited. My breasts tensed when he groped them good.

“Ahh, Eriol...” I uttered the moment we broke our heady kiss.

“You are soaking wet Andrea.” He slurred the ‘r’ intentionally. “Let me relieve you with it.”

“You are so wicked,” I answered remembering how he had made me like this.

He pulled the hem of my dress and slid his right hand inside my underwear. Damnn... Here it is! The real deal and not just some indirect contact.

“I know Dear Heart. I know. But I also know that you like it like this.”

“Ahhh...” I moaned when I finally felt his glorious fingers.

“Yes. Feel me Andrea. Feel my fingers inside you,” he stated lazily.

And yes, his fingers really danced against my walls. I convulsed wildly, pleased that at last, the pent up sexual tension I had amassed in the veranda was released.

I realized now that I am at Eriol’s mercy. He could prolong this ache inside me or he can finish it immediately with one hard thrust of his finger. He did the latter, but instead of just one, he inserted two fingers again and again until I writhed in pleasure again and again.

I don’t know how many cycles it was but sure as hell, it was out of this world! I was lightheaded; panting and struggling to collect myself. When my forehead was pressed on his shoulder, that’s when I heard a low but audible chuckle from him.

I definitely didn’t expect that this would be over soon.

Eriol, being a demon that he was, spiced up our fantastical session and in just a blink of an eye, I found myself lying flat on a bed - Eriol’s king-sized bed in his penthouse particularly.

Yup. I am this thoroughly acquainted with his man crib even though I had just been here once. Apparently, this penthouse was located in Luxembourg’s bustling city. The Estrata: a high-end, forty-five floors building with a ridiculous security system. Eriol’s place was at the forty-second floor, so it boasted an unbelievable panoramic sight when viewed in his bedroom.

The blue afternoon sky welcomed me when I turned my attention briefly on the front glass window, but I wasn’t able to admire the view longer because Eriol, who was now half-naked straddling me, continued where he left off and brought me slightly up.

“Eriol...why did you...teleport us here?” I asked with lethargic slurs.

He unzipped the zipper of my red dress, took it off and then answered, “I don’t want us bothered Andrea. I don’t want any nuisance when I take you.”

For a moment, I thought he was talking about Lorde, but it seems he was pertaining to a different person. I opened my mouth to clarify it, but he only molded his lips into mine silencing me.

He settled me back in bed, never breaking our kiss. I didn’t mind him interrupting me though. Asking about it wouldn’t matter anymore. What’s more important was our union and that nobody will bother us, not even Lorde. But remembering his name, I felt a small pang of guilt then.

“Stop thinking about him Andrea,” Eriol ordered immediately when he withdrew. He must have read my mind again. “You are mine. Only mine. Do you know how much I am jealous right now?” he hoarsely spoke against my cheeks.

“I know... I know...” I closed my eyes and answered.

Gone was my underwear too. The only thing I felt now was his bare chest pressing against my breasts and his super erected shaft nudging at my pillar.

“Hmmm, good,” he pleasingly stated and I felt his hands trace my jaw then. “Look at me, Andrea.”

Open my eyes, I did, but only half-lidded. However, it immediately widened in horror when I saw him pull out his lip-piercing in one hand.

“Gods! Eriol! Your lip!” I shouted in alarm after seeing his blood drip into my chest.

He grinned devilishly like he was amused with my response. “Don’t worry Dear Heart,” he said, leaning his head closer to mine, “I heal fast.”

And with that, he disregarded the dripping blood and explored my lips for the first time without the metal object.

It was unusual at first. I had kept myself familiar with it since the day I saw Eriol in the airport lounge area. We had kissed so many times with the piercing as the sole witness of our passion. It had taken its own share of delight on my pussy too. To see that it was gone definitely made a big difference.

His kiss still tasted sweet but it was a bit raw and metallic. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to stomach it, but Eriol sure was one good kisser to make the unsavory taste go away in just a minute.

He caressed my abdomen slowly, groped my two rear globes and lifted my pelvis up in one fast motion in time with his sudden, forceful thrust.

I moaned. He groaned. But it was all muffled by our unified mouths.

Three continuous thrusts and that’s when I pulled myself and shouted the ‘ah’ syllable.

“Shout my name Andrea. Who is fucking you right now?” Eriol asked, huffing.

I arched my back and answered, “You... You!”

“Shout my name!” he ordered roughly, together with his eager pushing.

“Eriol! Ahhh!”

He suddenly lifted me up. I intuitively positioned myself so that I straddle him. He bit my bottom lip and I felt a very slight pin-prick sensation then.

I don’t know what he felt right about this time but it sure was clear that he was trying his hardest to control himself and not break me. I do understand the extensiveness of his strength, and with enough exposure in the past, I had concluded he was a strong demon. He could easily snap my bones if he misses his focus just for a brief moment. In light with this, it was really a surprise that all I felt were soft feathers and cottons when I’m with him.

“Louder sweet. Louder!” Eriol ordered once again, which I obediently did, but not without a strangled gasp when I felt the head of his cock violating me in more ways than just impalement. He did have a piercing down there remember?

My insides spasmed hard when I climaxed. Yes! Touch down, my second orgasm today. It felt like his erection was teasing, tickling and pounding me all at once; an addictive combination already.

I felt Eriol’s hot liquid too when it spilled inside me. He groaned loudly during the process and that’s when I saw it - his iridescent red eyes. It was the only thing that reminded me that he was not a man, but another being out of this world; definitely not like Lorde.

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