Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 33 - My Lips Are Thirsty For You


Past ten in the morning.

That’s the time Eriol teleported me back in my bedroom the next day.

After our long lovemaking yesterday afternoon, he treated me a candlelight dinner in Le Meurice located at Hotel Meurice in the heart of Paris, France. An absolute French fancy restaurant, it boasted a glamorous dining room that had superb crystal chandeliers, mosaic flooring, and heavy damask curtains.

Yeah... You can basically call it a date and a luxurious one at that! Eriol wasn’t in his normal butler outfit; instead preferring to wear a chic white leather coat, black shirt, black pants, and of course, shiny black Italian shoes.

I, on the other hand, was on my body-hugging red dress. You can say that he was very happy being that he was the only one who can bask my appearance. And not Lorde.

He provided me a white cashmere coat to fight off the Paris cold and threw his strong arms every now and then to even warm me up. Really such a caring demon if you ask me. It made me feel comfortable and blessed to have him.

We talked about almost anything. Well, anything that was not Lorde-related basically, but mainly the topic was about me and my family. I tried to persuade him on telling me about our past, but still, he was adamant on keeping it a secret. He did share to me his demon name though and it was Asmodeus.

Yeah... Figures.

Definitely the exact name written on most history books that I had read.

After dinner, Eriol accompanied me to see the Louvre, but we only had time to see the famous Renaissance paintings and nothing more because he suddenly wanted us to fly up the highest platform of the Eiffel Tower. And yup! You can guess it right. We were invisible again. In there, we watched how Paris was illuminated with millions of bright, colorful lights. It was, hands down, truly a breathtaking scene.

Caught up with the beauty around us, we shared another French kissing then, which...ultimately led us back to his penthouse in Luxembourg. He headed off on giving me a nice aromatic oil full-body massage; like a butler would to his master. And after which, he taught me a whole new definition of the word ‘fucking’.

After teaching me how to massage his impressive commando, he used some Van Heusen neckties to secure me in his elegant leather chaise lounge and gave me some cosmic-shit fucking.

How he did it? I don’t know, but he was so skillful with making me whimper again and again.

With all of these phenomenal events, I began to think that he was trying his best to distance me literally away from Lorde and to distance my thoughts off him.

It was working greatly though because I enjoyed every bit of minute we were in the City of Love and in his room. I enjoyed it so much that it made me forget my promise to Lorde. The promise that we will talk that evening.

I didn’t remember it until Eriol teleported me back in the Winner Mansion. Of course, he was hesitant at first - no, very hesitant - but I pleaded to be returned back mainly because Auntie would seriously get worried of me. And Lorde too...

Now, I am in my walk-in closet alone after Eriol left me with a very strict command to avoid Lorde as much as possible. I nodded then, but thinking about it again, how can I possibly do that when we were both housed in the same mansion?

After choosing an appropriate clothing of white half-sleeved blouse and beige pencil pants, I decided to spend my whole morning watching a “Do or Die” episode of National Geographic channel. I had already taken a bath - with Eriol - and breakfast in his penthouse before returning in my room, so basically, I had nothing else to do other than lounge around.

Halfway in the show, I heard a soft knock on my main door. My heartbeat instantly skipped a line when my mind screamed Lorde’s name. No, I don’t have the power to foretell the future, but the oracle inside me says that it was him and not Aunt Marcella.

When I opened the door slightly, yes, my suspicions were confirmed. Lorde stood dashingly in my front wearing what he once called his ‘everyday suit,’ but for me, it was already a decent office suit in a high-end business firm.

His hair was brushed up neatly, creating a formal effect suitable for a day in the office. He was a CEO of his own engineering business in Mexico, so it was not a surprise that he casually wears a hairstyle like this.

I smiled on his way and greeted nervously, “Lorde, good morning.”

He didn’t smile back and didn’t even return my greeting. Instead, he gave me a frustrated glare that was enough to raise my vitals.

“Where have you been Andi? I’ve been looking everywhere for you since last night!”

He touched my cheek so suddenly that I wasn’t able to back away in response. Then, he grazed a hand up my forehead, similar to a gesture a person would do to check for the presence of fever. His eyes immediately turned soft seconds after, looking relieved.

I was rooted on the spot, meek before his presence.

“You weren’t in your room. Tia or the staff didn’t see you leave the mansion,” he continued with concern, holding my shoulder with his free hand.

I shifted slightly and stepped backward a couple of paces. At least this way, I was able to conjure up a good excuse of my absence. Auntie did mention that she will hold a mini party in welcome of Lorde’s arrival. Probably, our childhood close friends were the attendees. Sad to say I wasn’t able to mingle with them because of my unprecedented travel - Eriol style - to France.

“They...they must have missed me leave. I was just taking my time touring the city,” I answered a little less than flawless.

“At night?” Lorde’s voice raised a decibel higher. He was in disbelief alright. “Where did you stay last night? I waited for you inside your room the whole night, but you never arrived. I called your cellphone only to find that you left it in your bed. Seriously Andrea, you could have told me where you were going. I could have accompanied you.”

Well that stunned me true. I didn’t expect that he would stay inside my room just to wait for me. I find it a bit sweet and thoughtful, but his overall aura tasted bitter for me. He doesn’t view me as his property is he?

“I am a big girl Lorde. I can do things by myself,” answered I, pointblank, but frowning a bit.

He heaved a sigh. “I am just worried about you, Andi. You said yesterday you weren’t feeling well.”

Oh, so that explains him touching my forehead. I almost forgot I gave him that alibi after Eriol’s twisted-but-sexy licking.

I blushed but not because of Lorde’s account but because of the memories I had with Eriol.

“Oh, yeah... thanks for your concern. I’m...I’m fine now.”

This time, he smiled.

“That’s good to hear. You promised me you’ll give me time to explain remember?” he said, whilst pushing the door wider.

I held my ground and didn’t offer him to enter even if a part of me wanted to...that very distant part of me that was resurfacing slowly to my alarm. I just wanted my unresolved feelings towards him cleared up by listening to whatever explanation he has, not fan the already burning flames of desire he has towards me by making him enter my room.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t forget that,” I said with utmost sincerity. A promise is a promise and I am bound to honor it even if it is almost crossing a dangerous line.

Lorde sensed my hesitation, so instead of forcing himself inside, he softly suggested, “Andrea, can we go for a horse ride? You know... just like old times. Remember the river? The one we used to visit? I would like us to go there now.”

I blinked thrice. Never had I expected he would still remember that particular area of the family estate. It was totally just an insignificant area for me, but he sure made it clear now that it meant like a treasure to him.

“The Gemstone River” that’s what we called it in the past. I and Lorde used to hang out there after a day’s worth of horse ride in order to rest or to take a brief dip on its serene waters.We were just teens back then. The pebbles in there incredibly looked like different gemstones under the moonlight, hence its baptized name. I certainly hadn’t visited it for ages.

Thinking about it, I realized that the area was just a couple of meters away from the part of the river where the willow tree was located.

“I...I’m not sure Lorde,” I stated with voice as meek as a lamb. “The weather is gloomy. It might rain anytime soon.”

That was exactly Eriol’s words when we teleported back earlier. It wasn’t a theory though, but already a confirmation that it will soon rain. Demons probably can sense the change in weather which was another plus for them.

“Why hesitate? You like horse riding while it is raining right?” he commented playfully to which I immediately snickered and crossed my arms. There was lightness of the atmosphere around us suddenly. For some reason, I missed this side of us a lot.

“Isn’t it the other way around? If I remember correctly, I didn’t have any choice but to ride alongside with you even if it is raining,” I responded after remembering our antics together.

Lorde’s lips pressed thinly and he took my hand from its tight enclosure. I just let him, deciding that his touch wasn’t a threat, or so I thought.

“Please Andrea. You did say you’ll give me a chance,” he said with passionate eyes flooding me. I almost drowned.

“To explain, yes,” I curtly stated, but deep inside I began to melt the usual ice cream way. “Not...not to give you a fresh start.”

Those were Lorde’s words yesterday. He did say he wanted to start all over again with me. He wanted to renew our bond that was broken. I bet he even wanted to remind me and renew his words, the ones before he suddenly left and that was he wanted me to be his bride.

I, trying to comfort him then, didn’t care much of his words. I dismissed it as just blabber coming from a grieving man. I didn’t even give a damn about it until now.

I hope he wasn’t serious about it though. I hope that’s not where we would head to if I am to take up his offer and ride with him going to that river.

“Andrea...” Lorde’s face became solemn. He stared at me with enough pressure to make me sweat in my nape. I pulled my hand from his hold but his grip tightened.

“Lorde, your hand, please,” I uttered and pointed my eyes on his tight grip.

He didn’t let go, so we battled for supremacy in the end.

I was sure I could win a tug-of-war with him, but that’s when everything took a hundred and eighty degree turn.

Lorde, being the strongest between the two of us - obviously - pulled and trapped me in an embrace. His left hand was on my head; his right hand on my back, pressing my breasts closer to his flat, athletic chest.

Oh. Don’t get me wrong. I did push him immediately then, but he didn’t give me space at all.


My eyes widened and I got instant goosebumps when I felt the tip of his nose graze my cheek.

He took in my scent - deeply, thoroughly - basically enough to fill his lungs with all of me. I felt a sudden rush of blood in my face then. Not as potent as my reaction to Eriol, but enough to make me dizzy with the heat.

“You’re still beautiful the way I remembered you Andrea. So spirited, true at heart, you never hesitate expressing yourself just like what you are doing now. Oh God. I missed you so... I missed everything about you...”

If my mouth could fall in the ground, it would have had seconds ago. Damn... This was Lorde’s charming form at its best. I remember us like this in the past for a number of times, almost stepping the boundary of passion.

Yes. Passion.

I desired Lorde as much as he desired me. And that desire was resurfacing again, like steam from a hot boiling water. I did crave for his touch so many times, and I know you will dub me a stupid-ass idiot if I say that I regretted not giving my virginity to him that time, but yes, I did regret it, a hundred times and even more until I was tired of the lack of closure.

But that was then and that was my past. The past where I didn’t have Eriol.

I wanted to step back, away from Lorde as much as possible, but he still didn’t release me when I started squirming.

“Lorde please, let go of me,” I pleaded but he was deaf to it.

Chest to chest, I felt Lorde’s heartbeat pound a heavy rate and rhythm comparable to mine. I felt his breathing a little faster than normal too, exactly just like mine.

When he used his lips to graze my cheeks then, that’s the time I finally lost it. I closed my eyes in reaction when my nerves started to shiver. It traveled from my face down to my hands and feet, creating butterflies inside my stomach too.

One thing to note of, only Eriol could make a sensation like this turn me on. Lorde wasn’t Eriol fortunately, so I am not in my own form of wet mess as a response. But Lorde’s soft caressing was enough to magnify the damn resurfacing desire inside me; a desire that would make me welcoming and enthusiastic on Lorde’s touch.

“Lorde, please...” I pleaded again, but this time, I didn’t squirm. I locked myself in place with not so much as a will to escape. Damn... past desires. Damn you!

Lorde continued to caress my cheek, his warm breath giving me an added heat. Dry was my throat the whole time but there was nothing I could do in order to relieve it.

But then Lorde stated languidly, “Andrea, I missed touching you. I missed holding you in my arms.”

He roamed his free hand on my back, my waist, my shoulders and my face. I stifled an audible inhale when his hand missed my breasts in merely millimeters away.

“I missed being with you every second, every minute of the day,” he continued and placed feather-light kisses on my jawline.

“Lorde, no...please stop,” I ordered, but in painfully lethargic consciousness now.

“But most of all Andrea, I missed kissing you. Can’t you see how my lips are thirsty for you?” he asked, but didn’t wait for my reply when he clashed his lips into my tense, cold ones.

My dry throat was then watered with his relaxed, moist tongue.

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