Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 36 - Act of Lust


Normally, women undergoing a marriage proposal are either on the verge of crying or smiling from ear to ear because of joy.

But me? Neither.

I am in the state of ambivalence right now.

In my younger years being with Lorde, I had daydreamed him proposing to me a couple of times. In the Gemstone River, in a fancy dinner date, while riding our horses on top of a hill, in the terrace under the biggest blue moon of the year, and even here, in this very spot I am sitting now - the classic gazebo.

His words were the exact replica of what I wanted to hear when he proposes to me - or at least some of it excluding him mentioning having dreams about the bus accident and me dying. And yes, the way Lorde positioned himself presently, on bended knee and holding a highly-priced ring, was exactly what I had envisioned.

His proposal was exactly what I wanted, except of course, two things.

One: The timing.

Damn... I feel that he pushed himself too much. I had read a relationship book once mentioning that men do feel threatened with their competition and when that happens, they would more or less do stupid things.

If that was so, then it was possible Lorde feels threatened with Eriol. Well, I think that is obvious enough since he asked Auntie to discontinue his employment.

With regards to doing stupid things, I am not sure to dub his proposal a stupid move, but I feel it kind of hurried. Seriously, he just arrived yesterday. He couldn’t just pop the question, show me the most magnificent ring I had ever seen, and ask me to be his wife! It was just ridiculous at its best!

But somehow, another part of me... the resurfacing side was in jubilee. It was tugging my rope into answering the most coveted ‘Yes’.

Its joyous celebration however was short-lived. Why? Because of number...

Two: The demon prince looking at me. Eriol.

Did I say that he looked very, very angry judging from the murderous expression on his face? I seriously felt like I was being devoured whole by his already glowing red eyes.

What is he thinking now? I really wanted to know. But I don’t really need to be a genius in order to find out that he doesn’t approve of Lorde’s marriage proposal.

I peeled my eyes away from him. Probably, focusing on the man kneeling in my front would be the proper thing to do.

Lorde watched me with hopeful eyes. He smiled sweetly; his air of superiority already gone with the wind. He really expected me to answer his question with a big resounding ‘Yes.’

Auntie Marcella and her friends continued giggling, no doubt feeling the romantic moment. I, however, didn’t feel it at all.

“Lorde...” I started with a shaky voice. My knees and hands trembled as if I had mild chills. Cold were my lips too and my throat, parched. These were only but a few objective evidences showing that I truly felt nervous of the situation.

Clearing the congestion in my lungs with a deep breath, I managed to break the unbearable seconds of silence. I noticed his eyes slightly quirk then when I showed not a single expression of happiness.

“I am...I am sorry,” I said and diverted my eyes on the ground, unable to witness the look of painful rejection in Lorde’s face. “I don’t...I don’t know how to answer you.”

I saw his hand tightly clench the ring box then. This meant that he was disappointed. No. Thoroughly disappointed.

The giggles stopped. Auntie and her friends went silent after hearing me say it. It didn’t take them long to quickly leave the gazebo and gave Lorde and I some privacy.

When they were gone, Lorde silently settled on his chair and dragged it as close as mine as possible. He leaned forward after closing the ring box and placed it back inside his coat pocket.

“Andrea,” he spoke, soft and true, but with a bitter hint in the end. I jerked slightly when he held my trembling hands.

“Tell me that’s not what you truly wanted to say,” he stated, clearly in denial.

Bravely, I stared back at him with enough determination in my eyes. That instantly brought me to reminisce the memories we had together; the good old ones particularly. But it wasn’t enough to persuade me into accepting his proposal. Something was tying me down, but I do not know what it was exactly.

“Please don’t do things hurriedly Lorde,” I said, hoping he got the gist.

“What’s the point of prolonging it Andrea? You love me. I love you. Isn’t our childhood years, our teenage memories, our relationship enough?”

Disregarding his words, I frowned and shook my head. “You don’t understand Lorde. I need time.”

I was able to clench my hands into a tight fist even though he encapsulated it with his own. Being in this kind of situation really does exhaust one’s mental reasoning.

A disagreeing look made its way on his face. His pale-blue orbs showed rage that was indescribable.

“No. You need time to be with that man,” he said tersely. I couldn’t help but think he just accused me of something I am not even thinking as of the moment. That irritated me a bit.

“No!” I yelled, but it was without any thought. I hurriedly watched Eriol’s reaction expecting him to give me a scowl, but for some twisted reason, his face was unreadable amidst his icy-cold stare.

“Lorde, I need time. I need time to be enlightened. To recollect. To contemplate my feelings for you,” I gently, gently reasoned, hoping that he would understand. “I can’t just throw myself into wedlock without having any closure. Eriol has nothing to do with it.”

“What closure do you want Andrea? I already told you the truth! I am sincere with my words. Can’t you see how much I have regretted the day I left you?” His voice sounded shaky. That gave me a clue that he was as much in turmoil as I am.

I forcefully yanked my hands out of his hold and stood up while saying, “Lorde, please, just give me...give me some time.”

He grabbed my left elbow though, prohibiting me to take one step away from him.

“I won’t let you go to that man,” he stated, the gravity of which sounded threatening.

I took a step back, trying to pull my arm away. “I am not going to him!” I said sternly.

Seriously, can’t a woman have her alone time?! I badly needed one as in right now!

“Then stay with me here Andrea,” he quickly returned. “If it’s time that you need, I’ll give you time. Just stay with me here. I am afraid that if I let you go, that man would steal you away from me.”

I felt as if Lorde’s overprotectiveness bordered on the crazy, but since his competition was a demon, probably crazy was acceptable. I have to give him credit for it since he doesn’t even have any idea about Eriol’s true identity. If he did know, I bet his craziness would be an obsession.

His overprotectiveness came out in the surface like a mad man when I felt his grip tighten. It was to the point that my elbow started aching, probably due to the constricted flow of blood.

I shot a look on Eriol, wincing at the same time, but I dared not plead him to save me from my current situation. I am no damsel-in-distress in the first place. I can handle this by myself.

“Lorde, just please, let me go,” I asked in panic when I returned my attention to my captor. “Give me time...alone. I want to be alone!” I stressed and hopefully Lorde got the message as well as my demon butler. I certainly don’t want Eriol bothering me too after this drama.

“No, just sit. Here,” Lorde strictly stated. Expression - not open to any offer or suggestion.

He pushed me to sit on my chair, but the manner of which wasn’t comfortable. I would have fought my way up again, but suddenly, Eriol’s voice cut through the air.

I froze.

“You heard the lady, human. Let her go,” he demanded, tone velvety but dark.

Lorde rapidly turned around where the source of the voice was and there he saw Eriol standing solidly in a corner of the gazebo; the area where he had already been before he made himself visible.

My captor hissed and quickly showed a scowl. I, in the other hand, felt alarmed with the development. If being barbecued in a grill was what I felt earlier inside my room, this time I felt being tossed in Mt. Vesuvius bubbling with molten hot lava.

“I thought I made it clear that you are to leave this house immediately,” Lorde said, acting...lordly. He was already standing between me and Eriol, but he shifted slightly as if to hide me from view.

That, however, failed as I leaned slightly to the right of the chair. Lorde’s tightly fisted hands were obvious in my line of sight, thus solidifying my suspicion that he was more than fuming in rage with the unexpected presence.

In the back of my head, I prayed that those hands of his wouldn’t land on something hard, something handsome - like a demon prince’s face.

“I can’t just leave without taking Andrea with me,” Eriol stated after grinning. He continued approaching us and only stopped when he was just two steps away from Lorde. He tilted his head and threw a brief look on my way. “She belongs to me human. Your petty proposal won’t work,” he added frankly and that’s when Lorde snapped.

“How dare you!” he shouted and the one I was praying for earlier never did arrive in holy ears as Lorde’s fist went flying towards Eriol’s face.

My eyes enlarged with astonishment. “Lorde no!” I yelled while embracing his waist.

What happened afterwards gave me chills down to the bone.

A flash of light appeared in between the two men and I felt Lorde’s body leave my embrace. I too was forcefully pushed back in my chair. It was just a split-second; definitely too fast for me to react and process what just happened. By the time the light disappeared, I stared straight into Eriol’s glowing orbs in great wonder and confusion. His brows were furrowed.

But wait. Where is Lorde?! I immediately asked myself.

I quickly whirled around and gasped in shock when my eyes landed on him a few feet away from me. The disturbing sight made me realize what had gravely happened.

He was sprawled on the cobblestoned ground, eyes closed and unconscious. His head was in an awkward tilt, against a destroyed wall of the gazebo. I was alarmed when I saw fresh blood stream out from his forehead down to his jaw.

“Lorde!” I shouted as I stood up, and yes, I would have ran to his aid when immediately, I felt Eriol’s hands on my waist, stopping me from getting to him. He turned me around and embraced me, but I pushed him back and yelled, “Eriol?! Why did you do that?!”

“Come with me,” he stated nonchalantly and that’s it, I suddenly found myself in another environment - his penthouse bedroom to be exact.

“No!” I shouted again, and this time, forcefully hustled myself out of his embrace. He freed me, but only to be shoved back against the wall. “Eriol! Lorde is unconscious! He is bleeding! He needs medical attention right away!” I frantically reasoned.

I knew it was Eriol’s doing. I knew that he was the cause of Lorde’s emergency situation, but I understood that Lorde had it coming, so I couldn’t blame this damn demon for using his demonic powers on him. It was just that, a part of me wished he should have acted easy on my childhood friend. A punch to the face wouldn’t hurt him right? He could at least be a little more lenient.

But then again, it was just my presumption. I could never guess what had truly happened.

“Eriol please... I need to go to him!” I pleaded, touching his face that showed displeasure.

He instead captured my wrists and pinned my arms above my head, against the walls. His mouth consequently met mine, savagely devouring me as I moaned my disapproval.

It was a heady kiss, but it wasn’t in a way that stimulated my carnal desires for him. For the most part, it was a kiss that was punishing.

When he withdrew after awhile, he asked in a low, soft, echoing voice, “Tell me now Andrea, do you love him?”

I was taken aback with his question. I can’t fucking answer that now! My mind is already in turmoil, so much in turmoil that’s why I needed some time alone!

“Andrea, answer me! Do you love him?!” he barked in anger this time.

“I care for him Eriol,” I softly replied after a moment’s pause, remembering how Lorde sprawled, unconscious on the ground. My face was flushed, my whole body actually felt flushed. But I didn’t will myself to cry. No. I didn’t feel sad for Lorde, only worry... intense worry.

He frowned and hissed. “You know that’s not what I want to hear,” he said sternly and for no apparent reason, he suddenly paused and stared at my mouth. Did I just saw his eyes turn black suddenly?

When our eyes met again, he gave a grin that I found a little bit worrying... no, too worrying.

With a sudden forceful move, he dragged me from the wall all the way to the foot of the bed. He made me kneel on the carpeted ground while he stood up, towering in front of me.

“Eriol, please, take me back in the gazebo!” I begged, but my cheeks immediately blushed when I saw him unzip his pants and expose his already erect cock right in front of my face.

“Suck my dick,” he said tersely, looking down at me with a grave face.

My eyes fluttered wildly upon the realization of his command. Leaning back slightly, I gave him a bitter look.

“Wha-at?” I said with trembling voice, but it was for the most part an instinctual response. A memory immediately leaped in my consciousness and that was the time when I had my dream, my suck-my-dick dream, before I visited Luxembourg.

“Suck my dick Andrea,” he reiterated coldly.

My heart, if it was squeezed earlier while witnessing Lorde’s concerning state, now deflated down to every fiber. I couldn’t believe Eriol had just commanded me something so crude! I couldn’t believe even that he would put me in this kind of position like I am a prostitute!

“Eriol...” I uttered shakily, but I tried as much as I could to sound pleading.

He threw me a disappointed glare and demanded while holding my head, “Fuck Andrea! Insert your mouth now!”

Eriol (The Prince of Lust - in his raw form)

Bloody hell. The human just proposed to Andrea.

Huh! Like that would make everything better.

I kept myself entirely calm and my power, in check, the whole duration of their lunch, but now that Lorde threw the pathetic and wordy marriage proposal to her, I felt myself boil in anger right to my demonic cells.

The hell! Andrea is alive because of me! I am the one who saved her from the bus accident! I am the one who saved her from death! So in technical terms, she is meant for me now and not for that measly human! Why can’t Destiny and Fate see that?!

I just can’t let all my hardwork be taken advantage of by a man! He doesn’t deserve Andrea! Fuck! He left her like a mousy coward that he is! He doesn’t love her true! He is only inclined to finish what Destiny and Fate had started!

That I am sure and I hope Andrea thought of it too, but why am I seeing her hesitation? Why won’t she just damn say ‘No’!? Does she really still have feelings for him? Is she really easy to fall on those farcical words?

Shit. She doesn’t need some alone time! She doesn’t need to think! She needs to fucking say ‘No.’ Straight-to-the-point. Easy. Period.

It enraged me seeing that the man was too persuasive of her, but it enraged me more seeing that he was already manhandling Andrea with zero gentleness. Seeing him grip her arm tightly and seeing her worried eyes look at me, that consequently snapped my patience.

I noticed Raphael’s brows flinch when I turned my invisibility mode off. He was just standing outside of the gazebo, but was looking intently at us. In response to my grin, he spread his bright holy wings and stood in a guarded, ready-to-fight position.

All I want to do was to save Andrea and bring her away from this man, but it seems that Lorde was adamant on stopping me in that particular point. His fist then skyrocketed towards my face and I was thinking, what a poor excuse of a brawl.

I smirked. If brawl is what he wants, then his wish is my command.

I poised myself and fisted my hand to ready an uppercut. I knew I had to be lenient of course, so using my demon power was a ‘no no’. Andrea would want that to happen. I knew that she cares deeply for the man ‘in health’ as what I had heard a dozen of times in her mind. An uppercut using my raw strength would do well for the man, but in one drastic moment, everything changed.

Only millimeters away from the contact of my fist to his face and vice versa, Raphael’s Binding Spell suddenly appeared in our midst.

It was like a transparent barrier if a normal person would look at it, but for me, it was my sure damnation. It could easily put me in holy chains and drag me away from Andrea and into the Second Circle of Hell for eternity. Of course, I can’t have that!

As a countermeasure, I immediately used my power to dissolve it, but the sheer blast from the contact of two opposing forces caused Lorde to be thrown out of control in the air and forcefully land in the gazebo wall hitting his head.

I was surprised of course, but his welfare was what I take lesser mind. I cast an eye on Andrea and found that she remained safe. Apparently, Lorde’s body shielded her from the powerful wave and the chair cushioned her from falling.

I felt relieved.

Throwing a furious glare on Raphael, I saw him hurriedly fly on his charge’s side.

Good. Go to his aid damn archangel while I steal my woman away from this place. That’s what my thoughts immediately declared.

Andrea eyed me first and I saw her confused for a moment. When she turned around to look at Lorde, her face contorted into great alarm and worry.

It pricked my heart so much. I don’t mind if she cares a lot for the man. That emotion was nonthreatening. What felt important to me was to clarify if she really loves him, because I am sure as hell could sense that she still does. Unfortunately.

Disregarding her pleas, I teleported both of us to my penthouse, seething with anger and jealousy.

I want to know the truth right now, because honestly, it made my fucking rotten heart bleed in pain. I feel as if it shrunk with the knowledge that its love wouldn’t be reciprocated again.

I kissed Andrea with all ardor, but she seemed to be too engrossed with her worries that she wasn’t as turned on like me. But Gods-dammit! I feel my cock already entering the arousal stage with just our heated kiss.

I asked her twice if she loves the man, but to my dissatisfaction, she tried to avoid answering me. When I read her thoughts, the only information that I was able to fish out was her worrying state of mind.

That, consequently, placed me on edge and I sensed myself fill up with darkness. Pure darkness.

Then, I felt it. Something calling me from the inside. Something that I had disregarded for so long since I lost Sarah centuries ago. My own lust-filled desire. My pure, unrestrained lust.

My eyes blackened when I saw Andrea’s delectable mouth and I gave a wicked grin.

Yes. Let’s make good use of that mouth shall we?

So I ordered her to suck me.

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