Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 37 - Afflictions of the Heart


It actually felt wonderful to be free from the chains of my rotten heart, to be wallowed with my darkness, to be my own demon. All that enveloped me was concentrated lust. It’s as if all the lust in the world, all the multiples of me have gathered, have nurtured, have sewn were all poured inside me. I felt as if my body overheated. And it felt so good...

After putting Andrea in her knees, I commanded her to do one that had my c0ck aching so much - a fucking blowjob. You might be wondering, but no, I haven’t had at least one job in my entire existence, both as a Fallen Angel and as a Prince of Lust.

I believe if the demons in Hell would find out about this fact, they would snicker and make fun of me, but like I fucking care.

It was already expected that I would experience extreme pleasures in both the demon and human realm, but no, I had purposefully made myself chaste in a way for the return of my Dear Heart.

I can’t of course ask her directly to do it. I believe that a crass deed such as this must come out naturally. It must be the woman’s willingness to do it, desiring extreme pleasure for her man. And for the pleasure to heighten, the couple should be in agreement with each other. No form of coerce included.

However, for me now, force was what I had exactly used in order to receive some oral from this woman. AND yes, of course, along with my demon power.


You read it right.

My demon enthralling power.

I had promised myself not to use this to her. I had said that I am going to be as truthful and sincere with Andrea in our relationship. I had promised her that I will not tweak her mind.

But in the end, I chose to use it. Why? Because all I saw was anger, darkness and lust. It was filling me. Filling me endlessly. I can’t think straight anymore.

I had said that Raphael was going to find my footprints if I use this particular power, but I don’t have any worries at all. That damn archangel, I bet, was still preoccupied with his poor charge currently that he wouldn’t have time to notice me and my breadcrumbs of maps.

I willed the penis piercing to disappear as I do not want any bother in our oral sex. I wanted unbound attention of her mouth and also, her teeth might break if the piercing stays.

As I had commanded, she hesitantly touched the stem of my engorged shaft.

When her hands contacted it, the head twitched and it grew an inch longer. I grunted with the new sensation, but somehow I noticed that she didn’t look as much pleased as I am.

Hating her lack of attention, I did what I had to do. I beguiled her. And this time, she was without any hesitation, without any show of concern. I grinned from its success.

When she started pumping her hands around my c0ck, it erected harder.

“Fuck!” I groaned, delighted with the motion. “Yes, suck it Andrea!” I yelled, beguiling her again to do just that.

She did so most willingly because of my mental coercion. I used my powers to make my voice soporific. I used my hands to put a warm calm in her head as I was caressing her beautiful long locks.

Her eyes were half-lidded as I observed her down. She looked at my erection with deep adoration; with fucking deep yearning to devour me.

With one swift move, her mouth consumed it, but only halfway. I would have wanted it to the hilt but damn... this is probably one of the set backs of having an impressive length.

This didn’t deter me from feeling the delicious sensation though. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the moist gliding movement of her tongue and lips.

Oh Cronus! I might as well ejaculate my orgasm now, but no, it would be too soon if I do it. I want to take advantage of the situation. I want to exploit it longer. I want to see Andrea in her full lustful form with me.

My eyes glowed red when I requested sluggishly, “Yesss... play with my head, An...dre...ahhh.”

And she did so immediately. I have reigned dominion on her mind, whatever I want her to do, she will do it and that was without any question or hesitation.

She assaulted me with the continuous slew of her hands and when she used her mouth again to further her foreplay that’s when I burst myself out. All of my sperm - my sticky, whitish liquid streamed inside her mouth. I tossed my head up and I groaned loudly unable to contain my orgasm.

“Ahhh!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I panted and grasped Andrea’s hair roughly. “Shit Andrea! You are damn so good!”

Oh damn... this is too good to be true. The wave after wave after wave of pleasure just drowned me alive. A demon like me definitely can get a hang of this, especially when the woman doing it was the one I love.

Wanting to see her sexy face, I dropped my gaze down to her and fuck, I saw the scene that would embed in my mind forever.

It was so hot when she, without any sense of reason or without any show of disgust, drank all of my liquid. She even wiped the wasted drops in her chest with her fingers and licked them dry.

Looking at her like this, it made me do her then and there. So, with basic carnal instinct, I hauled her up and gently arranged her on the ready mattress. She lay so without any show of struggle. She just sprawled herself and waited for me to do what I hungered to do.

Her eyes were still half-lidded and I somehow caught a glimpse of a glassy reflection in it. With my desire now, I intentionally overlooked it and went to strip her naked in front of me with just a flick of a hand. I did the same with my own clothes and in just a split-second, we were naked together - skin to skin, warm body to warm body.

Sucking one of her taut nipples and groping her breast, she let out a moan of pleasure. She then arched her back when I inserted my still aroused c0ck inside her pussy. Weird now, but I felt it dry for a moment. It wasn’t the same slick passage as I knew it to be whenever she makes love with me. Disregarding it again, I gave her hard thrusts, in and out, and it was finally slippery and clenching again. This got me more in the mood immediately.

“Yes, touch me An..dre...ahhh. Touch my body. Feel me inside you. Feel me everywhere!” I persuaded her once again, and she did so according to my words. It pleased me that she was under the Prince of Lust’s wiles... my wiles.

She ran soft touches on my chest, on my abdomen, on my back and on my buttocks. It felt so good the sensation that I tensed.

She let out a whimper and closed her eyes.

I ran my tongue on her neck and placed as many kissmarks as I could all over the available access. This will be my mark on her. I will place this again and again, every night, every day, so that it wouldn’t fade away. She was mine alone.

After continuous penetrations, we spasmed hard and rough together when we reached our long climax. I groaned. She softly moaned.

Finally, a worthy release.

So, this is what if feels like when the dark power clings and feeds me. I haven’t felt this way before even though I have been a demon prince for centuries now.

Yes. It made me feel full inside and I would have reveled in the goodness of it. I would have finally become a full-pledged demon without my rotten beating heart. I would have finally been at peace knowing that Andrea will be forever mine, forever in my bed, forever as my lover, but when I glanced at her face, I saw it not with pleasure, but with passivity. I cringed with the sight.

The darkness inside my heart wasn’t distressed by it though, but when I noticed her eyes slowly streaming down with tears, that’s when my rotten heart started beating again; beating an echoing wail of affliction.

Realization hit me, hit me real good and my eyes widened, cleared of any glowing red. I knew immediately that I just made a wrong, very wrong move, an unforgivable move.

What have I done?!

Instantly, the darkness that enveloped me earlier was washed away by my repentant state.

Frantically, I tried hearing Andrea’s thoughts, but all I read from her was a resounding cry of sadness and all I felt was an agonizing pain in her broken heart.

I never desired to make her cry. I never desired to make her sad. I never desired to cause her pain. Never.


I did as much as I could to plead my case, but Eriol was just looking at me with intense, icy eyes.

When he spoke, a black chain immediately bound my wrists and hauled me into a transparent cage.

Yes. I could still move myself, but all of my actions were being forced on me. I felt like a puppet, helpless to do anything, unable to refuse.

When Eriol said to suck his dick, I did so most eagerly, but mind you, my mind was screaming to back out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t and in the end, gave him a blowjob as what he had commanded.

It was not like I don’t want this stage to happen to us in the future, but the manner of which he ordered me, was just too sick. I am not a prostitute for heaven’s sake! And hey, if you were put in this kind of situation while your childhood friend was in peril, wouldn’t your conscience bombard you?

My conscience right now however was being caged with me. I felt the heat in between my thighs increasing and deep inside me, tendrils of lust started making itself known. It grew longer and longer until it finally tied itself on my consciousness. When Eriol’s liquid seeds flowed in my mouth, it willed for me to drink it. It even made me lick my cum-soaked fingers dry.

With my semi-conscious state, I can’t explain if I should be disgusted or not.

When Eriol arranged me in bed, I was like a doll waiting to be played with and when he did me hard and rough, I moaned but it was the tendrils of lust that coerced me to do so.

Here now was Eriol, doing wonders in my body but instead of feeling the pleasure of it, I actually felt defiled. I felt like I was corrupted. Gone was his gentleness and longing that he used to have whenever we make love. Gone was his tender kisses and reverent foreplay. I felt as if every thrust of his shaft was to make my heart fragile.

It was still beating, but I felt that with every beat it made, shards of glass would puncture it. It was agonizing, so much, and the sadness that I felt along with it augments it more.

So in the end, I broke down, and broke down in tears.

“Eriol...please stop,” I said softly, painfully, when I suddenly felt being lifted up from his voice’s control. I felt no puppet strings anymore and the tendrils of lust dictating me dissolved into nothingness. My mind, if it was being caged earlier, was now free to make its sense of reasoning.

“Andrea...” he spoke when he poised his face above mine and cupped my cheeks. “I’m sorry... I’m really sorry. I know you can never forgive me with what I have just done to you.”

I cried some more, unable to give him a reply. If I could sob, I would have, just in order to release this pent up pain in my heart, but all I did was cry silently.

Though my eyes were blurry, it was enough for me to see how sincere Eriol’s expression was. It was enough for me to see how much he suffered and how much he was in pain too.

I closed my eyes, not willing to witness the sight anymore. I felt his lips press my forehead then and that’s it, my consciousness left me.

When I woke up, I found myself inside my bedroom. The wall clock read 8:34 a.m. the next day when I glanced at it.

I didn’t feel like getting up immediately, so I decided to lay quietly on the mattress. Come to think of it, I just came from a good night’s sleep right? I’m supposed to feel refreshed but why do I feel the opposite? I feel actually...empty.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax, but immediately the first thing that popped out of my head was Lorde’s unconscious state.

Oh no. My mind immediately jumped.


I hurriedly took a quick bath and changed my clothes the one’s that I wore yesterday. I settled on a maxidress to make the change quicker and then sprang out of my bedroom like an impala in nerve-wracking speed.

The location I aimed to go to was the dining room first. Winner early mornings were always, always held in the dining room for a nice invigorating breakfast. When I arrived there, oddly enough, there was no one in sight. Auntie Marcella wasn’t there or even Lorde.

This increased my anxiety more.

I found a maid working in the kitchen and asked her about the residents of the house. That’s when she told me that Lorde was taken to the nearest hospital yesterday and that Aunt Marcella hasn’t been back when she immediately went to see Lorde there.

The maid crossed the room and took a cellphone from the top of the microwave oven. I immediately recognized it was mine. After saying my thanks and taking the cellphone from her hand, I quickly checked on the device.

The screen showed more than a dozen missed calls and ten emails all coming from my Auntie Marcella. I checked on the latest message and that’s when my heart dropped out of relief.

August 8, 2015, 8:05 a.m.

How are you Andi? Eriol had told me that he dropped you in the house this morning. Don’t forget to take your breakfast. If you can, please visit Lorde in the hospital. His room number is P-211. He looks better now, much better than yesterday after receiving the blast of the BMW car. He only woke up once and he immediately looked for you. He is really worried with you since you ran away.

My mind immediately processed three things that highlighted my Auntie’s message.

One: Did she just say that I ran away yesterday?

I never ran away. The last memory I remember was Lorde lying unconscious on the ground. The other details are a bit fuzzy, but I remember him proposing to me inside the garden gazebo.

Two: Blast of the BMW car?

What is she talking about? Did the BMW car explode or something? I certainly don’t remember this one yesterday.

Three: Eriol dropped me in the house?

Who-who is this Eriol? As far as I remember, the man is Auntie Marcella’s butler right? The one that she just recently fired because of Lorde’s order? I am sure that my information about him is correct, but why do I feel that I am missing something here?

It made me feel relieved knowing that Lorde’s health was getting better, but I still wanted to know the entirety of the events so I decided to check on my other messages.

August 8, 2015, 7:46 a.m.

Andi dear, whatever your quarrel is with Lorde, please be open-minded with it. I know that his marriage proposal came as a shock for you, but he loves you so much that’s why he did so. Please reply.

August 8, 2015, 7:30 a.m.

Eriol texted me that you finally decided to return home. Thank God!

August 8, 2015, 3:55 a.m. (midnight)

Lorde is dreaming of you dear. He is speaking your name even in his sleep. Please visit him as soon as possible.

August 7, 2015, 7:52 p.m.

Eriol is a good man. I trust him that he will take care of your needs while you’re not in the mansion. Tell him that I will take care of any expenses he has used for you.

August 7, 2015, 4:37 p.m.

Eriol texted me that he has found you in a nearby coffee shop. He says that you are under his custody since you are refusing to go back in the mansion. I understand that you needed some time to think. I know that you need space. I just want you to know that I am here to listen to your problems. Andi dear, your Auntie is here to listen. Leaving the mansion without resolving this issue isn’t proper at all. Your mother would be angry with me. Please reply.

August 7, 2015, 04:11 p.m.

Please visit Lorde as soon as possible Andi.

August 7, 2015, 2:06 p.m.

Andi dear, Lorde is under careful observation right now. He is still unconscious though but the doctor says that his condition is stable. His head is finally stitched-up nicely by the doctor. He is admitted now in the hospital. I am greatly relieved that the car blast didn’t injure him severely. Please reply.

August 7, 2015, 01:50 p.m.

Please reply Andi. Are you not worried of Lorde?

August 7, 2015, 12:21 p.m.

Andi, what has happened? Why did you run away? Were you too surprised of his marriage proposal?

August 7, 2015, 12:13 p.m.

I am in the emergency room right now. Lorde is inside the trauma unit. I earnestly pray that he will be alright. Where are you Andi? Please reply.

My eyes watered after reading the messages. Auntie, even though an eccentric in her own way, really cares deeply for me. I would have wanted to answer her questions, but I was lost myself. I felt as if I missed something.

I raised my phone and texted my Auntie a response. I may not be able to answer her questions but at least, I can ease her worry by telling her that I am feeling fine and that I will be going to the hospital immediately.

When I arrived there a couple of minutes later, I knocked on the door of Lorde’s private room. A nurse opened the door and let me in. I saw my Auntie sitting silently, holding her sleeping step-son’s hand. Across the bed in front of her was a man, standing silently too. He was looking at Lorde, but he glanced at my way when I walked in.

He was a rather weird man. Immediately, I felt drawn to him, as in a friendship bond kind of way. He seemed very approachable and had an air of holiness around him. For a moment, I thought that he was a priest, but looking at his shirt with no tab collar on, I realized that it wasn’t the case.

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