Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 3 - Just A Sausage


When Eriol said sweet dreams, I honestly hoped to have one. But, it definitely didn’t cross my mind that this was what it would bring me.

I woke up in the middle of the night gasping... desperately inhaling for some fresh air. Yes. I had another dream. A WET dream so to speak. Only this time, I felt it was a continuation from the one I had last night and it remained vividly inside my head.

I was continuously sucking this man’s d*ck; licking his G.I. Joe’s head in a twirling motion. This alone elicited a groan from his throat. I couldn’t fathom what kind of a sensation I was giving him for you know already - I am new at this. But even with this fact, here I am devouring his length like a wanton woman. His shaft was a lovely sight, complete with a web of veins and a head that saluted me with its central pearly white bead. Pre-ejaculation phenomenon I suppose, but who am I to presume? Again, I am new at the sight of a man’s nail. Either way, it tasted creamy in my mouth when I licked it, and I obviously salivated, wanting to have more.

I withdrew, taking my time and then rubbed his length back and forth, slowly then vigorously. I thought I was giving him a good massaging considering he was groaning in pleasure still, but damn... he abruptly stopped me with a hand on my forehead and said, “F*ck no. Your mouth An..dre..ahhh. I want your mouth.”

I pouted, a little bit disappointed, but I was certainly most eager to return my attention back to his junior anyway.

And that was it. With a sharp intake of breath, I officially went back to reality, leaving my dream with another arousing feeling in the end.


Mornings in the Winner household were typical.

Breakfast with my Auntie invigorated me and sated my hunger. I immediately forked a Hungarian cheese-filled sausage off a plate and then bit on it in half.

Yep. You’re right. Looking at the sausage, a certain memory immediately popped in my head. I don’t understand why, but it kind of frustrated me, angered me even, that’s why I suddenly wanted to castrate something elongated and lengthy - which probably explains my sausage attention.

I already felt Aunt Marcella’s gaze on me, obviously surprised of my first choice of food, but I didn’t care a darn thing what she would say.

“Somebody’s really hungry this morning,” she said, eyeing me at the same time. I continued munching the sausage when I glanced back at her, acting innocent.

“I really am hungry Auntie. It’s been a while since I ate protein-rich foods. What we cook in the shelter are Nepalese cuisines which consisted of wheat and lentils. No meat usually,” I reasoned.

“Of course, you are,” she answered, not surprised. “That’s why I had asked Eriol to tell the chef to cook these foods for you.”

I silently scoffed. Ahhh... such a lapdog he is.

“You are quite generous Auntie, and really thoughtful. Thank you.” I said, giving her a warm smile.

“Hush, anything for you Andi dear.” She reached for a glass of orange juice and sipped on it before talking again. “Well, anyway, what are your plans for today? I would really love for you to accompany me in shopping this morning if that’s okay with you.”

“Oh, shopping!” My eyes lit up, but it wasn’t the kind that you see in a shopaholic person. My avid attention to shopping stems directly from my mother. She did want me to send her some postcards literally, but my inner psychologist was telling me that postcards meant bring-home gifts for her and her hubby. “Of course, Auntie, I would love to shop with you,” I said. “I am actually planning on buying some postcards for mom, but since you mentioned it, I think I can do both at the same time.”

Aunt Marcella clasped her hands midair. She gave me a wide smile and said, “Great! That’s good to hear Andi. Let’s go to the famous shopping district here. You would certainly love to shop something for your own, I’m sure.”

“Hmmm, yes. I have a feeling I would,” I answered, drinking my glass of orange juice too.

My attention was caught when I saw Eriol finally showing himself, crossing the room to stand near a grandfather clock behind my Aunt. He actually didn’t wear a starched black suit now. His ensemble consisted instead of black jeans and a white chambray shirt. His hair was still neatly brushed up, but it had a few strands escaping down his temple. Amidst his appearance, he still had the aura of a highborn butler.

“Eriol will accompany us today Andi. He’ll do the heavy lifting for us, so don’t hesitate on buying as much as you want,” my Auntie informed.

So that is why he isn’t in his butler outfit. He will accompany us!

“Yes, of course, Auntie,” I answered, finishing up the remaining piece of my sausage.

An hour later, we left the house with Mr. Cool Guy - who is wearing shades now - driving us to our destination.

I want to smack myself for ogling at his lips in the front-view mirror.

Gods, I don’t know why but his gesture yesterday night, with his lips close to my ear, made me feel like I want to kiss it. And plus, his lip piercing! Gods-dang-it! It had been winking at me to no end!

I wonder what’s happening to me. I am normally not like this, but ever since I met this man, my long-shoved desires have now surfaced up.

Could it be that I am attracted to him? I know it sounds a bit cliché but goodness, I know you would be if you were in my shoes. He looked just too devilishly handsome not to be noticed.

My Aunt who was sitting beside me cupped my hand. She glanced at my way and then proceeded to say, “I have a charity event tonight dear. I need a new dress for that function that’s why I am shopping right now.”

“Oh, well then, I think we must make haste Auntie, you still need to wear your make up and set your hair!” I exclaimed like I was her best friend.

“I know.” She giggled lightly. “By the way, can I invite you to go too? I need a companion with me.”

By the word companion, my mind rested directly on Mr. Sexy Driver. Why bother asking me when he has Eriol to escort her? Surely, that would be better. A lot of women, I bet, would fawn over him in that charity event if he was to escort her. He sure doesn’t look like a servant to me. As I’ve said before, he could pass on as a James Bond actor.

I gave my Aunt a slanted smile, together with creased brows as I hesitantly said, “I...I don’t think that’s a good idea Auntie. I don’t fit in such places like that.” I was hoping she could take the hint and also notice the shyness in my voice.

Honestly, I really don’t. I wasn’t cut-out to mingle with elite statuses, unlike my Auntie. Since her husband was a famous film director, their life consisted of parties, paparazzi, and cameras. I simply don’t like that kind of lifestyle, so I shy myself away from all the limelight whenever I come to visit them.

“Nonsense Andi. I insist. Also, you wouldn’t want poor me to go to the charity event alone?! You know how my backaches are. My fainting spells too! My goodness! And how about my peptic ulcer!” She waved her hands in the air, acting hysterical. And there she was again - the famous drama queen. “Sympathize with poor me will you?” she said, fluttering her eyelashes at me at the same time.

I bit my bottom lip. I began to believe this was the underlying reason why she wanted me to visit her.

“All right, I will, for you Auntie,” I agreed in the end, and with that, she squealed in happiness. Gods, what have I gotten myself into?

My eyes happen to pass by the front-view mirror, and right then and there, I saw Mr. Sexy Driver making another smirk.


The famous shopping district in Luxembourg could be called crazy! It has everything! Stores upon stores of different brands lined up to catch customers. From different apparels, shoes, souvenirs, bags, housewares - everything! You name it!

Aunt Marcella didn’t waste her time and headed straight to the most branded sections of stores. The House of Versace was where she immediately bought her yellow draped gown after countless of fittings. She chose this one because it hides mostly her aged flabs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t spared of her attention too. She made me try on different gowns of different colors and styles. I almost thought that we were playing dolls again - well, with me as the doll.

After our time in the House of Versace, my Aunt decidedly wanted her nails done. This was exactly the kind of opportunity I was waiting for to buy the bring-home gifts for my mom, so I offered her a suggestion.

“Yes, you can do that while I wait for you in the salon Andi,” she replied right after we slid inside the car. Eriol was just waiting for us there, being that he was off-limits in our Aunt-and-Niece bonding time. I noticed he wasn’t wearing his shades now.

“Where to Madame?” said he, turning to where my Aunt sat.

“You can drop me off first in the Nail Bar Salon, Eriol. After that, accompany Andi here to wherever she wants to go. I am sure you know all of the places here right?” Aunt Marcella stated, looking at me, then to Eriol. I didn’t have the energy to object her instructions. It would be my first time in the shopping district, so it was already understandable why Auntie wants me accompanied.

“Yes Madame, as you wish,” he said reverently.

‘As you wish.’ Those words lingered in my head for a moment. Huh! Goodness! What a major lapdog!

He returned his attention back at the road and then started to drive, but that was after he eyed me briefly in the front-view mirror.

Jeez. Keep your eyes on the road, will you! my over battered brain shouted.

He should have better worn the sunglasses so that I wouldn’t be able to notice... notice that he was stripping me naked with his eyes again. He has been doing that since we’ve met, and I tell you, it makes me dizzy.

I turned to face the window in my side to hide my deepening blush. Great. This is going to be great. Just the mere thought of him accompanying me to shop made my heartbeat skip again.


As what happened, Aunt Marcella was dropped off in her favorite salon, while Eriol and I went ahead to our destination. To where it was, I actually do not know. I let him guide me to wherever he wants me to go because he was the one who knows the stores in this district.

“I know exactly a good place,” that’s what he said when I told him I wanted to buy souvenirs and postcards for my mom.

In a large shopping mall, we went. It was three-storeys high, complete with restaurants and fast-food chains. He guided me to the second floor where all of the goods I had specified to him were located. Again, stores after stores were lined up for me to choose, but I decided to enter one where its window knickknacks caught my eyes. The store was named, Ann Summers.

Weird things. I most certainly hadn’t seen objects like these in my entire life. The shapes were weird too; circular, elongated, heart-shaped in bold neon colors. There were even objects that looked like rods and cuffs of different sizes and colorful jelly rings with studs. My brain immediately registered children’s toys?

However, the moment I stepped inside the store, my brain immediately scratched the word CHILDREN and replaced it with ADULT! My eyes widened as I took in every single detail that welcomed me.

Dildos, lingerie, dildos, collars, dildos, nipple clamps? - what’s that? - dildos, vibrators! - my mouth dropped - dildos and more dildos! EVERYWHERE!!! Just what was this store all about!?

Eriol, who trailed behind me earlier, now stood right in my side. He gave a light tap on my shoulder to which I immediately jerked away. Our eyes met and I swear he looked at me with a twinkle of mischief.

“Funny, you seem to have lost your way directly into this place, Milady,” he said and gave me a freaking roguish grin!

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