Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 4 - A Taste Of Fear

I immediately spun around to exit the store feeling partly infuriated, partly embarrassed.

Infuriated - with Eriol of course, because he didn’t so much as warn me beforehand that it was a flipping pleasure shop! What kind of a butler is he?!

Embarrassed - with myself, because obviously it was my poor choice. How would I know? I am innocent of these kinds of erotica equipment. Never had I seen one before. But now, my eyes felt like it was being ripped out of its sockets and tossed into the holy water to be cleansed.

When I was some distance away from the store, I turned around and shot Mr. Hot Butler a cold glare.

“You want something Milady?” he smoothly asked. Freaking smoothly asked! The cover of my simmering pot immediately sky-rocketed in the air.

“I can’t believe you just let me walk into that store!” I shouted but instantly regretted my move. I immediately looked around and found that some passers-by already stared at us. I’m pretty sure what was in their brains was a comment of us, two lovers, quarreling, but hell no, they are so wrong.

“My apologies, Milady. I thought it was what you wanted. You seemed to be so curious about the vibrators you were staring at in the window,” he coolly said, bowing at the same time.

I felt most of my blood flooded in my face. It was so embarrassing to hear those words and to add fuel to the fire, he was so calm and so collected while telling me that. What a seriously insensitive, hot, apathetic, sexy lapdog he is!

“No! I wasn’t!” I stressed out, painstakingly trying to mellow my voice down. “If anything, you should know that I am innocent in those kinds of stuff. I am a virg-”

I choked. I believe I should stop ranting now before I tell this man my precious hoard of secrets. He looked like he was waiting for me to continue though; no doubt already having a suspicion as to what I was about to say.

I avoided his gaze. “Anyway, we should...we should go. I still have some postcards to buy,” I said after calming myself down. This time, I turned my attention to the department store of the mall. At least this area, I am sure, sells wholesome items to wholesome people.

Our morning went by the usual way. Luckily, I was able to buy postcards in a book store and some apparel for my mother and step-dad, which I am sure she will be thrilled.

Eriol mostly did all the hard work, hand-carrying all of my shopping bags like a normal butler would do. However, I did notice most of the women we pass by turn their heads on him.

Tsk. Women. They actually looked like drooling hyenas ready to fall prey on a mighty, meaty hotdog.

I wonder if I am also included, and I wonder if I sounded like a jealous woman? Oh, hopefully NOT.

By lunchtime, we headed back to the shopping district and fetched my Auntie in the salon. She looked all groomed up - fresh nail polish, hair already done in a classic updo, and heavy make-up fit for the event just exactly what I expected from her.

“Did you get everything you wanted dear?” she asked me inside the car.

I nodded. “Yeah, I did. Mother would be happy with the items I bought.”

“Hmm, she sure would. Such a lucky mother she is for having you.”

She then beamed a sweet smile on my way, to which I returned back with equal sweetness.


It was six o’clock in the evening when I finished preparing.

I haven’t dressed this much fancy for a while now. The last time I did was when my younger brother got married three years ago. I was one of the bridesmaids then. The gown I wore that time wasn’t revealing as compared to the one I am wearing now - a sleeveless gown.

I was made of white silk and the way it was sewn made it hug my curves perfectly. The neckline was seriously plunging though - picture out Jennifer Lopez in her Golden Globes 2015 amazing Zuhair Murad gown - YES! That kind of plunging! It was enough to make all men drool I am quite sure of it. The slit of the gown too pretty much gave a pleasing view of what my Auntie call’s a well-toned filly leg, and I owe that name to her ranch full of high breed horses!

She chose the gown for me and I was like, ‘Are you serious? We are going to a charity event, not the MTV Awards!’ But of course, being as eccentric as she was, she wanted me to wear it because, apparently, the party we are going was not the typical wholesome charity ball kind. I was adamant to decline it at first mainly because of the whooping five-digit price, but in the end, I acceded to her request. I can’t help it. She was giving me the pouty-lips, have-mercy-on-me look again.

I was watching my reflection in the mirror when a knock came on my door. It was a soft knock, but it was enough to jerk me out of my thoughts. My head turned when the door opened and I tell you, my heart immediately leaped.

Eriol, in his Black-Butler inspired tuxedo, appraised me from head to toe and I noticed a quick smirk on him then.

Yeah, man. Pleased with the sight? Then stare away.

“You look beautiful, Milady,” he said, complete with an obvious twinkle in his eyes. I knew I responded with a blush then because I felt my cheeks hot.

He stepped inside, bringing with him a small box in his right hand. I just stood in front of the vanity mirror, waiting, anticipating. The moment he was near me I could immediately whiff out a fresh smell of cologne or was it his natural scent? I am not sure, but I do know that it was that potent enough to make me close my eyes momentarily and bask on its heavenly aroma.

The box was apparently a jewelry box, engraved the brand, Buccellati, in the front. I gave him a questioning look. He opened it and I saw the most tantalizing diamond necklace I have ever seen up close.

“Madame Winner wants you to wear it Milady,” he said, looking at me in the eye.

I raised my brows and dropped my eyes again to the jewelry.

“No, I can’t...can’t possibly.” It was my weak response as I shook my head. “Why would she want me to wear it?”

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so yeah... I would be lying if I tell you I am not the least bit tempted to touch the sparkly thing.

I heard him chuckle a little and replied smoothly, “Your beauty is beyond measure, Milady Andrea. You don’t need any jewelry to compliment you, but your Aunt wanted you to wear it because she thinks it would suit you better than her.”

I wonder if my Auntie wanted to play ‘house’ again. She seriously doesn’t need to lavish me like this.

Eriol then placed a hand on my bare shoulder - the contact of our skin felt like a branding iron literally. I immediately winced in the slight pain, but I wasn’t able to move away because he was already quick to turn me around to face the mirror.

“May I?” he said, our eyes meeting in the reflection.

Feeling defeated, I only nodded back at him.

Oh, Gods, the diamond necklace really is a beautiful piece, worthy to be worn by a woman, I had that resolution when its chain slid my neck. The process of it however made me almost blue. Why? Because I had to freaking hold my breath when he did so, otherwise he would notice the distinct jump of my heart in my chest.

The diamond tear-drop pendant settled perfectly in my cleavage, exactly an alluring display for the eyes - and Mr. Hot Butler’s eyes here were blessed to see it first.

I observed my appearance in the mirror, admiring the view, and briefly, then, my eyes shifted back at him and my breath hitched. The way he looked at me - his eyes basically - were searing with an uncontrollable desire. It was lust-filled.

Amidst this though, I noticed his lips pressed firmly together, struggling over something I suppose. I could have sworn I was saved at that moment, but then I felt it - his fingers running up my spine sensually.

My nerve endings instantly shot a thousand bolts of electricity all over my body. My knees weakened and it was a good thing that his free hand rested on my waist, otherwise, I would have staggered to the ground.

“An...dre...ahhh,” he hummed, drawling the syllable’s of my name exactly the same way as the man in my...dream!

My eyes widened. Paranoid? Am I going paranoid? Reality and dreams shouldn’t mix , right? But here it was, my first clue that my dream ‘suck-my-d*ck’ man could be a reality.

I immediately felt lethargic, allowing me to believe that his voice really could cast a sleep spell.

“Eriol...” I uttered, hoping to reduce my near-unconsciousness and I was lucky enough to be able to do so.

“You are so tempting right now. You look like you’re ready to be devoured...by me.”

My mouth dropped.

He leaned closer, putting his lips near my ear. I gasped when his fingers lightly caressed my back.

“Is this your way of seducing your guests, Mr. Butler?” I asked with sarcasm dripping in my voice. I made it that way because I definitely don’t want him to notice how seriously affected I was with his ministration.

He chuckled again really, really sexily.

“No Andrea. I only do this to you.”

What happened to the term ‘Milady Andrea’? Thrown out of the window?

“Huh.” I was mocking his remark but in truth, I honestly felt afraid of it.

Yes. Afraid. I actually felt like cowering under my bed cover and hide from him. This was the first time a man has openly expressed his desire on me. Not to mention this man was one hot specimen!

“I think we should go now,” my voice squeaked. I yanked myself from his hold and strolled hastily out of the room. The trace of his fingers still felt hot in my back, but I was able to shove it out of my attention.

I could sense that he was following me as I walked in the corridor. I was hoping beyond hope that his words were just a joke, but I realized it wasn’t the case when I came to stand at the top of the stairs.

My Auntie was already in the foyer, conversing with someone in the phone. She was so engrossed with it, she didn’t notice me at all. I heaved a sigh, trying to calm the quick beating of my heart. Before I could take a step down though, I felt Eriol’s hand on my waist again.

I froze.

“Very well then, Andrea. I will leave you for now, but let me tell you this. Prepare yourself, for before this night is through, I. Will. Taste. You,” he said.

I felt my throat dry immediately.

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