Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 5 - Behold the Prince

~ Eriol ~

I couldn’t contain myself anymore.

Having her near me was already poisonous, how much more if I touch her again? It would be the death of me. But what am I even saying? I am already dead. I am a demon. So what’s the use restricting myself now? What’s the use making myself suffer?

I have waited for her for a long time. Such a long, long time. The three Fates of Hell gave me a clue. They said that my Sarah will be reincarnated in the Anthoni Family, the sixth generation.

With that in mind, I set out to infiltrate myself into the Family. A butler would definitely be a good idea. I can gather clues and information about her while posing like that, but unfortunately, nothing happened. I waited and waited, almost beginning to become impatient until the faithful day came.

I felt the strong, undeniable connection when I saw her, Andrea Anthoni - ahhh, such a lovely name. She was sitting in the airport lounge area playing a silly game of the modern world.

The moment my eyes locked on her beautiful face, everything about the past came replaying in my head. The desperation. The hatred. The anger. The yearning. The desire. The pain. The love. Yes. The love. A demon like me actually knows how to love.

I can shamelessly say that I love her with all of my rotten heart and I will love her more. Even time won’t stop me. Don’t even say that it was all about the lust, because I am the Prince of Lust. I have the power to rule over that one single sinful emotion. I can pour it out in every human heart. Bring them to their knees and get them begging, begging to receive that kind of wonderful emotion. Begging for more.

I can’t however use my power on her, at least not deliberately. But being an archdemon, it was somehow difficult to control it. Just like what happened to her in the airport lounge. My voice that could lull anyone to sleep affected her and that was even without my control. Another incident was when I touched her bare shoulder for the first time last night. I knew then she felt the scalding heat of my hand. It was a good thing I was able to control it immediately; otherwise, she would have turned to ashes in my front.

Being me is the very reason why I am staying a short distance away from her, but just like the past where I can’t keep my hands off of her, I am the same now. My eyes could show it, my desire for her, and I know she can see through it too, know it one hundred percent because I can actually read her mind.

If she says I am looking at her like I was stripping her naked, then she was exactly right. I am really stripping her naked. I am already fucking her through my eyes. I am already having lewd thoughts on her just by looking. Yes. I want to fuck her. Fuck her senseless. I am the demon of lust in the first place. It’s my nature to be lustful. I am meant to be this way. You can’t find fault in that.

And now, I have finally made my desires known to her. I will have her before this night will end, and no one will stop me from doing that.

I saw Andrea leave together with my current employer riding the Mercedes Benz. I couldn’t help but notice her suddenly becoming nervous after I promised those words.

Hmmm... such a lovely thing, her still being a virgin. Untouched. Untainted. And it made me happy to think that only I can defile her. Only I can do anything and everything to her. Oh, yes, she doesn’t even know what pleasures she can learn from me. She doesn’t even know the sensations I can bestow on her. She will however know it gradually starting tonight. Yes, tonight. Just the thought of this immediately made me rock hard with anticipation.

I licked the protruding part of my lip-piercing and then snapped my fingers quickly. In just a split of a second, I found myself in another place - the convention building of DaisVita Corporation specifically where the charity event was being held. I stood at a small porch on the second floor while I waited for the Winner Mercedes Benz to arrive.

Teleportations of a demon always come in handy because I can go wherever I want to go without limits. Another skill of a demon would be invisibility. This was what I used in the past to be always beside Sarah, protecting her always, and this skill will be my advantage when protecting her again in this too flashy party where men ogle on her plunging neckline.

After minutes of waiting, the Winner automobile arrived in the receiving section, and then out came my precious flower.

Ahhh, such a pure soul she is, unlike those people ahead and around her. It is really amazing how humans are narcissistic. They make themselves beautiful and pleasing to the eyes when in fact all I can see in them are envious souls waiting to be barbecued in Hell.

My eyes never left her as she strolled slowly in the red carpet together with Marcella. They continued towards the entrance door of the convention hall looking like the elegant women that they are. However, as they neared the opening, a man as tall as me smoothly inched his way into their midst.

I saw Marcella talk to him comfortably and then, she introduced him to Andrea. My blood immediately boiled as the man, I think was of European descent, intently lifted her right hand, and placed a lingering kiss.

Touch her more and you will never see the light of day human! I shouted in my head like I was a lovesick fool, which of course I am. No denying that.

Good that Marcella hooked her elbow on the man thereafter. In that way, he won’t be able to advance his attentions to Andrea.

I teleported myself inside, next to a refreshment table, still invisible. Here, I was able to observe the trio cross the hall and into a center table where there were vacant chairs reserved for them. This man actually had the gall to even settle himself right next to Andrea. He continued his conversation with her and then I saw her chuckle lightly like she enjoyed what he said.

My eyes then hardened. This was exactly what I felt back then when Sarah was wedded to her eighth husband, Tobias. He was her fated mate, her soul mate, her rightful husband. But even that fact didn’t deter me from causing harm to him. It was just unfortunate, during that time, a certain stupid archangel thwarted my attempts, so I wasn’t successful on it. However, now, I can certainly do well with my murderous hands. I can certainly make this man bleed without mercy.

So, go on man, touch her if you like. I fucking dare you.

My eyes began to glow a deadly red.


~ Andrea ~

Gods, I can’t seem to keep myself calm. I tell you, I almost fell down the stairs after I heard Eriol say it. Good thing that I was able to keep my balance; otherwise, it would have been a grand descent to the foyer.

My Aunt never noticed my discomfort after she ended her phone call, and even when we were inside her second car, she didn’t say anything other than her excitement at the party.

I don’t know if I should take Eriol’s words seriously, but I have a great feeling that it might be a threat. A threat for - you know - my virginity and just thinking about it made me more nervous inside. But whatever he was planning, I am sure as hell to avoid it. Maybe I will lock myself inside my room immediately after the party. Or maybe I will try and persuade my Auntie to let me stay in a hotel tonight. Or maybe...

Gods, I just don’t know what to do!

But as of the moment, what I need to focus on was how to survive the charity event without tossing myself into the limelight with my stunning but showy dress.

As I said, Aunt Marcella hasn’t said anything to me, but now that I think about it, she had been acting weird since we rode to the charity ball - like matchmaking-mode weird. And I immediately understood why the moment she introduced me to Mr. Enrique Rafael DaisVita, the son of the owner of the DaisVita Corporation, a major benefactor of the charity, American Cancer Society.

Apparently, Auntie has set her eyes on him as a good candidate for me on her matchmaking endeavors. I bet the phone call she had earlier was to inform the guy that I was attending.

Mr. Enrique was a handsome man, however. Very articulate, very well-mannered, and even though it had been just minutes since we started a sensible conversation, I found that he had a good sense of humor. I noticed a lot of women stared at our way, clearly looking at him, and clearly sending me death glares.

Huh! By all means hyenas! I won’t even bother if you steal this man away from me!

But Mr. Enrique continued to stay with me, sitting in a reserved seat that was supposed to be for another guest.

“I’m sorry for staring at you too much, mi amor. You are just too beautiful not to look at,” he said in a suave manner, but I was able to notice his eyes dipping ever-so-clearly in my cleavage. Huh, typical!

I just gave him a tight-lipped smile, not letting him show how uncomfortable I was. “Thank you for taking your time with me, Mr. DaisVita-”

“No, you can call me Enrique, Andrea,” he butted in and then sandwiched my dainty hands in his bigger calloused ones. He is probably working out. That would explain the calloused skin. But this was not what made me feel uneasy. It was how he was touching my hand in a rather intimate way!

“I think that is not proper, Mr. DaisVita,” I answered, giving my Aunt a fleeting help-me glance, but she seemed rather too suspiciously busy, watching the start of the program.

Then suddenly his eyes started to thin and almost immediately, he released my hand and cringed in pain.

“Mr. DaisVita, are you okay?” I asked, feeling worried just by looking at his contorted face. For a man like him, it definitely wasn’t a normal sight to see, especially in public. He didn’t answer; instead, he wrapped his arms tightly around his stomach and doubled over, slowly growling in pain at the same time.

Now, my Auntie finally gave her attention back at us. “What has happened?” she asked quickly.

I shot her a confused look. “I don’t know Auntie. He suddenly became like this!”

“We should call somebody,” she said sternly, then immediately raised her hand and signaled a waiter to come. A Caucasian waiter came to the rescue and was most eager to help the poor rich man, assisting him to stand.

“You should go with him, dear. He needs your assistance,” my Auntie said while looking at me in the eye. I, of course, was taken aback. She is seriously not asking me that right?! Right?!

Although the lights of the hall were all turned off, I noticed the people in the nearby tables already looked at us. I felt a beginning feeling of embarrassment on the situation then. I wonder if this was what Mr. Enrique felt too - having his charms deduced to this because of a mere stomachache.

“Alright,” I said, but I agreed not because I was worried of the man, but because I felt cognizant of the stares of the people. I wanted to extract myself out of this place ASAP before I turn myself into a tomato. Like I said before, I shy myself away from this kind of attention.

Aunt Marcella was obviously more than willing to let me go with Mr. DaisVita. After giving her a quick peck on the cheek, I followed the waiter from behind. We directly headed out of the hall and entered into a small corridor where there were three lounge rooms available.

Another waiter, who noticed us along the way, helped the first one ease the poor fellow into the couch. I was just standing outside of the threshold staring at them not knowing what to do. Then, I felt someone touch me from the back and I immediately turned around to see who it was. I was surprised to see that it was Mr. Hot Butler himself, his eyes giving off a spark of what looked like undeniable jealousy.

“Eriol!” I gasped, my heart doing a somersault of beats. Then, his threat earlier instantly resurfaced in my head. Great! Just great! I immediately felt a beginning fear inside me.

He swiftly grabbed my left arm and commanded - yes, a butler actually commanded - in a stern voice, “Come with me.”

Oh, oh, oh... He pulled me immediately without waiting for my reply. It’s not that I would even complain though. I was actually glad that someone pulled me out of that awkward situation with Mr. Stomachache Man.

Striding out of a corridor, my feet tried to match the quick pace of Eriol’s walking but it was so hard for me considering that I was wearing five inches Jimmy Choo stilettos. He held me tightly like I was an important object he was afraid of letting go. I glanced at his profile and saw that he was frowning; lips pressed firmly and eyebrows knitted. Gods, he still looked hot even with this expression.

We headed straight to a secluded part of the convention hall. I didn’t bother to ask why though but I did wonder if he was sent by my Aunt to accompany me. Yes. I think I had to ask him that just to make sure, but my answer actually came rather much, much sooner than I expected, and it was in a rather unorthodox way too.

In just the blink of an eye, I was back in my Aunt’s house and not just that, it was even in my bed chamber!

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