Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 6 - And So It Begins


I blinked twice, thrice. Many times actually. Until my mind registered that I was truly back in my room. Eriol was still holding my arm, so I yanked it free quickly.

Lucky for me, he released it but I had the notion that he was hesitant to do so. He cast me a dark look, so intense, so burning that I began to believe that phase one of his threat was on the move. What else would I think? Of all the places we could go, why in my bedroom, right?

But wait, how did we get here in the first place anyway?

“Ho-how did we?” I sputtered, my voice laced with disbelief. I wasn’t dumb not to notice that something supernatural had just happened. I certainly don’t believe in vampires but I feel that this was the case. Yeah, me and my brain, and I owe it all to my True Blood and Twilight fangirling. How crazy was that?!

“Milady, could you so much as explain to me why you are babysitting that pathetic of a man?” he asked, ultimately disregarding my question. I stepped backward as he inched nearer. Still, he emitted the jealous aura. Why was he even jealous? He was just a butler, not my boyfriend!

“I wasn’t babysitting him. Aunt Marcella asked me to accompany him because he just got a serious stomachache all of a sudden,” I answered, slightly irritated. I don’t think that it was compulsory explaining this to him, but it was kind of a reflex I did so.

He scoffed silently. “Serves him right, but maybe I should have used a heavier force. I would have delighted to see him unconscious.”

Now that was cold. Even though I didn’t understand what he was talking about, for some reason it raised the hairs in my skin, especially now that his eyes were gleaming murderously.

“What are you talking about Eriol? And more so, you haven’t explained to me how we got our butts here in just a split of a second?”

Did I sound too calm? Too accepting of this weird sudden location change? I hope yes. Just so that he wouldn’t find me weak. But I tell you, I am not even one slightest bit calm right now. My knees shook and my palms feel like they have just massaged a seriously gross, oily fat man in a spa.

His eyes turned soft. His face turned soft. Exactly not the same cold, I-fucking-don’t-care facade. “Milady, it’s complicated to tell you, but you should know that you are safe with me. Trust who I am.”

“Yeah right.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms in my chest. “Like I would feel safe with you after that threat in the stairs.”

“Hmmm...” He smirked and chuckled. He freaking smirked and chuckled! My inner psychologist immediately told me that this wasn’t good. So not good!

“I love it that you remembered my promise, Andrea,” he continued, the soft expression he had earlier gone and replaced with that of a perverted, ready-to-fuck face.


Oh... so that was a promise. Great. Now, I honestly feel like bolting out of the room just so I can get away from him. I can’t believe that he was planning intimacy with me already. We have just known each other yesterday for Pete’s sake!

“NO, you won’t be able to get away from me, Andrea,” he said it so casually as he had just read my mind.

Oh no. Edward Cullen? Are you in there? Can you hear my thoughts sweetheart? I know I am cracking up right now, but this was all I could do to lessen my fear.

“What are you..? Does Aunt Marcella know?” I made it sound soft, pleading and I was hoping he would get the gist. I seriously wanted to know who this man my Auntie has hired as a butler. And I also wanted to know if my Auntie knew about him. What a surprise would it be if that was the case.

A vampire - that was my first suspicion, but not that, please. I don’t want the gory suck-my-blood system. I don’t want a man-turned-bat with flipping black reptilian wings. But what else would I think? I have already confirmed that he ain’t a member of the human race. Being a vampire was the closest to his damn sexy good looks.

He closed his eyes and took in a cleansing breath like he was calming himself. I wonder if he was feeling nervous too. But, then again, he could just be controlling his simmering temper directed towards me.

“You will know in due time,” he stated, and then in just barely a second, he breached my personal space more than I could ask for and cupped my chin. I clenched my jaw and darted him a cold glare. I was ready to stand my ground if ever he would advance to phase two.

He looked unaffected with my fire though and that pissed me.

“What’s important now is you and me.” He stressed the pronouns like it had a damn soul.

“There is NO you and me,” I spat, giving no meaning to it. I willed myself to distance from him by stepping back but his other hand captured my slim waist. He pressed his body to mine and Gods, I could instantly feel something protruding down his abdomen, poking deliciously against my belly. This was uncharted territory for me obviously so it was no surprise I shifted a little to avoid IT.

My eyes unconsciously landed on his mouth - his parted, luscious, lip-pierced mouth. A bullet of sensations instantly fired inside me then. I need to escape this temptation, my sane brain planned, but for some reason, I actually anticipated the collision of our mouths.

He leaned his face closer and stated warmly near my cheek, “Andrea, I miss you so much. You don’t know how many centuries I have waited for you.”

Still... I did not understand what he was saying but centuries? He did say that right? Clue number one of him being a vampire. Yheeyy! What a lovely day for me!

Nope. I’m dead.

“You are not seriously going to rape me now are you?” I asked sternly, but my voice actually shook. Screaming now won’t do any good in a big house. No one would hear me. And considering we - flew? teleported? used the Asgardian Bifrost? - our way here, no one knows I am back in the house.

“No, rape is certainly not the issue here Andrea. I don’t do rape because I know you would willingly give yourself to me. You want me as much as I want you. You can’t deny that. I can feel your desire.”

Amidst how dreadful it would sound, I have to admit, he got it right on the spot. I would be lying if I say I didn’t feel the attraction between us. I would be lying if I say that I am not affected by his charms or whatever that was called. He was a hot butler. A hot man in totality. Who wouldn’t be attracted to him?

I am still a virgin. I should be cowering right now for a possible deflowering but hey, even the members of the Society for Never-Been-Touched Virgin Maidens dream of experiencing a crazy, hot, sweat-covered best sex of their life! I have a feeling that this man in front of me can deliver that. Why? Because of his kiss.

I was cut off from my thoughts when Eriol pressed his lips on mine. And then the bullet was shot. I felt lovely sensations run through every fiber of my being immediately. I was supposed to slap him of course and ran away, but this ultimately stoned me on the floor. His kiss was creating havoc in my brain. I couldn’t process any other reflexive responses other than to part my lips more and give him a wider access of my mouth. It felt unusual at first to have the lip-piercing touch my lips but after a few seconds, I adjusted.

His right hand wandered into my head and threaded the locks of my long, auburn hair, while the other one, pulled me even closer so that I would be pinned in his body.

Oh. No. No. No. Not this again. I am feeling IT poking at my belly once again and this time, I can’t deny that I want to poke it back!

“Yes, kiss me back An..dre..ahh...” he said ever so sensually when our lips briefly parted. I was already panting, feeling like I had run a marathon race while he looked like he was just in a casual walk around the park.

I noticed his smirk, no doubt reading my thoughts.

“I will make our first night slow for you, don’t worry. I will fuck you like you are just sleeping,” he explicitly declared whilst unzipping the back of my dress.

I unconsciously bit my bottom lip in response.

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