Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 7 - Hands Down The Best 'O'

“No. I...I don’t think I can do this,” I said, putting my hands in between us and pushing him lightly backward. Huh! Finally! Some sense coming back to me. But that didn’t so much as linger. It was immediately tossed out of the door when Eriol cupped my butt and lifted me up effortlessly into the mattress.

As soon as I hit it, he launched himself on top of me and brought his lips back into mine. It was a slow kiss at first, but then it became hard when his tongue darted inside my mouth. Oh Gods, I was actually eager to spar with it!

He sucked my tongue. Made a tornado out of it. And then massaged it with heavenly grace. The twirling of his tongue was similar to a symphony of orchestra; playful and engaging, and I was certainly a captivated audience.

Eriol’s hand moved down my thighs and then gathered the hem up to my abdomen with precision. I felt the coldness of the air pass in between my legs immediately, but his adept fingers pressed against the folds made me feel more conscious. Gently, he grazed a finger in my still-covered clit. In reaction, I gave out a low moan. Damn, this happens to be my first intimate sensation and I feel that I am almost at my orgasm already.

“I am your butler, Andrea. Give me the pleasure of pleasuring you,” he said sluggishly in my ear and with that, he slid his fingers inside my black cotton underwear and rubbed my swelling bell with finesse.

I let out a loud gasp of ‘ahhs’ and closed my eyes. Closed it to feel the new sensation more. But Eriol, as dominating as he was, ordered me stiffly, “Open your eyes.”

I didn’t.

He rubbed my crevice from pole to pole VI.GO.RIOUS.LY and then smoothly inserted two fingers inside my slick cavern. That ultimately made me writhe in pleasure.

“Open your eyes I say. I want you to see who is finger-fucking you now,” he grunted.

I did as he told, although half-liddedly. A smirk appeared on his lips. He retreated his fingers and inserted it again. Retreat, insert. Retreat, insert. Retreat, insert. Oh, Gods. What a professional! The slick pattern of it immediately gave me an explosion of sensations from my feet to my head.

It started with a numbing, ticklish feeling in my feet, then it crawled up to my legs, and into my breasts, ending with a million streaks of electricity in my nipples. My head then felt like it was being dipped in water - minus the literal drowning of course - and being massaged with hands applied with jasmine-scented lotion.

Is this an orgasm? WOW. What a bliss, but I have a feeling this wasn’t even the best part. I know this because that THING; that wonderful, muscle-packed, vein-engorged, fully-loaded erection of his was still under his black slacks. I was so ready to rip them out of him actually.

“Eriol...” I uttered weakly. Now that my orgasm had eased, a sense of reasoning finally returned to me. I couldn’t say the word ‘no more’ bluntly, but I shook my head. I had hoped that he understood my message, but he just looked at me with desire-filled eyes still.

“We are not done yet, An..dre..ahh,” he said with so much promise, so much confidence it made my heart stop beating for a moment.

He straightened up, pulled out his shirt, and I could immediately see the finest, most-shaped, mouth-watering male physique in the entire world, and no, I am definitely not exaggerating. He even has a tattoo in his left bicep; in black ink, a mixture of an artsy sun and moon. I find it surprisingly sexy.

Looking at him like this, I thought: This is just half of his body. How much more if he gets all naked in front of me? Maybe I would have a cardiac arrest for sure.

I was still panting when he hoisted me up to sit. He reached for my back and continued to unzip my gown. Easy was it to be pulled out of my convulsing body and so fast it almost made me think that he used his whatever-power to make me naked quicker.

Again, I pleaded my case. Sense of reason coming on me again and this time, I was able to finally say a loud ‘NO’. I know that I desire him, but I believe that this was just too fast. Everything was too fast. I have just known him yesterday. If anything, I would have wanted to date him first. Experience all the firsts at the same time and share our likes and dislikes exactly just like a normal couple would.

With what was happening, it made me feel like this was just a casual fling. That by the end of this night, Mr. Hot Butler here was just doing his job pleasing his guests during their stay. I don’t want that to happen to me. I don’t want a one-night stand - although I know it would be a mind-blowing sex - but no, still I am not taking any chances.

“No.” This time it was he who said it. I covered my exposed breasts with one arm while I waited for him to continue, but he quickly pushed me back to lie in the mattress and pinned both of my hands on each side. Picture Kate Winslet on her Titanic nude sketch - that’s exactly what I looked like top naked and with the tear-drop diamond necklace still clasped around my neck.

“I still want to hear you moan.” With a lulling effect on his voice, I immediately felt drowsy, exactly the same thing that happened to me yesterday in the airport and inside the BMW car.

I wonder if this was part of his unearthly powers. I badly wanted to know the answer because I am in for a lot of sleeping if that was the case. Huh! Talk about fucking me as if I am sleeping.

Before I could react, he quickly interrupted me with another torpedoing tongue. When he withdrew, what came out from my mouth was another soft moan.

He trailed kisses down my neck, disregarding the necklace, and then proceeded to mouth one painfully erect nipple. He sucked and twirled his tongue like the maestro that he was in my mouth, and kneaded my breasts tenderly at the same time.

It made me deliciously dizzy the whole time.

After lingering a full heavenly minute on my breasts, he continued his attentions on my thighs, stroking and caressing my legs until he pulled my underwear swiftly. Without wasting a minute, he parted my legs and I know, my womanhood immediately said hello.

I made a gasp, a really loud gasp as I felt his divine tongue there. Exactly down there. How bold was that?!

If this was what he calls foreplay, then I am already an addict. Every flick of his tongue was perfect. Every wet contact was beyond imagination. The cold, hard metal that was his lip-piercing pressing my soft folds actually felt unfamiliar, but nevertheless, surprisingly arousing. I just closed my eyes and let out a series of moans.

At one time, it made me wonder if I could find something better than this, and then it hit me. YES, there’s one. He still hasn’t released his boa, and that boa, I am sure makes one hell of a constriction.

“You taste so good, Andreahh... You don’t know how much I have craved for this,” he stated, stopping temporarily from his licks.

“Eriol... please...”

I didn’t know if my please meant to stop or continue, but hell, he didn’t mind to confirm it at all because he continued anyway with his onslaught.

I felt blood pool in my belly then, coupled with a throbbing ache ready to explode. Three. Two. One. And explode it did when he nibbled on my central bell. Was the roof torn apart? Because I can definitely see stars now.

I stifled a whine through a bite in my forefinger. No. I will not give him the pleasure of hearing me moan again. But damn, it was so hard considering I just received the best oral any woman can have, virgin or not.

Yeah. Hands down, THE. BEST. ORAL.

I closed my eyes and felt my body convulse in maximum limit. Second orgasm for me. Zero for Eriol.

After a few measured breaths, I rose up slightly and dropped my gaze on him, on his sexy face in between my legs. Our eyes met and I saw his smoldering gaze, but then the corners of his mouth twitched - like disappointed twitch. I don’t know why. I am not a mind reader. He is. I wonder if he had read something inside me that made him feel like that.

“You look good like this Andrea. I like it.” He straightened and browsed me in my most vulnerable form, huffing and all heated up. He knew what I wanted. He knew what I ached. He knew what I was about to beg out of my mouth. Just by looking at his eager face, I could see that he wanted a share of a mind-blowing orgasm too but no, hell no. I realized, based on the brief twitch of his mouth, it wasn’t going to happen.

He touched my clit again sensually. I jerked forward. With the super-sensitive state of my womanhood right now, anything foreign contacting it would be welcomed.

“You are so wet, so juicy...” He encircled his fingers on my opening.

I clenched my jaw, trying not to bite my lip.

“You look like you are so ready to be fucked by me Andrea, but no. No. I am not going to give it to you now,” he said so sternly. “Until I feel your heart free of any hesitation, THIS is only what will be of us.”

He brought his slick fingers near his mouth and smelled my aroma. Shock instantly registered my face. But it was not only that! He fucking licked his fingers and tasted my post-orgasm juice, looking at me at the same time with glowing red eyes. Damn... Damn... Damn... SO HOT! SO HOT!

I felt relieved with his words, yes, but did I just hear my mind shout out a disagreement?

He then stood up out of the bed, picked up his shirt from the floor, stared at me most pervertedly again, and suddenly disappeared in my front without a trace.

I fell stunned seeing his supernatural exit but I was dumbfounded more of my current state. Naked. Hot. Wet hot. In the throes of another orgasm. And he just freaking left! What a complete fool! I honestly thought he was going to go all the way with me and now, he suddenly holds back?

What the fuck!

But what am I even saying? I should be happy right now. I should be relieved. But... but then why do I feel suddenly so incomplete?

I pulled the blanket to cover my body and palmed my face with both of my hands. That was when I noticed, my eyes were already wet with tears. I didn’t even have a clue I was crying. Wait. Was this the reason why he backed out? Were my tears really that compelling to halt him in his tracks?

Looking at a few angry kiss marks on my cleavage, I immediately realized three things.

One was that although a part of me longed for him, I was glad it never happened. That I am still an intact flower, thank the Gods. Two. I was beginning to feel that staying in this house for three weeks ain’t going to be easy. Three. Because I feel that I am going to ache more of his touch from this point onward.

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