Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles

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Chapter 8 - A Sudden Intrusion

I woke up in the morning trying to figure out what to do besides doing my routine morning care of course. I hoped to skip breakfast and just directly leave the house just so that I could avoid him, but when I checked on my iPhone in the bedside table, I found a message from my Auntie telling me that she wanted to see me first thing in the morning, and by that, she meant taking breakfast together.

I wasn’t hungry though. Eriol, just as you would expect of a butler, sent a maid in my room to give me my tray of dinner. That was after he left me feeling - well -full in a different sense. I thought it was kind of him to do that. He knew that I wasn’t able to eat at the charity ball because of Mr. DaisVita’s apparent attention-grabbing stomachache.

When I opened the tray, it was full of specialized cuisines better than what I saw in the party. There was also a card in it with my name written on the front and it said, “Thank you for the feast, Milady. Now, let me make it up to you. Eat up and enjoy. I cooked it myself.” And at the bottom of it, words were written complete with a wink and a smiley with tongue thrusting out, “P.S. I didn’t place poison in it. Only an aphrodisiac.”

Nice. Nice. Was this his way of teasing me? Because I seriously don’t consider it funny. I never knew vampires can cook. Well, that’s if he was truly a vampire.

Clue number two that I have was that he has a supernatural quickness of whipping up such delicious-looking grub. Clue number three - his way of transporting from one place to the other. Clue number four - although he seems to be unaffected by sunlight, he still wore sunglasses when he drove me and my Auntie in the shopping district. I am not even sure if that was even counted as a clue, but no bother. Everything counts if it was Eriol we are talking about. I am certainly curious of him, but it’s better not to push my luck on these clues. I wouldn’t want to end up being sucked dry if I turn out to be right.

The food he cooked was so good, I had to take second servings in order to sate my hunger. And that consequently is the reason why I am not hungry this morning. However, since my Auntie requested it, I might as well go downstairs and eat with her. A banana this morning would be good. I am actually craving for it right now.

When I arrived at the dining room an hour later, my Auntie was already there, sitting in her usual chair. What immediately caught my breath was her companion, standing a few feet away from her and talking. It was Eriol back in his butler suit.

He eyed me then even though I was as quiet as a mouse, hiding behind a Roman God bust.

Aunt Marcella turned around to look at my way and then joyfully stated, “Andi! What are you doing there? Come here dear.”

I stepped out and slowly strode towards the table wearing a beaming smile. Eriol just stared at me, no nod of acknowledgement or a greeting of good morning.

After kissing my Auntie’s cheek in greeting, I sat on my chair. Gosh. What an awkward situation. Aunt Marcella is in my front but all I am thinking now is Eriol’s lovely mouth in my...

Shit. Shake it off! Shake it off!!!

I shook my head quickly. Gods, has he entranced me or something? All I could ever think of this morning was his lip-pierced mouth, how it made a feast on my clit, and how his cold piercing nudged at my flesh. Most likely, it was a contributory factor in my orgasms, but I do believe that with or without it, he was still one superb entertainer.

“So, how was your night?” Aunt Marcella asked. There was a hint of mischievousness in her eyes that I couldn’t disregard. I slightly choked on the banana I was eating then when I thought she was asking me about my tryst with her butler.

“Pardon Auntie?” I asked, clarifying her question.

“Ohhh, don’t you play dumb with me Andi. Mr. Enrique Rafael DaisVita? How was your night with him? I am pretty sure it went well judging from your look today.”

Look? What look? Does my face show that I just had the best oral of my life last night?

My Auntie really was a straightforward person. She didn’t waste time juicing me up with details on my night with Mr. Rich Man. Unfortunately, there was no juice with him, but with Mr. Hot Butler? Overflowing with it. Hah!

“You’re silly Auntie. Nothing happened between me and Mr. DaisVita,” I answered whilst glancing briefly at Eriol who fleetingly produced a smart grin. I bet he enjoyed watching me undergo this interrogation. Good thing Aunt Marcella seemed oblivious of our actions.

She raised her brows in disbelief, landing her attention on the business paper that Eriol held. “Really? If so, then why do you look different today? You look more blooming and akin to a woman in the beginnings of falling in love.”

Again, I choked on my banana. Sheesh, such a hopeless romantic she is.

“Oh? Do I now?” I said crossing my arms on my chest and squinting my eyes on her way trying to look ugly. This got her laughing immediately.

“Goodness, Andi. You sure need more persuasion on the matters of the heart. I honestly thought you like Enrique. He is a handsome man, rich, has good sense of humor-”

“And a Casanova hound,” I abruptly added. “Seriously Auntie. You are trying to hook me up with him? All I see in that man is his eagerness to get me laid right away!”

Then my eyes shot a glare on Eriol who still stood silently near us. The nerve of him. Playing like an innocent angel.

“Oh hush...” she rebuked. “He is just too besotted with you. You do realize you were wearing a plunging neckline. Any man who looks at you would desire you immediately.”

I was shocked by her words. I do know the eccentricity of my Aunt, but I didn’t realize she was this much open-minded with these kinds of issues; definitely unlike my mother who prefers the traditional way of how social relationships work. However, I guess Aunt Marcella has a point. Maybe Mr. DaisVita was captivated with me because of how I dressed last night. Maybe I criticized his actions way too much.

My eyes betrayed me and briefly glanced at Eriol again. I felt heat in my cheeks then when I saw his orbs flame with desire. I bet he understood my Auntie’s point too. He is a man. He knows what exactly she was saying.

I would have commented on her statement, but as if right on cue, her new model BlackBerry cellphone rang. I directed my attention on a slice of California-raisin bread, lathered it with unsalted butter and bit on it leisurely as I listened to her conversation with her caller. I didn’t miss it when she mentioned Mr. DaisVita’s name and something about coming over. As soon as she ended the call, all intentions were made known.

“It was Enrique dear, and you would be delighted to know that he is coming over here now. Isn’t that lovely?”

Yeah. Right. Lovely for you. Not for me.

“He said he wants to apologize to you in person for his unusual behavior last night.”

Having a stomachache really isn’t unusual, that’s what I thought. Unless, it has something to do with a certain supernatural being which was in this case named Eriol. He did make it clear last night that he was the cause of Mr. DaisVita’s predicament.

“I...I don’t think that is a good idea, Auntie,” I quickly stated, giving her a serious look whilst feeling worried of Mr. DaisVita. Whatever Eriol did to him, he might do that again later, possibly even worse. I don’t even know why he did that though, but I have a feeling it has something to do with me and his obvious jealousy.

Again, I have to ask, why was he jealous in the first place anyway?

Aunt Marcella forked a piece of ham and then looked at me. “Why?” she asked and I immediately answered, “He doesn’t really need to apologize. I honestly understood the situation last night. Coming here..” my voice faltered for a moment, “is too much.”

“He did mention that that is not the only reason why he wanted to see you,” my Aunt replied. I felt my hands sweat this time. “He wants to invite you to dinner, Andi. He had asked my permission to date you.”

Talk about a quick approach. How about asking for my permission then? Doesn’t that count?

“What? Seriously Auntie? That’s all the more reason why he shouldn’t come here!” I squeaked.

“I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all, Milady Andrea,” Eriol suddenly butted in. The swiftness of his voice immediately raised my heartbeat. What now? What is he seriously going to say now? “Pardon my intrusion, but I say let Milord DaisVita come Milady. Your beauty is designed to be praised by your admirers.”

He is taunting me, I tell you. He is taunting me!

“Oh Eriol!” My Auntie actually giggled and I saw her hand lightly pat his left elbow. “You are such a gentleman. Don’t make Andi blush too much, she might end up having a fever.”

Eriol’s lips actually curled up into a tight grin and his eyes bore a dark, cold look when he stared at me. I was sure deep inside that perverted brain of his, he was planning on something sinister on the poor man.

Aunt Marcella turned to face me and stated, “Anyway, you should go back to your room now and start preparing yourself. He will be here in a few minutes from now dear. You should look your best.”

I am at my best! My mind screamed. I don’t use push-up bras in order to swell my breasts and I don’t use heavy make-up in order to hide my normalcy. This is my definition of best - my normal me - and I don’t need a man to change that, thank you!

I know I have lost my battle for freedom. Two votes versus one? How fair was that? But being a responsible guest and niece, I conceded. I nodded to her and said “alright” but before I could stand up, I heard Aunt Marcella instruct something to Eriol.

“I want you to send this together with the package in UPS after you drop me off in Alecsa. Make sure everything is on time,” she said with authority, in her hand was the business paper I saw earlier.

My brows rose and gave her a questioning look. “You’re going out Auntie?” I asked, curiosity peaked in me. I am relieved to know now that Eriol won’t be in the house when Mr. DaisVita comes. At least, he will be safe.

“Yes, dear. Today is Tuesday. It is baccarat day with my friends,” she answered plainly, knowing that I understood what she meant by baccarat day. It seems old habits are really hard to stop huh? I guess this milder form of gambling was her way of relieving her stress and loneliness. “I won’t be here later so be sure to share everything to me tonight alright?” she added and winked at me.

Oh dear. She really was in the peak of her matchmaking mode. I am quite sure she’s taking advantage of my vacation.

A happy smile broke out from my lips, but I didn’t show that to Eriol. However, he can read my thoughts so I know it was still a worthless move. I kissed my Auntie on the cheek and left the dining room hastily. I have something in plan when Mr. DaisVita comes and in order for that to happen, I had to wear my sassy cowboy boots first.

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