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HE promised me forever........and i was too naive to believe him. Meet Scarlet Wilson carrying worst scar on her heart betrayed by someone she loved with every atom of herself. Now with the motive to move on and forget about her past and not getting attached to anyone. well fate has other plans... now meet Zion Wenderson. just a name can make girls go week on their knees. yeah he's devilishly handsome. With sharp jaws, piercing blue eyes, broad shoulders, 6'2 multimillionaire. he has everything a person can only dream of. with luxurious lifestyle, hanging girls on his each arms. in short he's a complete package. damm but he's a spoiled brat. Who thinks money and looks can buy everything. wait until scarlet Wilson comes in the picture. (wink,wink)

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chapter 1

Chapter 1

Beep beep! Beep beep!

AS that annoying voice of alarm falls in her ears she opens her beautiful green eyes. But those eyes are swollen, red ,puffy, Laced with dark circles. Yes she didn’t sleep, she didn’t sleep at all not because she don’t want to but because she wasn’t able to. Those memories haunt her every minute, every fucking second but at night those memories strikes her heart with full power.

She wishes to be a vampire, atleast she would be able to numb those feelings just like vampires did in vampire diaries. She would be so lucky just to turn off that feeling button. But damm this reality, Damm this heart wrenching pain. It torture her so so much that sometimes she feels like she can’t breathe.

Everyday she bears this unbearable pain. Everyday makes her realise that how empty she feels, that what a shell of a person she became because of him. It is so natural for her to have to plaster that fake smile on her face to hide her pain infront of others. Now she don’t even know how to smile heartily, how to laugh she forgot all this 6 months ago when she came to know about that ugly betrayal of him. That betrayal shattered every single atom of her soul. That’s why people say that love is dangerous and when it destroys you then you can never be same again. Either it is best or it is worst.

If she would’ve have known that this is what happens when love someone with everything in you then trust her she never would’ve dare to cross path with love. Sometimes she thinks that god hates her that’s why he didn’t save her , that’s why she crossed path with love, that’s why she crossed path with Him.

A single tear escapes from her left eye indicating how broken she is, how small she feels, how desperately she try to search what was her mistake, what did she did wrong, what wrong she said. That he punished her like this, that he gave her endless suffering. Everyday she tries to be strong. Everyday she tries to pretend that she’s ok, that she’s moving on. But everynight she realises that all this moving on is just mere miraj and finally at last she breaks and that cycle continues. Every day this trying, this pretending drains her mentally. And leaves her pathetic mess to cry behind.

She hates to be weak, she really begs everyday to god to help her, she daily hopes for some miracle to happen that can help her to move on or atleast something that can distract her. And finally god listened one day. She got accepted in the most prestigious college in Wales(fictional town)“WESTERWOOD”.

“WESTERWOOD’’ most famous and best college in the world known for producing best of the best human assets no matter what field, or career. You should consider yourself damm lucky if you got accepted in this this college. If you are pursuing your career from this college then no one can stop you to become successful. Each and every department and faculty radiates perfection. All elites and pupils of celebrities attend this college. And out of 10000 only 100 commoners are accepted and that too because of such a difficult scholarship entrance exam. And she’s proud to admit that she’s one of them.

This university is supported by elites. Children of big business tycoons, famous fashion designers, famous chefs, heartthrobs musicians, rockstars , international choreographers, future stars this college gave birth to all of them and still it is. Since every department is perfect in their field.

But there’s second category which speaks intelligence and hardwork that is accepted there and she falls in this category. Cause she wasn’t born with silver spoon in her mouth. She got accepted her because of her hardwork and intelligence. She got this scholarship that many students can only dream off.

As soon as she got that acceptance letter she came here. She escaped cause now her hometown was suffocating her. Places reminding her of memories she just don’t want to be reminded of. That small town reminds her of him, his false hopes, his false promises……his to be with her forever. That’s why she escaped and never wants to go back. Never.

She came Wales( fictional town name) 2 days ago. This city was really big with large population most of them rich. And the first thing she did was she secured a job in local café named Brownies. Cause she don’t have a single penny in her pocket. Thank god that fortunately this college provides all facilities like living place and all cabs and food facility. Otherwise she can’t even imagine how she would’ve survived thank god. She’s sharing a room with one other girl sera. Sera is really beautiful with perfect tan,slender body with curves and long black hairs with features of a model.The room is really spacious with two decent bed, 1 bathroom and small kitchen. Even the walls are painted with her favourite neon blue colour.

Today is her first day which she’s really hoping would give her smooth and positive kickstart. She really needs some positivity.

“cammon scarlet get up get up, we can’t get late for our first lecture, cammon girl getup.” Speaking to her self she get up and move towards barthroom to get ready.





After waiting for 5 min cab arrives.

’’hey sera cab arrived we should go” she speaks to her roommate who’s busy applying mascara.

“yeah just1 minute lemme put on this new shade, after all hotties will be there”.

Sera replies while still giving her a touch up looking in the mirror. She’s dressed in high wasted black jeans with red sleeveless top, opened her black hairs with minor heels.

On the other hand she’s dressed in plain white shirt and blue jeans with white converses. But her face is spotless no makeup, brown hairs in fishtail. The more she’ll be invisible more will be better for her. She’ll be comfortable being alone. All she just want is to study hard and become something in life. She don’t want any relations.

“so how do I look?”sera asks turning around.

“you look great”. She says and sera’s face lights up. “thanks, you look umm good too Scarlet”. Sera replies looking her up and down. “umm thanks” she replies with a small smile.

With this both of them head down. She really hopes for her good day. She can’t just can’t handle anymore negativity…she can’t.

HEY my dear readers please share your views on my first chapter. I’m not a writer but I got motivated by reading and thought to give a try. I know there are going to mistakes so please help me to correct them. Dear readers I’m really nervous cause English isn’t my native language. So I hope you all will help me and give my story one try. Please…

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