Shattered Moon

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I wake up and look at my clothes, my swimming costumes and toiletries spread across the room. All this needs to fit into my suitcase by this evening. It is not a lot, and it is not that I don’t know how to pack it, it is just that I feel sad to leave. Once all my things are neatly arranged in the suitcase, it will be only too evident that departure is imminent.

I swing my legs out of bed and pad my way to the bathroom. I slip off the T-shirt I have been using to sleep in and wiggle out of my pants. I turn on the shower and step briskly under the cold jet of water. The sensation is refreshing. The water is cool on my skin, and the freedom of just stepping around the wet bathroom floor without worrying about it being soaked is liberating.

I’m still daydreaming under the shower when I hear the door.

‘Heellooo. It’s only me. Are you decent?’ I spit out the water that has entered my mouth while laughing at her question. I don’t know what Cindy is insinuating!

‘Sure I am. I’m in the shower.’

‘Alone?’ She teases.

‘No, Tom & Jerry are with me! Of course alone, you devious girl.’

‘We are going for breakfast, and then I need to tackle the packing battle. Are you joining us, Mad?’

As much as I like Greg and I could do with a bit of a morale boost from them both, I don’t want to intrude. It’s their last day together too, after all.

‘Nah. I’ll do my packing first. Will leave out what I need for today and my travel clothes for tomorrow. I’ll get my stuff ready and then go to the beach. You know I’m restless if I have that hanging over me. I’ll see you around the beach somewhere, and if not, have a brilliant day!’

‘As long as you’re sure.’

‘Of course I am. And hey, Cindy.’

She puts her head around the bathroom door. ‘Yes?’

‘Are you happy? Are you okay?’ I feel bad about not asking her this before. I have been so wrapped up in my warped reality that I have neglected her completely.

‘I am, yes. I’m very well. I like Greg a lot, and that’s a bit worrying for me, but I’m happy for now. Don’t you worry about me! And I know you don’t want to talk now, but you need to let me know what’s going on with you soon. All right?’

‘Okay.’ I consent, although I really don’t want to discuss how I feel with anyone, not even Cindy. I need to understand what is happening to my feelings before I vent my deep emotions to anyone. I’m safe just to discuss things with myself for now. I hear the door closing and Cindy talking outside the room.

I step out of the bathroom, dripping water everywhere. I quickly rub the towel over myself. I grab my bikini, a white tank top and my orange print wrap-around skirt. My beach bag is already waiting by the door with my towel, book, sunshades and sun cream. A pair of earphones completes my needs for a few hours.

I’m looking forward to my final beach-bumming session.

I grab my bag and head for the beach. I’m itching to see Kiri.

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