Shattered Moon

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I put down the book which has been keeping me company for the evening, walk back to the room and slip on the figure-hugging black dress that I laid out on the bed. Yes, another of Cindy’s ‘loans.’ My fine silver necklace is already in place, and so are the little stud earrings that Lucy gave me. A little dab of perfume behind my ears and on my wrists and I’m good to go. Well, I would never be good to go if I listened to myself, but I’m learning not to pay too much attention to my inner critic. So here I am. Ready as can be.

It is a bit daunting walking to the beach on my own, with no one to run to for cover, just in case. But I tell myself I’m a big girl, and he has been lovely the whole day. Everything will be fine. So off I go. Turning right on the little road. The stars are already shining bright, and the moon is a million watts. It’s nearly full. The few street lamps scattered along the road are a complete waste of time, totally paled by the brightness of the moon. It looks so near. If you raised your hand, you could touch it. The breeze is still in the air, but it is pleasant now. The noises of the main road are no more muffled by the activities of the day, and they are loud. The stray dogs intermittently howl at each other or respond to calls from distant packs. Only faint music is now coming from the beach. I walk on. I can hear my sandals clapping on the road. There is no one around. It’s so peaceful. I turn the corner at the end of the old wall and jump out of my skin. Kiri is there.

‘Hey!’ He cheers.

I clam up, trying to study his expression. I need to be sure he is not in the trance-like state of the other evening.

‘I was just coming to look for you. We have closed already. I missed you.’ His tone is happy, and he gently kisses my lips.

I relax into his arms. I’m glad he is himself. Without saying a word, we walk back to the hotel. I get the key out, turn to the door, and as I’m fumbling to open it, his hands slid to my waist, and he starts nuzzling my neck. I feel electric shocks shooting through my body. I shrug gently and put my head back to rest on his shoulder and lay my hands over his on my stomach. His kissing is relentless. He turns me around, and his hands are on my buttocks, squeezing, kneading. Then, one hand slides to my front and is inside my dress, on my breast. He pinches my nipple, and I let out a small cry. My body is just so ready for him. My mind goes blank. I push the door with my foot, and we slide inside. He picks me up, hands around my waist. I wrap my legs around his waist, my arms are holding on to his neck. His kisses melt on my lips, his body gives out heat, he moulds into me. We fall onto the bed, he pulls off my dress, my bra and my panties in three swift movements. His shorts are off, and he is entering me with urgency. I hold tightly onto him. Moving my body with his, arching my back in total rapture. He leans on one side, the other hand on my breast, then he slides it under my buttocks and pushes me up to enter me more deeply. I can feel him inside me. I can’t resist anymore, and we climax together. He holds me tightly for a few minutes, then kisses my head and rolls off me. His arm on my stomach as he is lying on his side, propping his head up with his hand, hair falling behind him onto the bed. He stays there looking at me. I can’t read his expression.

When I open my eyes, the light is filtering in rays through the window. I can hear the daily activities in full swing outside. I look to my side, but Kiri has already gone. I stay there with a warm glow inside.

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