Shattered Moon

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‘Come.’ He pulls me by the hand toward a dark area on the beach, next to the big, fancy hotel.

‘There’re no cameras here,’ and he pulls me down on the sand next to him.

We have walked Cindy back to the hotel and made our way to the beach. There is no-one around at this time at night. Only some faint music ebbs through from the far end.

As soon as I touch the ground, I’m pushed onto my back, and his lips are on mine. I’m wearing a sleeveless vest, strapless black bra, a loose flowery skirt with an elastic band at the waist and ... no panties. Well, one has to be practical…

His hands travel expertly under my vest, bypass the bra and are squeezing my nipples hard enough to send shockwaves throughout my body. My hands are on his taut stomach, under his T-shirt and down his back onto his hard buttocks. All I want is to feel his body on mine. He is propped on one arm. The other hand leaves my nipple and travels south, past the elastic band of my skirt and stops over my mound. I part my legs slightly, I want him. His hand is moving again. Now it is between my thighs, stroking me expertly and I gasp. My back arches. I can feel him hard against my hip as I slide down his shorts and pull him onto me. We are breathing deeply, and he seems to be taking his time, kissing me tenderly. He lifts off me. I look into his face, but it is dark, and I can’t see his features. I can see the halo of his hair, dark against the silvery sky. Don’t stop! The urgency is taking over as I pull him down to me, I arch my back again, push his buttocks down toward me, hook my legs behind him and push my pelvis toward him. His kissing intensifies, with one thrust he is inside me and riding me with rapid intensity. I groan loudly, and he follows me. We are holding tight, and come together, again. His breath is laboured, his back is clammy, he buries his face deep in my neck. I can’t stop kissing his head.

I look up at the sky, the moon is nowhere to be seen, but its silvery glow is still strong. I’m living in a dream. I don’t want to wake up.

We lie there curled up against each other, arms and legs in a tangle. We don’t need to speak. The bond between us is a physical rope getting stronger and stronger. How can I let this man go?
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