Shattered Moon

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‘Morning. I brought you breakfast. How are you feeling?’

Kiri stands next to the bed, plate in hand, smiling brightly at me. I can see he has the key to the bedroom hung around his neck.

I try to sit up, but my head is spinning, and my body is not cooperating. He puts the plate down and helps me. My leg looks terrible, it’s oozing and is purple-red. I touch it, and it’s burning hot. So is my forehead.

‘Have you called the doctor, Kiri? I’m not well. Can you take me to him?’

‘It’s okay, Maddy, he gave me some pills for you. Eat up, then you can take them.’

Eating is still an effort, but I push myself to finish everything. I have to get better. I don’t know what pills he gives me, but all I want is for the pain to go away and for my head to clear, so I take them. Only, my head doesn’t clear, and I feel drowsy and fall asleep again.

When I open my eyes, he is standing over me. An inscrutable expression is carved on his face. He then breaks into his beautiful smile and bends down to kiss me.

‘Can you stand up?’

‘I don’t know.’

I try to get up. He helps me, but as soon as my left foot touches the floor the pain is unbearable, my leg buckles and I have to sit down on the bed again. Tears sting the back of my eye. I feel so helpless!

‘It’ll get better soon, you’ll see.’

I’m not too sure about that, and I feel trapped.

‘Why do you lock the door now?’

‘I want to make sure you are safe Maddy. It’s for your own good. I don’t want you to be wandering the streets on your own, you know it’s not safe. Stay with me, I’ll look after you.’

I ask him to pass me my rucksack. I need some clean clothes. As I’m looking for something to wear, I wait till he goes into the kitchen, and desperately search for my purse and my passport. I hid the passport under the clothes on the night I was escaping, and I breathe a sigh of relief when I feel it with my hands. But my purse, with my little money and my credit card, has gone.

‘Can you please give me my bag?’ I call to him.

When he brings it, I can only confirm that my purse is nowhere to be seen nor is my phone.

‘Do you know where my purse is?’

‘No, why? What do you need? Do you need money? I can give you money. What do you need, Maddy?’

His tone is hard, his words have a hint of sarcasm.

‘I just want to know where it is, that’s all. Have you seen it?’

‘No, are you accusing me of something here?’

‘Of course not. And I’m not going anywhere, Kiri. You don’t have to worry.’

His furrowed brows relax, and his smile comes back. I need to keep him on my side. I need him to think I’m here to stay, that I won’t try to leave again.

‘Here are your tablets, take them, you’ll feel better.’

My inner voice tells me not to take them, but I can’t afford to anger him, not in the state I’m in, so I comply, and soon I feel sleepy and can’t think of what else I needed to ask him.

Hours must have passed, and I hear voices in the other room again. I need to make noise, I need to ask for help. But the music starts loud again, there is no way I can be heard over it, and I can’t move from the bed.

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