Shattered Moon

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The house is quiet. The door is locked, and I’m wide awake. I can feel the pain in my leg, but my head feels better, clearer. I try to sit up, and after a short spell of dizziness, it doesn’t feel too bad. I drag my feet off the bed and try to stand. I wobble a bit, but my leg doesn’t buckle. I try to walk and find it hard, but I can drag my left leg and take a few steps unaided. I’m getting better. It has taken days, but I’m getting better.

I hear the front door and dive back onto the bed.

‘Hey, Maddy!’

He beams as soon as he unlocks the door.

‘How are you today? Are you hungry? I’ve just been to the shops. Here, have some food. Can you sit yourself up?’

I make him help me, I tell him I still feel bad, and I can’t move. He can’t know I’m getting better. I remember what else I needed to ask him.

‘Where’s my phone, Kiri?’

‘It broke the other night. I took it to the shop to be repaired.’

His expression darkens.

‘Why? Who do you want to call? Your boyfriend?’

‘I need to tell Lucy and Cindy I’m okay, I don’t want them to worry about me.’

‘They’re not worried, Maddy. They’re not even thinking about you. I’m the only one who cares about you. I’ll give you your phone when it’s repaired.’

He gives me the pills to take. I take them, take the glass of water and wait for him to leave before I spit them out.

I need to get out of this prison. If my calculations are right, I have been locked up in here for more than a week.

When I hear the front door being locked and his tuk-tuk leave, I drag myself out of bed and hobble to my rucksack. I rummage through and am so relieved to find my secret pocket with some loose change. It’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got. There is no way I can get out of here just yet. My leg won’t take me far and fast enough. I need to get better. But I need it to be soon.

This all reminds me of a book I read. It’s scary and wrong and makes me panic. I need to get out. I need to get away from here, from him!

Nobody will find me, nobody can save me. I have to do this myself.

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