Shattered Moon

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The sky is still dotted with millions of stars. I don’t know how much time has passed. Then I hear an engine speeding toward me and screeching to a halt where Sanka left me earlier. He climbs out of the driver seat. I’m about to get up and out of my hiding place to go toward him when a second figure emerges out of the back seat. Sanka has brought Kiri with him!

I shrink back down. The voice inside my head was right. I can’t trust anyone. A chill is travelling through me. I need to hide.

I peer over the railing and see them looking behind the catamarans, searching the beach. They are walking fast and shouting at each other. I see them disappearing in the shadows on the beach and reappearing in the light, searching, marching, shining the torchlight from their phones around.

I see them going back on the road and searching the verges. They look my way, and I dip down. Heart in my throat. I hear them talking. They are very close now. I don’t move, I don’t breathe, I make myself so small. Please let them not see me. Their voices disappear further down the road.

Kiri is angry, very angry! They are back to the tuk-tuk now. He bangs his fist hard against it. Steals one last sweeping look around and climbs back in. Sanka stares in my direction, smiles, then jumps back into the driving seat and they set off further up the road, looking for me. They will be back this way. I can’t move.

Half an hour must have passed, and I hear them coming back. They are travelling slowly, looking around, still searching. They know I couldn’t have gone far with my leg so damaged and with no money. My breathing stops again. I can’t watch.

I hear them passing by my hiding place, slowing down even more. I can hear them talking. Kiri is agitated, he’s swearing. And then the noise fades away. They have moved on. I can only hear my heart and the ocean. All else is still.

I will wait till day-break. I don’t trust them not to come back again. I sit on the step on the side of the Buddha and can’t even start to comprehend.

I look up at the moon. It seems sad. Its reflection on the surface of the ocean is broken by the waves cresting over. It looks shattered, broken. Just like me.

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