Shattered Moon

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I walk in a haze, dragging my leg. People pass me by and stare at my bleeding leg. They look at my face and go on their way. I want to get to the place where we once had breakfast. I walk on. The place on the rocky bank, where fishermen stop for milky tea before wading into the water to perch on their wooden sticks. I walk on, collecting stares. Flashes of memories bombarding my brain. I walk on.

I find an internet shop. I have only a little money, so I have to be quick. I check the flights, then log on.

There are tons of messages from Lucy. She’s worried, but not panicky.

Cindy’s last message manages to break a smile on my tired face: I think there’s something wrong. Why are you never picking up the phone and have you forgotten how to write proper English? Your texts are strange. If I don’t hear your voice in the next 24 hours, I’m coming over.

Lisette’s last message confirms the creepy nature of Sanka. We’re worried, but nobody seems to know where you live. He has clearly kept our address to himself.

I have no time to waste, so I press on. I type a message to Cindy: I can’t explain now. Can you please book me on the direct flight to London this afternoon? I have no phone, so will go directly to the airport. I’ll explain all when I see you. I’m fine, please don’t worry. Please tell Lucy not to worry too.

Then I type a message to Lisette, Sorry, I didn’t turn up for our coffee meeting the other day. Bad things happened. I’m leaving soon. I can’t tell her when. I can’t risk Kiri coming to the airport to stop me.

I don’t want to discuss anything with anyone. I log off.

I grab my rucksack and walk to the bus stop, I have just about enough money to get me to the airport for the last time.

I asked for help to get out of this prison, and I have been given the ultimate wake up call. There is no way back.

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