Former Lovers

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She's had more boyfriends than best friends. She just helplessly believed in love, she found it in many men. Each offered it differently. But none of them were perfect. Dreams Orwell, found her first love at a young age. But gave up on him because she had plans and goals, and knew she was to young to realise what love was truly. Until she was diagnosed with a chronic illness, and her life changed. So did her plans. She fell in love more than others had crushes. She got wiser with the end of each one, she became a better person with the departure of each single one of her Former Lovers. Contains: strong language

Romance / Humor
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Heath: Calling Truce While Confessing

Our hands just intertwined, my heart is beating faster than I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

Or maybe because we’re running down our highschool’s corridors, at the results of me being too clever and throw my book at him but it missed and crushed a window.

Time for second thoughts I believe, everything happened so fast, in 4 seconds or so it seemed to me. How did I end up breaking school’s property with my physics book while aiming it at my generation’s worst badboy, and now I’m running away from the teacher and the supervisors with him.

With our hands glued together.

I, Dreams Orwell, the nerd who gave up on her education and her dreams the moment she knew life might be shorter for her considering her heart’s unstable condition.

With no real treatment that would offer permanent relief, I found myself living life like I might die in an hour. Lots of bad decisions, but my introverted self made it better, since I wouldn’t go out to do anything too stupid. So, I just decided to not study, open my mouth more to get in trouble and maybe hitting a person who gets too rude for my liking. That mixed with teenage hormones couldn’t be described better than a rebellious 15 years old seeking for attention.

And what led me to this escape you may ask, I was stupid enough to stand up to one of The Twins. The only twins in the world that you wouldn’t find cute, but terrifying.

Heath and Beau Jones, they looked nothing like each other, except for the death stare they showcase on the daily basis, nobody would try and talk to them unless they spoke to you first which is unlikely of them to do, unless they need something. They were always high and drugged. I had never seen them sober, they were constantly under the influence of a drug, whether pills or marijuana. They went in and out of the local police station more times than they did to their own home, they were known for fighting, stealing and just all kinds of troubles.

My heart started to fail on me, my breathing got too heavy, I might faint any moment now. As we arrived near the stairs, he turned to look at me.

“Why do you look like you’re about to die?!” He whispered his eyes wide open from shock.

“My ..heart is.... going to brust out... of its place” I managed to say in between breaths.

“Come on”,he got to his knees in front of me. And looked at me “we really don’t have time to waste on thinking, hurry up”

I summoned whatever energy I had left with some courage I got in me after all I’ve been through, and climbed his back as he went through the stairs running again as if I was his backpack. I stuffed my head in his neck, I was already dizzy to begin with, I couldn’t take any more movements. He smelled so good, I felt like a freak, he had this unique scent that you wouldn’t resist no matter what, he smelled like bad decisions and love.

I opened my eyes when I felt him coming to a stop, we were approaching the laboratories.

“Bad idea, put me down I’ll show you a better place” I spoke as I’m still glued to his back.

He froze in his place as goosebumps appeared on his exposed lightly tanned skin. He recovered fast as he put me down instantly and pulled me out of that hall.

I tried to beat his steps to the school’s yard, he was faster, damn my stupid short legs for that.

“To the library” I shouted as I heard the footsteps getting nearer and the shouts of the headmaster. It felt like I murdered someone not broke a window I was gladly willing to pay for.

The infirmary,the music room and the library were on a separate building, we climbed the stairs all the way up to the library.

“Now what?!” He whispered as we were near the door to the library, it was too quiet there that even his whispering sounded as shouting.

“Follow me” there were another two floors, however they were locked with a huge steel gate. One of my elder brothers who graduated this high school 4 years before I even set a foot in it, used to tell me how him and his classmates used to get into those floors without being caught. All we had to do is climb the gate all the way up and then there was a small opening that a normal sized adult could fit through it.

“From where do you know this place?!” He asked as soon as we got into one of the empty rooms.

“None of your business” I snapped back at him, pulling my phone out to check the time. It was 9h30. We had to stay here for 30 more minutes, then it would be recess, and we could go down and act like none of this ever happened.

" I just saved your ass if I were you, I would speak nicer before I break your face” he hissed from across the room.

“You didn’t save anything so shut it, it was all your fault with your big ass ego!! Do you know what you just made me do!!” I shouted.

In a heartbeat, he was pushing me against a wall with his hand rapped around my throat.

“I believe I’ve said to fix your fucking attitude before I would murder your ass here” he whispered. He was close, too close for my liking. I always believed his eyes to be brown. However, they are hazelnut, a heavenly sent mixture of hazel, honey and a glimpse of the sun. He smirked as he became aware of my current state of being unapologetically lost in his eyes. And it was all it took to fuck me up.

I grabbed his wrist in a sudden movement, and bent it away from me, as I kicked him straight in the gut with all I got. He tried to grab me, as I slapped his arms away fast.

" Don’t ever put your hands on me!! EVER AGAIN” I shouted and I turned my back on him to look out of the window. The teacher and the supervisors seem to get tired of looking for us as they are sitting down talking normally in the yard.

“I’m sorry”

Two words, two extremely short words. However, coming from him, made them seem like the longest heaviest words to ever hear. And what is my stupid heart beating fast for?!

I just turned to look at him, lost , confused at what made him apologise. He isn’t the nicest neither the most polite boy to ever meet.

“I’m sorry, I truly am. For all of it, from the first day. I’ve been an ass, it’s just that I never liked a girl like you” he came closer slowly, I took a step back. He stopped when he became at arm reach, maybe as a reassurance that he isn’t willing to touch me again.

“I... I like you.. well fuck that” he passed his hand on his black hair. “I have no idea how to do this, I am in love with you Dreams, but I never worked to get a girl before they came, believed that I accepted them. Then when I can’t take their shit, I kick them out of my life”

“So this is your next move, after driving me crazy with your stupid pranks and constant stalking for 3 months, you decide to act like you love me, so I’ll fall in love then you’ll make fun of my hopelessness” I’m getting angrier by the passing second.

" Sorry but you got the wrong girl for that” I pushed pass him to go down, can’t stand another minute next to him.

“I’m not playing, I am in love with you. Unworthy but still in love.” He came after me and pulled my arm to make me turn.

" Don’t touch me” I shouted as I freed my arm from him, and continued walking.

He stood in front of me, blocking my way.

“I’m sorry, I’m not lying” he put his hand up, as a sign that he isn’t going to touch me again. ” I want a chance to show you how much I truly care about you. Dreams, I am truly in love with you. Ever since I saw you, you just stole my heart and mind. I just never knew what to do to get you to notice a lost case like me”he added

" you’re high” was all I managed to let out.

“See!! I know I am unworthy of someone like you. But my feelings are real” he seems hurt by my words.

“Yeah, as real as your current girlfriend you seem to forget about” my heart dropped as my words left my mouth. It took me a while remember that he already has a person to offer the love he’s talking about.

And the bell rang, it was recess. And I couldn’t be more relieved to leave that damned room.

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