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The truth can be a dangerous thing The Third Installment of the "Pet" Series. ~ Remus has been betrayed by everyone he loves, except the one person that despises him. Now thrown into the role of the life he was meant for, the need for emotional attachment lessens. All the while, something dark is brewing in his homeworld. Can he keep the peace, or will Iris be caught up in a battle of gods?

Romance / Horror
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The existence of life is a complex thing. You have organisms on every level. Made up of some combination of elements to form a self-functioning being. What people know about life, is everything that has been discovered and explained to their species in their own way of understanding. Because when it comes down to the creation and sustenance of life, who really knows the truth?

I don’t feel anything anymore. I definitely don’t feel sad. I rarely feel happy. I’m not angry or even concerned. The only time I feel is when I’m near Iris. And even that has been a rare occurrence.

It’s quiet. It’s always quiet here. We live in a secluded kingdom, away from the ones that aren’t of royal blood. Because being royal in this world is a step above the entirety of existence. The balcony door is open, letting in a cool breeze and giving me the view of the night sky. My gaze falls to Iris. She’s asleep on the bed. Her hair sprawled out around her. A small smile forms on my lips. When I first met her, her hair barely reached her jaw. The years of dirt and grime that clung to it and the amount we had to remove because it made it so. Now it has grown to the length of her back.

The only time I feel is when I am near iris. Even though I know she can’t stand to be near me. I see it in the way she looks at me. In her eyes, I am the monster. The thin chemise she is wearing has ridden up and I can see her stomach. I feel a pain in my heart as the memory of what I had done hits me like a train.

I look down at my hands. I can still see the look of horror on her face as I squeezed the life out of her. My actions set off a chain of reactions, and because of me, the child I never even knew was possible will never be. I knew that humans share the same biological makeup as us, but I never suspected that procreation was a possibility. I drop my hands to my side looking back to her sleeping form. She looks so peaceful now but I know when she awakens her mind will be running constantly.

I tried to be a man she could love. Someone that she wouldn’t feel guilt over loving. But that dream was shattered in an instant when my mother stepped in and saw her work falling apart. She was right to fear me. All of them were. Because now that I know who I am, there will be no more mercy.

I hold up my palm, and a blue glow emits a chain that extends to Iris’ throat. I tried to be someone she could love and accept, but now I know that will never be the reality. She will resent me every day for the rest of her life. And until I grow tired of her, she will live with that hatred. I pull the heavy blanket over her and walk around the bed heading out to the balcony to look at my kingdom, looking back over my shoulder to her.

And God help her because I will never grow tired of her.

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