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Santiel was eating at the dinner table, her mother hadn't spoken a word to her. Hello people starting my first short-ish story, its about a young elf named Santiel fleeing her home. Running seem to be the only thing she can do, she needed to get away from the life her parents and her tribe want to force upon her, she gets away from it all but finds something amazing. She must return with this new discovery, it would bring her tribe great pride might even set her free. When she walk through the gates of her village all she can see is only death, nothing is left. No wooden huts, no laughing children, no elf chatting but only the body of the dead. What had attacked her people? Why was it coming after her planet? She needed to find out answers and her discovery would help her. This story has both magic and tech in however, my tech knowledge isn't as good as my fantasy knowledge. Let's hope this goes well, please be aware my grammar and spelling isn't the best and I will try to fix things on my way this this Story

Romance / Scifi
Georgina Bateson
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Chapter 1

Santiel was eating at the dinner table, her mother hadn’t spoken a word to her. Santiel was a copy of her mother, the only different between the two was one was more mature and had sharper ears. Their hair was a translucent white, not greyish, creamy or blonde. Completely white. Santiel normally would tie it up, it allowed her short elvish ears to stick out, this made great advantage when hunting. Today however she hadn’t bother and it lies long and loose down her back. Both women had the same pale skin it was shade or two darker then the white that rested on their heads. The biggest different between mother and daughter was that Santiel had a green sigil rested on her forehead. It was like two dominos one larger and slightly squished the other fatter and curved, both tangled with each other and both held a statement.

She generally wore her huntress cloth which was upgraded by her father, it was lighter with better defence. The short top was a mushed colour of blue or green, wrapped around her arms were leather strands. Connected to her left arm was screen which she had made with her father and used to hake into any robotic creature that were causing trouble.

Her blue bionic eye vs the sea coloured truth she had inherited form her mother panicked. She figured out that her mother must have found out what she did last night. Santiel wondered what kind of trouble she was in. She timidly asked “Are you well mother? You haven’t touched your food”. Her mother just sat there staring, it was her disappointed face. The face that always made Santiel feel ashamed of her action but this time she was in the right. She won’t back down.

Her mother used to give her that look when Santiel was her student. She was one of the best sigil caster in her tribe and from her Santiel learnt the ability of a user’s. Santiel remember the amount of people that claimed she wouldn’t be able to use a sigil as she wasn’t pure, but her mother claimed otherwise, and she was proven correct. Yes, Santiels skill wasn’t as developed as masters but not everyone became a master of sigils, her mother told her once that if she wished she could learn two types of sigils as her blood allowed her to bond with more than one. The first lesson she remembered was the bond between the user and sigils, it was a link between the elf’s genes and what gave them purpose.

When she found out about the possibility of using two, she cried and begged her mother to teach her the weakest of sigils. She told her mother about her dream of becoming a scout of the hunt, learning this her mother sent her to another teacher, one who could show her the air sigil. It was through her mother tough love she become part of the hunter class. Even though she wasn’t her mother student anymore, she was still worked heard when using her sigils skills until she had nothing left. She was thankful towards her mother because if she truly desired to control Santiels life she would have been a master of sigil bonded to both air and her mother sigil water. She loved her role as it allowed her to explore she wouldn’t change it for anything else. “Scouts of the Hunt are just as needed as the master of sigils, a have a important role in the tribe. never forget this, you will become the wall between our home ageist the fiends that wish to shred it” Santiel mother words would never leave her, it was her role to be a guardian of her people.

When her father entered the room it became livelier, he looked nothing like his family, with his dark skin, earthly hair and his ears of his race, he was human where his family were something else. Santiel few different to mother races came from him, not that she complained it gave her freedom to not just be an elf and follow their tradition, even though she was still made to follow most. He kissed his wife head before notching the tension in the room. He asked “What has our daughter done now, Aelene” .

Aelene return a beam at her husband before her face shadowed over in disappointment again. With a heavy tone “she has attack the Keeper son” she shrieked. The keeper was the founder of the clan and the oldest member, he was around 300 year old yet he still looked no older than Santiel father Jon.

It was her father nature to find out why, he had a soft tone as he questioned Santiel “Why did you attack the Keepers family?”

Santiel didn’t want to answer at first, yes she was in the right but she know her mother would never see her side. She explained her reason, ” Bialaer is vile to his people. I couldn’t stand by as he throw his power at the young that haven’t awaken yet. What kind of leader attack his own tribe? Was it wrong of me to stop him, he could of hurt someone worse than they were already. Mother, Father 3 young had to see the healer after he showed them what true elven power was.” He parent seemed shocked by her words and she hadn’t even told them that he had begun being cruel to her as well. He had claimed she wasn’t a true elf and that her birth is a crime ageist there gods.

It was her mother that spoke first “Even if you Santiel believe him to be wrong, he is still the Keeper son and if he see it fit to use pain as a method to awaken the young than that is in his right to do. What I don’t understand is why you attacked him, you could of talked to him like the adult you are now. You and Bialaer grow up together, he would of listened if you shared wise words but you didn’t. You instead reacted in anger, and there for you should receive some sort of punishment for your action. If you were my daughter, you could be standing on trail for being a traitor. Do you understand your action would of got you killed if I didn’t step in”

“Aelene, she was right to stop him, if she didn’t many more could of been hurt. I may not understand all your elven tradition but no man should be allowed to harm children” With her father words they started to argue. They disagreed on actions and if they were wrong or not. In the end her father agreed to a light punishment, which was to feel remorseful and apologies in front of the whole clan.

“Santiel we feel it best if you show the tribe that your no traitor and apologies to Bialaer” Her mother request, something she wished she didn’t have to do, but she did as her parents instructed.

As she left there wooden hut to find the elf she needed to have words with, she couldn’t help but recall her father stories of his home, he had showed her the knowledge of his people. It brought upon a talent that made the crafters sleeked and therefore they asked for her to join them. That had been a few months ago before she reached adulthood and became a proven scout of the hunt. She had declined there request as she already had a role in the clan one she wouldn’t leave it even if the Keeper himself asked her too.

She found him after a few failed attempts, Bialaer was in the sigils school where many of the master taught, she tried to get his attention. He ignored her, until one of the beautify master of sigils pointed her out to him, for some reason she could sense the anger rush through him. Part of her wanted to run. She didn’t, she had to do what her parents asked. There she was able to apologise in front of enough member of the tribe for it to be accepted. When the words slipped out of her plumb lips it had only cursed him with a cruel smirk.

Since then she has been given a new issue. Bialaer would come out of his way to find her either to see if her could provoke her or to prove that she had no power ageist him. She was reminded time after time that she was weak, while he was strong. It got to a point where she had to stay away from her peers, as they had either joined his disgusting game or would become his other targets.

Instead of feeling sorrow she spent most of her time exploring which had lead her into finding fascinating part of tech, some she used to create and upgraded her gear a lot of it was useless but looked interesting. The time in the wild was a place where Bialaer would never enter, a place that she could truly be free. She had stubbled on and found a stick that was made from metal that no flame from a forge could burn. Wondering what she could do she asked a master if they could melt it. The only master that would listen to her was the same lady from a few days before, up close Santiel could understand why many called this master a goddess. She represented every beautiful feature her race had, in side and out. She even agreed to helping Santiel with this metal she had found, all she wanted in return was for her to visit again and inform her if what she created works. With master of fire Gaylia help and support, Santiel was able to make new arrows. Ones that she was able to design like a bomb, when they hit there target they would explode inside into tiny sharp blades.

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