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02- Selection

CHAPTER 2 - Selection

*A first person point of view*

I could see from my periphery the bare bodies of the three women beside me.

Although, I was never close to them, I felt embarrassed seeing their naked bodies. More so, when it was my frail body standing beside their voluptuous frames. I brushed a lock from my face as my father scowled at me. I put the trembling hand down my side and straightened my back.

“You shall enter, his alpha’s personal garden. It is within the premises. You shall select a creature in that room, place it in these cages and come back here.”

We were handed the cages. The metal was cold and heavy against my palm. The skin where I held it turned red as we entered the garden.

The garden was within a glass walled corner of the mansion. It had a high ceiling where the windows were left ajar to let the cold night breeze in. No matter how strong the wind got, the torches burned bright which lit the garden a luminescent hue of orange.

My sisters started their search. Just as I was about to walk to my chosen corner, I froze as the scent grew stronger. I licked my lips as the scent surrounded me. It left the space between my legs warm and damp.

I walked to the nearest wall where I leaned my hand on the cold surface. The scent faded quickly as I sent out to find my creature.

Reaching a narrow pathway lined with vines of lush greenery, I saw a bird house where a small brown bird was chirping. I lay the cage open on the ground as I whistled back the tune. I smiled as the bird took notice. I kept whistling as it flew on the lush grass before the cage.

I was still now. I didn’t want to startle the creature. Just as it hopped towards me, its wing snagged inside the cage and the metal snapped close.

The bags of my eyes grew heavy as the four of us now stood with our selected animals in their cages. My stomach turned to knots just as the elder spoke.

“Now you each shall execute them with the abilities you all have.”

Lais went first, snapping the neck of the mouse so easily. I jerked as the rodent squealed beneath her touch. It looked so easy. I gazed at father who was intently nodding his head towards my sister. It made me sick. It felt like never knew her.

But did I ever really know her? Any of them?

Celeste caught a garden snake. Its dark green scales slithered towards her. Before the creature could move another inch. It twisted and turned and started sinking its fangs on its own body. The scene went on as I looked away. Just as the creature stood still, Celeste grabbed it and threw it straight to the firepit.

Then,Margaux disposed of her winged lizard. It ran out if its cage but it wasn’t fast enough when a knife flew from her fingers and landed right on its head. She looked away right at the end. But the sharp metal already flew its course ending the life of the animal.

My father’s laughter broke the room. He was embarrassing. The elder winced at his doing.

Now, I stood before the poor bird. I whistled again and it stopped resisting me as I took him from his cage. The creature was shuddering beneath my skin as I held my eyes shut before anyone saw tears forming in them.

I, too, trembled the moment I came here.

My chest stiffened as my heart beat a riot. I did not dare look at the creature in between my fingers for the fear I might only see myself.

“Do it, Snow.” My father knew what I was capable of.

I opened my eyes and let streams fell from my cheeks. My fingers trembled as I released the animal in front of me.

In an instant, one of father’s men snatched the bird and crushed it inside his palm leaving trails of blood dripping on the marble floor.

My sisters started to giggle. My neck twitched as I felt my canines ache. My she wolf is awakening. Something my father takes delight in witnessing.

The man threw what remained of my bird on the grown as I saw its leg twitch against its crismon body.

Then the beast inside me snapped. As I started to release my energy towards him, the elder sensed it and took a step back. I grabbed the now empty cage and threw it against the man.

“You killed him.” My teeth gritted. I almost my throat growl.

The green in my eyes flickered as the man walked closer to me. But before he could land a slap, my hand grabbed his wrist and I felt a sudden gush of energy overflowing my chest. The man winced in bouts of screams. He dropped to his knees and just as I was about to drain all his energy.

That scent.

My eyes trailed from the man on the floor and landed on a pair of furious brown eyes in front of me.

The amber rays light cut his features sharp. He was bare chested and wore black pants ripped to his knees. There was a medallion on his neck, the house crest, and then I knew who he was.


He heard me. He bowed his head as our eyes met. His presence consumed me. I’ve never felt this small.

All the while, I was in spring, a lush greenery until I flickered a crakling ember. And, ever so sudden, I burnt like summer, wild and unrelenting. I raised my eyes to his, squinting under his gaze like he was the sun.

My eyelids clasped shut and I simply gave in breathing his scent. My hand loosened its grip, as I closed my eyes to give in to him. His presence was strong and he wanted it to be known. I was surrounded in the firing warmth of his presence just to be quickly snatched from it.

I felt a sudden pull on my calves as I landed on my back. My father’s man now regaining his strength knocking me down on the floor. My legs and bear body tangled in the garment. One of my breasts lay exposed and I covered it bracing whatever blow that’s to come.

My eyes squinted. I could hear the muffled curses from the man’s lips. The sound grew near and I knew pain would come very soon. He gasped in air as I flinched to brace the blow.

But there was only silence.

Gasps of shock escaped my sisters lips as I opened my eyes. There the alpha had his hand on the man’s neck. And he spoke with a growl trailing from his lips.

“No one, touches my mate but me.”

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