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03- Obedience




It bore a tunnel in her heart where nothing but roots of anxiety and anticipation grew. She rubbed her palms warm failing to suppress the trembling limbs. The window in the alpha’s chambers flashed a piercing white against the darkness of the night, as the lightning preceded the thunder.

Quickly, Snow clasped her palms on both ears shielding the roar of the sky. Thunder terrified her. On the particular moment, everything seemed to terrify her, there was the storm, then her new home. Even the corners of the spacious room where light from the salt lamps did not reach made her fear the silent eyes watching her from beneath the black abyss.

Finally, she sighed a helpless mewl, as her wedding night came. Still, she was unsure what she feared more. The unknown made her stomach churn.

Just as the Selection concluded with her being chosen as the house alpha’s new mate. Her sisters were escorted back to the carriages with no time to waste. She could not stomach the conditions they were put through going home in middle of a storm.

The four including her ecstatic father where escorted as she was urged to his alpha’s chambers. No goodbyes where exchanged as she was led to a bathroom where her skin was scrubbed clean. She could feel the skin on her arms sting. It was as if they were stripping whoever she was off.

Her new handmaids braided her hair. The dark curly locks rebelled at their new form leaving strands of loose waves down her neck. Her lips where brushed with rouge. The pigment made her look more alive. More pink stain was rubbed on the peaks of her breasts. She was embarrassed exposing the stiff mounds.

Lavender oil adorned the corners of her jaw bone marking where the alpha’s canines will be. Without a single covering to ease her from the cold, she was tasked to sit and wait on the alpha’s bed. It was big enough to fit a crowd of people. This made her feel even more isolated as she patiently sat at the center bringing the thick soft blanket to warm her chest.

Another pang of thunder distracted her from her thoughts as her hands trembled beside her temples. Her eyelids now closed shut.

She could not bear anymore of this. Her eyes started to tear up.

“Does the thunder bother you, little bird?”

The familiar scent woke ever fiber of Snow’s body as she intently listened to his voice. His voice rasped, breathy, honeyed and almost guttural made every inch of her body tingle. There he stood before the bed still in his ripped dark trousers with a knee propped on the elevated mattress.

Snow failed to answer as her gaze stuck at the curves of his shoulders, the sharp edges of his jaw down to the veins on his arms. She looked away as she took glimpse of the furrows below his stomach where his manhood hid.

She heard a chuckle as the alpha shook his head.

“Answer me, when I talk to you.” This time his voice felt enraged.

Snow manages as a nod and affirmed her alpha’s orders.

“Yes, alpha.”

“Good, little bird.” The nickname made her skin warm. She held the thick blanket still on her chest concealing the stiff mounds from his vision. Then without warning, she felt the fabric tug from her fingers. Trembling, her hands failed her as the blanket now lay below her folded knees. All she was hiding now served in front of him to see.

“I may have underestimated you.” She met his brown eyes, there reflecting the auburn light from the salt lamps behind her. He rested both hands on the bed as he propped another knee on the covers as he crawled towards her. She was certain he heard faint growls from his throat.

She sat still engulfing his scent. Her knees trembles as the crevice between her legs burned. Bursts of heat made her exhale sharply than before. With her eyes now closed, the senses of her skin heightened as she felt a finger trailing down her chest between he pulsating breasts.

A moan escaped her lips and she flinched as he bit the lobe of her ear.

“Never done this before, little bird?” he cupped one firm mound as she gasped a breath. “You’re coming of age shows.”

His rough thumb brushed the stiff peak, as she winced beneath him.

“You’re not answering me,” his voice grew harsher, “what did I do to deserve such a disrespectful mate?”

His fingers teased the nipple aching and tender under his touch. She exhaled and with it a cry she could not suppress. As she desperately sucked in air to fill her lungs, his mouth found the hardened peak and started to play with it with his tongue.

Her back arched as her legs pulled apart beneath her towering mate. Her head landed flat on the sheets as he propped her steady still sucking her. Her palms now burning held on for dear life on her alpha’s back.

He stiffened and for a moment both emerald and hazel eyes met.

“Do not touch me, little one. Not yet. I don’t want this to hurt.”

She nodded as she clenched her arms to her sides.

Her legs were spread apart as his gazed still locked on hers. His fingers trailed down her sternum, crossing her navel as she flinched in the anticipation. His hand resting atop of her womanhood. Without any warning she felt his finger circle between her legs.

She let out a cry as he caressed every aching, burning part of her. Pressure started to rise below her abdomen as she felt his finger grace her entrance. She did not resist his touch but opened to him as he waited.

“Little bird, this will sting” He separated the folds with his fingers as he entered.

“Ah,” Snow bit her lip as she blushed to the sounds she was making. Just as she suppressed another cry, he pulled out his fingers and buried them again and again inside her.

Her body trembled as more mewls and cries escaped her lips. It was a feeling she has never felt before, it was painful, stinging but she didn’t want him to stop.

He chuckled at the sight of her tossing and wiggling beneath him. He was now rougher. Faster. Harder. Thrusting his fingers again and again until she felt something within her burst. She felt her eyes water as she trembled in her release.

The alpha did not stop. His fingers still digging in her. She grabbed his shoulder end started to nibble on the warm skin, “Please.” She begged.

“Ah, the little bird speaks.” His fingers released her as his hands clasped her palms and pinned them down, “Have I told you not to touch me?”

His eyes burned in rage as she still trembled with the pleasure. With his one hand he trapped both her wrists. With the other now, free he pinched on one of her hardened nipples. Pain shot up to her chest as she sensed his actions to be rougher.

Without another word, he turned her on her belly, exposing her bare back towards him. He now knelt behind her. Her hips now held captive by his grip. His knees parted her legs as his manhood now lay rock solid between the curves of her buttocks.

She desperately reached for his arm, grabbing him as she propped herself up.

“Little bird, I told you not to touch me.” He let his arm lose from her grip as she dropped face down on the bed. He placed his palm down one buttock and smacked the plump flesh red.

Her voice cried louder now, yelping helpless and frail.

He slapped her there again as her head shot back arching her back.

“There is one thing, this night will teach you, little bird. It’s obedience.”

It was more Torryn Burnwood could bear. His canines ached as he propped his manhood before her. And with one final smack on her behind he rose towards her thrusting against her tight chasm.

Her cry was instant, suppressed by the sheets against her mouth. He froze as he felt the flesh gripping him. His jaw tensed as he suppressed the urge to dig inter her again. He had hurt her. In that single moment her body had gone rigid, he let one hand loose as he searched for the mound on her woman hood. He instantly found the spot he was searching for and started to circle the delicate fold.

Her body softened as mewls of pleasure replaced her sharp cries.

Once more he moved within her surrendering to the beast within him. He growled as she met his every thrust. He expected her to recoil with his every move but she knelt before him wanting him. He moved within her as she responded, now more strongly than before, rising to meet his every thrust. Stronger. Faster. Before he could spill himself within her, he pulled her shoulder towards him as the skin on her back met the soft curls on his chest.

He held one breast in his palm and tugged a rigid nipple between his fingers. Her cries grew louder as she was nearing her release. One tug from her stiff mound sent her trembling against him. Screams of pleasure flowed from her lips. He too was nearing his climax as his canines dug to the corner of her shoulder where his talons dug to her skin. Blood trailed down his lips as he paced with her breathing now feeling her, moving with her, sensing her heart beat against his. He has marked his mate.

Snow felt a surge of warmth from the mark he left. And there she felt the same connection too.

Then without any moment further, he spilled inside her jerking his hips at the very pleasure of their mating.

Warmth spread inside her as the alpha reached his orgasm. Her knees became jelly as she lay limp to his touch. Her previously cold were now pulsating in his heat, in his scent. She fell to the soft sheets, weak and spent as exhaustion enveloped her in sleep. Her canines ached as she failed to leave her mark on him. She fought the shame but was to spent to think anymore.

Before her consciousness slipped from her, she heard him whisper, “rest, little bird.”


He crossed the hallways treading back to his quarters.

It has been hours since he has consumed his mate. He snapped his neck and rubbed it against his palm. He could not bear to resist her scent. She was still in heat. But he had to leave her so he could grant her rest.

Just as soon as he left her, he marched towards the woods and took on his wolf form. He took off for a run to cast his mind away from her. But as he grew far from her, her scent haunted him. In utter surrender, he walked back to the Burnwood house with the fiery need for her.

His heart was pounding against his chest as he paced faster towards his burning mate.

Finally reaching the comfort of his chambers, there he gazed at her bare body, pale as the last snow in winter. His body was now atop her. He smirked at what he would do to her.

He held on to both her knees, spread the limbs apart and started licking where her thighs met. He tasted iron in his tongue pleased to have been his mate’s first predator. He sucked on the warm, sleek folds.

This will the first and the last night he will show her affection. Now that he has proven to his house that he is capable of abiding to this arranged bond. He has no use for her any longer. His manhood stiffened as he inhaled her every scent. He sucked harder as he heard her cries once again.

Lifting his head, wide green eyes met his as he continued his task.

What he could not understand though, was the brief moment he shared with her at the selection. One look in her eyes, sent him a series of visions, making love to her was one. Feeding her, bathing her, mounting her, bearing children with her were some of the others.

With Sophia still rooted in his heart, his chest felt a pang of guilt with the betrayal of his lover.

She will hear of this marriage soon.

And the last thing he could not put a finger on was how the beast in him wanted this whimpering girl before him. He immediately has an inclination towards her energy. Moving with it despite how opposite they both are.

He positioned her ready to accept him. She obeyed as she lay still. Freeing his manhood lose, her eyes widened at the site of him. Without a word he thrusted into her again, sending her pleas and cries for the entire Burnwood house to hear.

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