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07- Interrogation



The skin on her palms tingled as it pulsated her energy.

They were testing her. They wanted to see the magnitude of her ability. Snow hoped they were right. She wanted to laugh at the rumors only if they weren’t true.

But they were.

She swallowed as bile rose from her stomach staining her lips bitter. She could only supress the fragments of memory she had left of that day.

And by hell, it infuriated her how such matter could be taken so lightly, how the death of many wolves became a laughing matter.

It was one thing to be insulted and mocked by her sisters but by a man of such maturity and stature.

How could he speak to her in such way?

Does he not have daughters or sisters? Or a wife? Does it delight him to put a mere woman in her place?

Kaius Sato hesitated slowly raising his hand to meet hers. He felt it, she knew. His gut sensing the pull of the void in Snow’s chest. With her hand still raised she focused all her energy there.

From her periphery, she caught Magnus Wolfram’s face. In it she felt burning hunger and curiosity.

She was giving them exactly what they wanted. For what will she gain out of this? She was not a glutton for power nor was obliged to prove it.

Now is not the right time and place for this. She knew better. There is never a right time and place for any of this. As her lungs hungrily sucked in air, she withdrew her energy letting her breathe pace a gradual calm. Just as all force left her hand. She eased relaxing to chair from where she sat

Kaius, on the other hand, was still on edge attempting to touch the hand she placed before him.

He looked funny, she thought.

A drop of sweat trickled from his forehead while he’s at it. She raised her hand slightly teasing the man as he withdrew it back. It amused Snow watching hin. A while ago he was full of bold words but now he was cowardly pulling away from her.

With one swift motion, Snow caught his hand as he winced back yanking his arm from her grasp. Nothing happened, it was just her hand. And, no void.

But the man squirmed under her touch. Her ears throbbed after he gave out a high-pitched squeal. The men, too, shuddered to the piercing scream. She swore her head could break.

“And that,” she chuckled, “is how you destroy a village with one hand.”

The men were dead silent as Magnus’ laugh rumbled a low drum from his neck. He was breathless wiping a tear forming in one eye as the men followed his exalt of amusement. The men started to shake their heads suppressing the wobble of their shoulders. They were unable to compose themselves.

Kaius sat wide eyed and out of breathe unable to comprehend the men’s source of laughter.

Her eyes landed on Torryn who sat intently gazing at her. His eyes burnt her skin as a his pink swollen lip creased where his teeth dug. It sent shivers down her skin passing her chest where her heart started to knock on her sternum right down to the space between her thighs. Snow caught him grin and sat there dumbfounded. He looked his age, young, vulnerable and utterly beautiful. Then, he started to chuckle.

Snow joined him. And, for the first time in a long time she allowed herself to laugh and mean it. She knew the metal spheres would churn the ache between her legs. She knew her insides would ooze out between her thighs. She knew that when she crossed her legs to ease it, the spheres would turn in motion again and she would gasp in pleasure, again. And, again.

But she let it, shutting her eyes to let the pleasure settle down her belly.

Torryn felt it as he stared at her watching her maneuver her legs to find relief in the building pleasure. His jaw stiffened as he stood up from his chair. His hand grabbed Snow’s arm pulling her to stand.

“Excuse me, gentlemen.” The men nodded their head as they continued to recover from their outbursts of laughter.

“Grimlake, a word.” He whispered as he pulled her through the crowd of people. Exiting the hall, Snow froze as she heard him call her last name.

What in bloody hell has she done this time?

Snow’s arm burnt where he touched her.

He held on to her strong and firm as he dragged her to the nearest room he could find. They entered a small pantry where herbs and spices were kept. Bottles of fragrant oils and bundles of dried herbs cast long shadows against the floor just before Torryn shot the door behind them.

It was dark. She was trembling. And, he was restless, quick in his every move.

“Is there something wrong?” She spoke as she let him pull her into an abyss of darkness. He let her go and her chest ripped open in fear as she was set alone in the blackness of the room. She almost let out a yelp as Torryn’s hands found her hip pushing her until she felt something behind her back.

His hands pulled her thighs up as she sat on a table where vials of crushed herbs clanged. His lips throbbing and red from his need found hers in a soft longing kiss. He allowed himself to feel her, inhale her before he parted her lips and started to suck on her lower lip. His hands were scrambling to the straps of her dress, peeling the garment from her body.

Her skin felt the warm wooden table where she sat. In her nakedness, she felt vulnerable to Torryn’s touch.

“You don’t roll your eyes at me,” His voice surprised her but just as she was about to answer his lips landed a strong hungry kiss on her mouth. Snow trembled as he grabed one swollen breast.

His lips parted from hers. And without warning, his mouth found one stiff peak and started to nibble against the hardened knob.

Torryn sucked it again and again tugging on it with his teeth in a slow tormenting grit. It was almost painful. Her eyes flew open as he stopped. She, then, felt him part from her. It gave her time to catch her breath.

She was about to pull a strand of hair trapped in her earring when the room immersed into the light. The fire from torch near the door burned revealing her damp naked body before him. His coat was on the marble floor beside the dress he skillfully tore from her. The light cast sharp shadows on his body carving every surface of his skin. It glistened, streaks of sweat dripping down his stomach in the growing heat of the room.

“I want to see you.” His eyes stern and hungry. Snow didn’t move her arms where she crossed it hiding her chest.

“First, you roll your eyes at me.” He slowly walked towards her, “Touch another man besides me.”

His waist touched her folded knees where her thighs shut close as he leaned towards her.

“Now, you disobey me.”

His hands gripped her thighs pulling on to them. He opened her up to him yanking her towards him. She blushed embarrassed by the wetness in between her legs. He reached for the damp folds between them. She pulsed as his hand drew near.

She cursed under her breathe. Her back arched to the sudden surge of pleasure between her legs. She cried in his mouth as his fingers circled where she throbbed the most.

Her hands found his shoulders where she held on to for dear life. She pleaded into his ear as she begged him to keep going. She was so damn close.

Then, his hand stopped,
building her need far stronger than she has ever felt before.

“You want release?” Snow ferociously nodded her head unable to speak.

“I can’t hear you, little bird.” Torryn hissed.

“Yes, i want it.” She trembled.

Torryn began to bite her neck when she felt him tug on to the metal chains dangling from her. He slowly pulled on it, paused and pulled on it again. It was torture.

“Let’s play a game,” he said, “I ask. You answer.”

Snow nodded as he held his grip tighter on her hips.

“Do I satisfy you?” He hissed.

“Very much.” She answered without time to waste. His fingers pulled on the chain shooting electricity up her pelvis.

“Have I ever displeased you?”

“No----” she couldn’t finish. She arched her back bending her neck back when Torryn’s fingers pushed the metal spheres back inside her.

“Then why do you defy me?” With one flick of his finger, he tugged on the chain as the spheres came rolling back her pulsating entry.

“I’m not trying to,” A moan escaped her lips raising the volume of her voice as she answered.

“Do I scare you?” Her head immediately shook. Breathing hard against the teasing of his fingers.

“How do make you feel?” His teeth gritted as he worked his way to free his manhood.

“Intimidated,” She felt him hard and warm against her thighs. He smirked, Snow could see from the darkness the dimples bellow his chin.

“How does this make you feel?” He tugged on to metal spheres, positioning it where it ached the most. She sucked in air as hard as she could coming close to her release.

“Answer.” His voice firm and sharp.

“Good. Uh- so good.” She was breathless unable to chase the demand of her lungs. She let out a pleading cry when she heard a familiar voice pass the hallways.

It was Brida. Apparently, she was talking to one of the housemaids. Panic rushed within Snow as she cupped her mouth shut.

“Does that bother you, to be found out?” He tugged on the chain. Snow could only dig her teeth on the skin of her palm.

“Yes---” It was both an answer and a plea. She needed release. If only he could see her tremble against him. Her eyes were watering as her throat burned. Everything about her body burned.

Suddenly, Torryn purposely knocked down the wooden boxes on the table beside her. It clattered against the hard floor.

“Milady, are you in there?” Brida’s voice emerged from the wooden door.

“No, I’m not.” She bit her lip cursing against her breathe. Stupid, “I mean... I’m okay. I’m just searching for something.”

Torryn continued to heave on the chains as she spoke. Snow’s eyes widened as she watched him kick a pile of empty clay pots letting each fragile vessel crash into powdered pieces on the floor.

“Is everything alright?” Snow could hear the panic in Brida’s voice.

Torryn pulled against the metal chain stronger this time. Letting the spheres roll down from her folds. It brushed the skin on her thighs where she felt its warmth.

Oh, God. Her lips moved speaking inaudible words as her eyes rolled in relief. She was about to close her legs when Torryn spread them open and pulled her hips towards him slamming his hardness into her.

Snow supressed a scream as she felt his length separate her folds, his size breaking her open. He held his hand to her mouth shielding her cries before anyone could hear her. With her pleas now muffled, he moved into her making the wooden table squeak with every heave.

“Milady, is everything alright?” Brida’s voice was near a scream. Torryn did not stop only to slam into her stronger and faster.

“Yes, uh, yes-” her words reflecting every thrust Torryn took.

“If you’re sure, I’ll be on my way then.”

“Yes, please, I’m alright.” Just as she answered, Torryn reached for the bottle of scented oils. Snow grabbed on to his arm pulling it back before he could break anything more.

“Please,” she begged, “I’ll obey. I won’t defy you.”

His hand now gripping her waist as he stared at her in a satisfied grin.

“Hold on to me, little bird.” She did as she’s told. Torryn lifted her from the table her legs tangled on his back. He leaned her body against the wall. And started to make love to her there.

“The table is too damn noisy.” She heard him mumble.

She cursed as she came too close to her release. She stiffened, sucking hungrily every breathe she could muster just as she came. Finally, she bit her lip letting her body trembling in her sweet rapture.

Torryn didn’t slow down. She could still hear him slamming into her slippery flesh right where it burnt red against his roughness. She was beginning to ache in her tightness when he came. He gasped lavishing towards his release until warmth surged Snow’s insides where he spilled deep down inside her.

And for the first time, Torryn allowed her to touch him. Her finger took advantage of it as she let it run down his back. There, she felt something, bite marks. She grew tense as he planted kisses on her lips before he eased out of her.

Snow was about to retreat to Torryn’s chambers when she felt another yawn brewing in her chest. She was spent, exhausted and sore. She held on to her abdomen just below her navel and felt it ache.

Torryn was back sitting with the group of men still emptying the wines from their flasks. Her chest became heavy with the growing need to be beside him. He always leaves. After he has consumed her, he walks away leaving her empty. She was close to tears, when a red-haired girl sat beside her.

“Ah, my feet are killing me,” the red head said.

“And, I’m hungry.” Snow smiled at her as she continued to rub her belly.

“Hungry in a party like this?” Both women laughed glancing at the multitudes of intoxicated visitors.

“How is married life?” The girl asked.

Snow took a moment to study her. She looked beautiful. Her eyes big and gray adorned with thick lashes, the longest snow has ever seen. She was finely built, her curves and full chest made Snow jealous.

“Married life is.” Snow paused hiding the pain in her voice, “tiring.”

“Does he bed you that often?” The girl almost spat the words. Snow could make out the bitterness in her voice. She wasn’t sure if the girl needed an answer.

“You see, Percy is a very difficult man to please. He’ll bed you anytime he wants, in anyway he likes.” The girl was gazing at Torryn when she spoke.

“You mean Torryn?” Snow’s chest pounded.

The red head nodded, “Luke Percival Torryn. He didn’t tell you his name? And those eyes, just look at them, how can a girl with the right mind resist that?”

This wasn’t right, Snow thought. She felt a sharp pain pierce her chest. And as the woman spoke, she grew more uneasy.

“But he’s picky. He likes his women thick and big. She has to be independent, dominating and assertive. He likes it like that.” The girl eyed Snow from her hair right down to where her dress ended. Snow’s body stiffened.

“He likes to hunt,” she continued, “he keeps some of the horns of his prey in a cellar. He has hundreds of those.”

“He has a collection of scars too,” she said her eyes back on Torryn, “One on his knee when a spear cut it from a hunt, his wrist, they had to stitch it. He got it fighting rogue trespassers. The scar on his lip, it was when he got into a fight with his older brother Dimitri when he was eight.”

Snow felt her energy.

Filling the woman’s scent in her nose, Snow knew the woman was in heat, burning for a male wolf. It’s when she wolves are most unpredictable and violent. Snow sat intently listening, watching her every move.

“And the bite marks on his back,” the woman bit her lip, “I did that.”

Snow’s heart sank. Tears started to blur her vision.

“It’s alright. It is something to get used to,” her voice brimming in sarcasm, “Once he gets on to his second and third mate when your small hips can’t bear him a cub. You’ll understand how it feels being used.”

Snow’s chest tightened as the woman’s energy dominated her. Clenching her jaw, she submitted to the red haired woman brushing each drop of tear falling down on her cheeks.

“You see, Snow Grimlake.” Her words bitter and angry, “You’ll be nothing but an object to Percy. He’ll suck you dry, use you up. And everytime you open your puny legs to him, he’ll use your body to take his fill of fun. And once he grows tired of you, he’ll come back to the woman who really knows and understands him.”

“Who are you?” Snow’s lips trembled as she spoke.

“Sophia, first born of Wolfram house,” she held out a hand to Snow, darting the casual gesture. “I’m the girl your alpha previously f*cks.”

Snow heard her growl, she lowered herself allowing Sophia’s energy to rule her. The act disgusted Snow as she ran out of the hall bumping a few guests as she was on her way. She didn’t know where to go.

“Snow,” he heard Torryn’s voice trail behind her. This made her legs run a desperate sprint. She could not bear to be with him ashamed in her submission. She ran up the stairs into empty dark hallways, behind open doors, up another flight of stairs to anywhere but here.

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