Marrying The CEO

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Chapter 15

The two weeks passed by in a flurry of activity. As soon as Gideon called Dr. Hallaway telling him about our consent to the surgery, the doctor requested us to bring Nico to the hospital for tests and other medical stuff. In those two weeks we made numerous trips to the hospital, getting all sorts of crazy tests done; then four days ago Dr. Hallaway told us to get Nico admitted in the hospital and to proceed with payment for the surgery, which cost me around twenty thousand pounds. And now, tomorrow was the day Nico would finally have his surgery.

“What time are we going to go see Nico?” I asked Gideon.

“As soon as we have lunch, we’ll go see Nico,” he replied with a smile.

I nodded but my heart didn’t relax. I wanted to go to my brother, who knew how he would be feeling all alone in the hospital. Kieran was with him, but I would feel better knowing I was with my brother. He had called me an hour ago asking when I was going to come, I just told him I would see him soon.

After so many years, so many dreadful hospital visits the day had finally arrived when Nico would have his surgery. I never thought I’d see the day when my brother would get his surgery and be perfectly alright. Now, if all went well and Nico’s surgery was a success, he would be able to live his life without the fear of heart failure, and he would finally be a doctor. I’d make sure to send him to a medical college with the remaining fifty thousand pounds and I would get a job as well so I could pay for his tuition. Nico and I just needed to get through tomorrow.

“Can we have lunch early today?” I queried, eager to go to the hospital.

Gideon gave me a look that told me he understood the reason for my restlessness. Closing the file, he was holding in his hands, he made his way over to me. Taking a hold of my shoulders, Gideon turned me to face him. Giving my shoulders a reassuring squeeze he pecked my cheek.

“Nico is fine, little peach; Kieran is with him and trust me he is keeping an eye on your brother. So trust me and trust Kieran, and we’ll go see your brother after a couple of hours. It’s midday right now, at exactly 2:00 pm, we’ll go to the hospital, okay?” He pecked my forehead and gave me a warm hug.

“Okay, it’s just...I’m so nervous. I never thought that Nico would get his surgery and have his heart fixed, and now that he is getting surgery and there is a strong possibility that he would be alright...I just...” My hand clutched my necklace tightly.

“I know, little dove, I know,” Gideon muttered, running his hand through my hair.

“Thank you so much, Gideon, you have done so much for Nico and me, I can never repay you.” I looked up at him. “You know, you can ask me for anything, anything at all and I’ll give it to you. I’ll give you not one but ten babies if it is what you want; honestly Gideon, you just have to tell me what you want or need from me and I’ll give it to you without hesitation,” I stated with sincerity.

“Really, I might hold you to your promise, little fairy,” Gideon told me, caressing my cheek.

I smiled as my heart skipped a beat. “That’s why I made this promise, I want you to hold me to it.”

Gideon gave me one those cryptic looks, the one which told me nothing except that he might be thinking hard and deep about something. Kissing my lips, Gideon lightly pinched my cheek and exited the bedroom.

Sighing, I plopped on the bed, my anxiety reaching new heights. I knew Kieran was keeping an eye on my brother; not to mention, there were numerous doctors at the hospital who could take care of my brother much better than I could, but I just couldn’t relax knowing that I wasn’t with my brother.

When my eyes flitted to the clock, I couldn’t help but glare at the stupid ticking machine. The clock read 12:10 pm, the second hour moving with excruciating slowness. No matter how much I willed the machine to move faster, it continued at its snail pace, making me growl in annoyance.

After taking a few deep breaths, I ventured out of my room and in the kitchen. My foul mood only increased when I saw Helga standing, cutting fruits on the counter. I needed time to move faster and the only way to do that was to distract myself. So, I was going to cook something, and I didn’t care if anybody had a problem with it.

“You’re not supposed to be here, Mrs. Maslow,” Helga stated, coming to stand in front of me.

“Helga, I want to cook, so please get out of my way.” If this woman did not behave then I wasn’t going to either.

“Mr. Maslow has not given you permission to enter the kitchen,” she said.

“I don’t need his permission, get out of my way.” I gritted out.

“If you do not leave this kitchen I would have no choice but to go to Mr. Maslow,” she threatened, but what she didn’t know was that she could go to the Queen herself and I still wouldn’t leave the kitchen. I wanted to cook and I was bloody well going to!

“Fine, go ahead,” I said, pushing past her, I made my way to the counter to cook. And when the kitchen door closed behind me, I sighed in relief. Finally, the evil witch was gone.

Taking out a bunch of ingredients from the large pantry I took a few minutes to think about what I wanted to cook. Finally, I decided to go with Chinese rise with chicken almond curry. Quickly chopping up the vegetables, I set about to make lunch.

Throughout the time I was in the kitchen, I did not see Helga, other than when I first came here. It was nice not seeing the evil hag and I finished preparing my meal in no time. I didn’t care if Gideon did not like me working in the kitchen, I needed a distraction and no amount of books or even Lily could distract me from my brother’s impending surgery—except cooking.

After I was done, I headed out of the kitchen towards the dining room with my rice and curry in hand. Placing the dishes carefully on the table, I sat down on my designated spot and waited for Gideon to join me.

I didn’t have to wait long. After twenty minutes, Gideon entered the dining table and sat down in his usual spot. I waited to see if he would say something about me going in the kitchen but he remained quiet, or so I thought.

“Helga told me you were cooking lunch, is it true?” Gideon asked.

“Yes, I needed to distract myself that’s why I cooked lunch. You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to,” I replied.

Just then Helga entered followed by a couple of other maids holding a bunch of dishes. As soon as Helga put the dish of food in front of Gideon he spoke up.

“Thank you, Helga, but today I’ll be eating what Alice made, you can take this back,” he told her.

Helga shot me a glare but didn’t say anything, just nodded and exited the dining room. I couldn’t help the smile that stretched across my face. I thought Gideon would not eat what I made, but he rejected Helga’s cooking over mine. Maybe Gideon was being my friend or maybe he wanted to see how I cooked, whatever his reason was, I was glad that for once he favored me over Helga.

“You really want to eat what I made?” I couldn’t help the happiness dripping from my words.

“Yes, I want to see how my wife cooks. If your food is really delicious I would ban you from cooking in this place,” Gideon stated.

“Why would you ban me if my food is delicious?” I questioned with a frown.

“Because I don’t want to get used to your cooking, it would be awful if I get addicted to your food and then you leave,” he responded, filling his plate with rice and curry.

I chuckled. “You don’t have to worry about that. I’m your friend now, I’ll stay with you forever...maybe not under the same roof but I’ll be your friend forever and I’ll cook you stuff,” I said.

As soon as Gideon took the first bite, he closed his eyes and moaned out loud. The sound had me blushing and my core tightening, it was so erotic. I smiled as I saw him chewing and swallowing the first bite, his eyes still closed.

“That’s it, you are officially banned from cooking,” Gideon stated, taking another mouthful of the rice and curry.

“The good ban or the bad ban?” I enquired, wanting to know if he liked what I cooked or not.

“The good ban, definitely the good ban. You have magic in your hands, this is truly delicious, little peach,” he complimented.

“Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it,” I told him.

“I should thank you for cooking me this delicious meal.” He smiled and continued eating.

Grabbing the spoon, I put some rice and curry in my plate. After taking a few bites I resumed the conversation.

“Gideon, can we stay the night at the hospital, since tomorrow is Nico’s surgery?” I enquired.

Gideon shook his head in response. “I’m sorry, little dove, but we can’t; I have a very important meeting tomorrow and I need a good night’s sleep,” he said.

“You mean, you won’t be there with me tomorrow.” My heart in sunk knowing I would be alone while my brother is in the OR. “Don’t say that, Gideon, you have to be there tomorrow, please,” I pleaded.

“Sorry, little fairy, but this meeting is very important, I can’t cancel,” he responded looking guilty.

Why are you acting all needy?! You have been alone your whole life, you have dealt with horrifying things all alone, so why are you begging him to be there for you?! You are strong. Plus, don’t bother him, he has much more important things to do than to hold your hand while the doctors operate on your brother. He has already done so much for you, be thankful to him. My subconscious reprimanded me.

“It’s okay, I understand, your work is more important,” I said.

“Thank you.”

“If you’re done eating, should we go to the hospital?” Gideon queried.

I nodded and stood up. “Yes, I’m ready, let’s go.” Taking Gideon’s hand, I led him out of the house. Just one more day, then Nico would be with me.

Yesterday passed by in a blur. When we arrived at the hospital, I spent five hours with Nico while Gideon was busy talking on cell phone or to his brothers. Brenton had come to visit Nico as well along with Mr. Maslow, Gideon’s father; they had brought balloons and a couple of stuffed bears for Nico who couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. Usually kids are afraid of hospitals but not my brother; he was so exicted that he would be getting his surgery, he couldn’t stop talking about it. Due to his immense knowledge on the heart he asked the doctors a lot of questions, resulting in the doctors asking me if he really was only ten years old.

Today was the day when Nico and my life would change once again. Today my brother was going to get a new life and would be able to look forward to a future where he would be helping people.

I had barely slept last night. If it wasn’t for Gideon and his meeting I wouldn’t have returned from the hospital. But Gideon was my husband and I had to be a good wife to him, so I had left my brother and came back with my husband.

“Can you please hand me my coat, little peach?” Gideon requested.

Grabbing his coat, I helped Gideon slide it on, my mind thinking about Nico’s surgery that was due to take place in two hours. I was glad I didn’t have to make breakfast for Gideon because today as I was in no condition to cook.

“Hey.” Gideon cupped my chin. “Stop this, I’m promise you Nico is going to be fine, he has the best doctors looking after him, okay?” He kissed me tenderly.

I nodded and smiled at him, but my mind was still thinking about Nico. “All the best for your meeting, have a good day,” I said to him.

“Let’s go, we don’t want to be late,” Gideon stated, and together we both left the castle to go to our different places.

Once Gideon dropped me off to the hospital, he kissed me deeply and told me to stay strong and to think positive. He then slid inside the car and went to work, while I made my way inside the hospital.

“Hey Nic, how are you?” I said as soon as I entered Nico’s room, to see Dr. Hallaway and a few nurses.

“Alice, I’m going to have my surgery in a little while,” he stated with a grin.

“Yes you will.” I turned to Dr. Hallaway. “Are you taking him for surgery now?” I enquired, seeing the nurses beginning to wheel the bed out the room.

“Yes, we’re taking him for surgery now. The surgery is going to take a little while and if all goes well, Nico will have a normal functioning heart by the end of this day,” Dr. Hallaway told me with a warm smile.

“This surgery is going to be a success, right?” My anxiety was back full force, my fingers tangling in my necklace once again.

“We have high hopes for this surgery. There is a strong possibility that Nico will make it out of this surgery with a fully functioning heart. You just pray and let us do our work, okay?” Dr. Hallaway squeezed my shoulder in assurance. I nodded and he exited the room with me following behind.

I made my way to the front of the gurney to talk to Nico. “Hey buddy, you ready for this?” I held his hand, comforting myself with the warmth of his hand.

“Yes, no more vegetables and T.V. for me, after today I am going to school and playing outside!” Nico exclaimed.

It was all that was said between us, the nurses took Nico inside the OR and I was left to wait outside. As soon as the doors of the OR closed, I closed my eyes and held on to my necklace, praying for my brother. I just wished that Nico came back to me and did not leave me like everyone else had.

Oh God, please save my brother.

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